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SpecSavers offers spectacle wearers the option of buying eye wear online. Shopping for eyewear online gives you access to the same amount of expertise but a far wider range of choice at far lower prices than high street opticians. With a stock of over 1500 frames, the online store offers one of the widest selections in the country. You can choose classic, timeless designs or some of the new contemporary styles that follow the latest trends in a variety of colours, shapes and designer labels. 
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Free Eye test at Specsavers existing and new customers at participating stores
This is a voucher for a free eye test at Specsavers for existing and new customers at participating stores. On Wednesday I went in for my eye test and I was told by my optometrist … Read more

Thanks OP. :D


Brilliant you're welcome!


Free until age 16 then for 16 17 and 18 year olds if still in full time education as far as I know


Heat added ;)


Do under 18s still get free glasses?

Specsavers Opticians London - Surbiton - Free eye test voucher
INSTRUCTIONS: Free eye test voucher just use there store page linked here and show it too them APPLIES TO: Eye test
Specsavers: Got free eyetest voucher using search keywords as per instructions below.
Was looking for a Specsaver eyetest voucher code and could only find expired deals. Used the following keyword search "specsavers eye test <> code vouchers". Replace <>… Read more

Excellent! Thank you :-)


Excellent, just tried it and valid until 27 December 2014.


Brilliant detective work !!! Thank you so much, that's my and Hubby's eye tests on Saturday covered :)


Thank you. Just got a free eye test in my home town.


Perfect, well spotted!

£25 Discount
£25 Discount
Free eye test when you by a pair of glasses using voucher code @ Specsavers

fantastic this worked for me! they gave me 5 pairs of glasses !! woop woop


Hi I don't see where I should put voucher code ? Or else how to get free voucher for eye teST?would u mind explaining little more please :)


Forgot to mention there is no commitment to buying any glasses from them, as long as you have the voucher, the test is totally free, no strings. called up this afternoon and got an appointment 9.00 am tomorrow.


Worked for me thanks, was looking at using Optical express free eye test voucher, but nearest store 20 miles, Specsavers only 2 miles away, perfect.

£15 Discount
£15 Discount
£5 Eye Test (Original Price £20) using voucher code @ Specsavers
My dad was going to be charged £20 for an eye-test, I did a quick search and found this; although it is listed as store specific to Bracknell branch - we used this in Stevenage and… Read more

I've no idea why this is expired........it's ongoing and it's just the code number that changes.....and only the shop needs that...we just print off the vouchers exactly the same way....current free code by me is 8303.


I know expired now but I took a voucher for another store into my local branch and they stood by it....happy times..... Extra heat from me if it hadn't expired lol


Orpington are doing free eye test until end of March ,had mine done free this week.


Depends upon where you live and what's convenient, but check a few nearest. I have 5 within a six mile radius. Two are currently £10 and three are free. The £10 ones are in the the larger towns.


I looked under store locator in the specsaver website and discovered that I could print off a £5 eye test voucher, specific to the store. Code is 8143.

£20 Discount
£20 Discount
Free Eye Test using printable voucher @ Specsavers

no problem :D


Thanks sammey1993, saved me £23 yesterday. :)


Is anyone else having trouble reading the small print?


Great :) no problem


Thanks OP! This will come in handy for my mum. :D

Best SpecSavers deals from our community

Free Hearing Tests @ Specsavers
619° Expired
Posted 30th Oct 2020Posted 30th Oct 2020
Free Hearing Tests @ SpecsaversFREE£0.01
Hearing loss usually happens later in life and occurs gradually. Sometimes we don’t notice hearing loss until it begins to impact our lifestyle. So if you’re over 40 it’s important… Read more

I have that, have for years. I went to Specsavers &amp; got a free hearing test. It turned out as well as tinnitus I had hearing loss. I got free hearing aids the same day which play a masking sound over my tinnitus. Weirdly I can block out the masking sound &amp; I've had total silence for the 1st time in years




Unilateral tinnitus is something you should speak to your GP about if you haven't already.


See no evil hear no evil


Contrary to what was said further up, it's best to ask for a referral to a NHS audiologist and definitely not to Specsavers who will do their best to sell you their (very expensive) hearing aids, sometimes with the catchphrase 'the NHS ones would not suit your type of hearing loss' -- which is what they tried on my cousin. The NHS allowed Specsavers to 'act on their behalf' knowing full well what would happen, but it suited them -- it pushes the cost of the hearing aids on to the customer.

SpecSavers Glasses - 2 Frames + Thin lenses for £138
-401° Expired
Posted 26th Sep 2020Posted 26th Sep 2020
SpecSavers Glasses - 2 Frames + Thin lenses for £138£138
If you are buying from their £69 range or above you can get the thinner lenses for free. If you are buying 2 pairs, don’t go for the buy one get one free option unless you are gett… Read more

My father got a couple of pair of glasses from Asda several years ago, every optician he's seen has advised him to get thin lenses, but Asda's were supplied with the standard thick lenses. One of his eyes needs a very powerful lens so thick lenses make the glasses out of balance. When he went to collect, one pair wasn't ready as the lens didn't fit the frame and after he eventually got both of them, one of the pairs that he showed me had a lens so thick in it that it didn't sit properly in the metal frame, sure enough after just over a week the lens fell out, Asda initially refused to repair and it wouldn't stay in when I tried to fix it as the lens was way too thick for the frame, Asda only agreed to fix it when he brought up his rights under the sale of goods act. I believe they had to get a new lens cut! The glasses also slide down his nose, presumably partly due to the weight of the lenses. No way will I be buying glasses from them.


Me too. They once had some ck frames in. Chosen as varifocals with discount. Less than £50! I buy the standard ones, my favourite were a pair of purple perspex frames. Had many compliments about the styles.



I've always been impressed with them too. Paid £30 with all the extras, refuse to pay more now I know I can get everything I want from them


Goggles4u can't go wrong. Sign up and get regular discounts. I've had 8 pairs with coatings for less than a standard pair at Optical Express.

Free Eye Test @ Specsavers
1294° Expired
Posted 15th Feb 2020Posted 15th Feb 2020
Free Eye Test @ SpecsaversFREE£20
Just found out this deal. It is on selected store only.

Completely free with no obligation, Bury store Greater Manchester Was also told this is standard terms at all participating stores Source......Me having an eye test


Sounds like people who want a second opinion surely? Especially if im being told my hearing isn't great. Also Optometrists are the same no matter what company you go with so people saying boots is better it's in your mind, the experience might be better but the eye test outcome is going to be the same just different building. It's not my profession I just looked into the whole setup when I got referred.


You take as you find and I cannot fault my local branch Twice they have gone above and beyond in diagnosing serious eye conditions Each time, the allotted time ran well over and this wasn't a problem to them Even managed to arrange an appointment at the hospital for very first thing next day Remember, we are not all the same and neither are opticians


Would someone please change the merchant name from SpecSavers to Specsavers. My OCD can't stand it.


Thanks for posting; we have added this to the Highlights section (y)

Free eye tests at certain branches @ specsavers
422° Expired
Posted 13th Jan 2020Posted 13th Jan 2020
Free eye tests at certain branches @ specsaversFREE£0.01
I’ve been looking at booking an eye test and saw this offer. It might benefit some of you Use the link and it will tell you your nearest branch supporting this offer

Yup, mine was completely free and I didn't buy anything. Just phone the store and check.


How much are the OCT tests?TIA


Just to point out to people who are confused. The eye test is completely free at some branches. Some require a purchase of glasses. I checked my local specsavers and they required a purchase, so I chose a store only 0.4 miles further away and it was completely free with no purchase required. You may get lucky if you click on your 2nd or 3rd closest specsavers if your local one requires a purchase. I just booked two appointments on monday for my mother and I so that's a hot from me! T&amp;C from the offer page: I have highlighted the important information above.


Should have gone to specsavers


Good to know, thanks. I think I'll use my local optician.

Specsavers Free Eye Test Book Online @ SpecSavers
449° Expired
Posted 5th Dec 2019Posted 5th Dec 2019
Specsavers Free Eye Test Book Online @ SpecSaversFREE£20
SPECSAVERS FREE 👁 EYE BOOK ONLINE *Terms and conditions Free eye test only available at participating stores. Valid for one eye test on or before 31st December 2019. Can… Read more

Working fine


Same. I did end up buying from them, but def worth calling ahead to check.




Great stuff (y)


I did this and then used the results to get a set of glasses delivered from goggles4u for £9 :) https://www.goggles4u.co.uk/

Specsavers Free Eye Test Vouchers - Leaflet in store
279° Expired
Posted 11th Nov 2019Posted 11th Nov 2019
Specsavers Free Eye Test Vouchers - Leaflet in storeFREE£20
Pick up a free leaflet from store. You might even get one delivered by your postman with other random junk mail. Think it's £20-£25 for the eye test itself. Some have eye tests pa… Read more

Yes, they give you your prescription to take away with you.


Does anyone know if you use this voucher to get a free eye test will they still give you your prescription to take away?


Ian Wright.. XD XD


Great lol


These are usually store specific, but which stores changes each time...

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Free Eye Test at selected Specsavers stores
397° Expired
Posted 19th Oct 2019Posted 19th Oct 2019
Free Eye Test at selected Specsavers storesFREE£0.01
Free eye test @ Specsavers. Valid for one eye test on or before 31st October 2019 at participating stores.

My daughter works for a small optometrist company and they can't believe how shocking specsavers treat there clients. She has had someone come in where she has send them to hospital to save their eye as they had a hole in it. After specsavers told them they were fine. Also specsavers make you wait and go back for glasses where her company will make them there and then. The difference is her company treat you as a person and specsavers treat you as a number.




You might like this one then (y)


(lol) Omg! This pic has me creased up lol.


They’ll all franchised so you’ll find it varies store to store. One in Loughton was horrendous and it took me calling customer services from my own phone (they refused to) to make them back off. Milton Keynes however were second to none.

Free Eye Test & Hearing Test Kirkby Liverpool Opticians Specsavers
198° Expired
Posted 12th Oct 2019Posted 12th Oct 2019LocalLocal
Free Eye Test & Hearing Test Kirkby Liverpool Opticians Specsavers
Found this deal, not all specsavers are doing the free eye test deal, think vision express had a deal which has expired. By the way it's in Liverpool my local.

Thanks used last week


It might be new to them but its not new if that makes sense. Well worth having done though.


just got my test done, they have a new machine called OCT it detects eye diseases 4 years in advance. Was rolled out this month in all stores.


boots is doing it free at the moment oo. Got a test done their today. https://www.boots.com/offers/opticians-offers/eye-health-test


My local as well. Nice one

Free Eye Test at selected Specsavers stores
445° Expired
Posted 7th Sep 2019Posted 7th Sep 2019
Free Eye Test at selected Specsavers stores
Link to all stores specsavers.co.uk/stores/full-store-list

its free so cant really complain


thanks @:)


No follow the details in the description You have to print off the voucher


aren't they free anyway?


The 'free' will most likely end up costing you a couple of hundred pounds when you end up buying overpriced frames and lenses. Going into Specsavers is NOT for the fainthearted. Leave your cash and credit cards at home. (lol)

420° Expired
Posted 20th Jul 2019Posted 20th Jul 2019
At different times throughout the year, some of our stores offer free or discounted eye test vouchers. To find eye test offers near you, pop your postcode into the finder above. Al… Read more

I'm there now got 3 pairs of vari's last week and one pair I can see the centre of a 55" tv either side is blurred. They said look down &amp; my chin was on my chest to see the above. Getting looked into. My partner has had hers 2 week and waiting for hers putting right. Depends on the store as I went to ask for info in another store and they told me what was wrong with them. I didn't know they were a franchise chain.


I have 5 friends who have had incorrect glasses supplied by Specsavers. Wouldn't touch with a barge pole


Vision express have them free too. https://www.visionexpress.com/offers/free-eye-test/ I went and had an eye test and a contact lens consultation/fitting for free. Then I went an ordered glasses and contacts online


That's not true. My wife and I just both used this offer and had a free eye test last weekend. They advised my wife that she still didn't need glasses (-0.25 in one eye, BAL in the other due to a lazy eye) as she can see fine through both eyes and has no headaches etc. - they could have easily advised her to get some. I got new glasses through choice as my prescription had changed as I'd left it a long time between tests (4 years rather than the usual 2).


There are vouchers usually on the back of car park tickets near the shop.

Newest SpecSavers Discount Codes:

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% offFree Eye test at Specsavers existing and new customers at participating stores2/12/2019
£10voucher for £10 eye test at Specsavers26/05/2017
% offSpecsavers Opticians London - Surbiton - Free eye test voucher11/01/2017
£5£5 Eye Test at SpecSavers, Pocklington, East Yorkshire13/11/2016
£40£40 off designer glasses Specsavers16/01/2019