Spend £20 and  get a  Granny Track Racing Game worth £20 free @ SVP

Spend £20 and get a Granny Track Racing Game worth £20 free @ SVP




We've got a cool freebie to give away this week, plus plenty of other bits and bobs of interest...

Who says Grannies have to sit around knitting all day?
We've found out what they get up to when you're not looking... hit the track and race! This Granny Track Racing Game contains everything you need to hold your own octogenarian speed contests.
Included is a 26" oval racetrack with two speed controllers and two racing Grannies in motorised wheelchairs.
The two speedy senior citizens race around the track kept in hand (or not) by remote controllers.
Clip on barriers to help prevent the old fogeys flying off, but nothing can save them if they don't time the crossover section correctly!
Even if high speed racing grannies are not to your taste they make a great novelty gift... i'm sure we can all think of that person we know who would find them hilarious!
They have a load of novelty t shirts with p& p @ only 99p too.:thumbsup:
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