Spend £20 or more online and enjoy £5 off - Dominos Pizzas

Spend £20 or more online and enjoy £5 off - Dominos Pizzas


Not as good as the 50% (:giggle:) coupon here a few months ago, but still a nice discount! Thanks a lot!!

Sadly not working for me

"Sorry - this voucher is invalid"

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Oh dear! (Welcome to the forums btw!).

Maybe it's localised?! Where you based soylentkola?

ah no, time to get fat again!

:-( no dominoes near me - good find though



:-( no dominoes near me - good find though

same :-(

If you can collect, you may find better deals in your local store. Mine in Cardiff do any large for 9.99, and the next one half price. Two large for £15, as opposed to £28.

This is dependent on local stores though as another I pass every day in Bridgend isn't doing this.


Back in the day, Dominos sent me a 50% voucher in the post. When I used it, the driver didn't ask to see it, so I used it again... and again... and then it expired, so on the off-chance, I used it again, figuring that as they didn't ask to see it before they're not likely to start now.

It's been over a year now, and I still get 50% off every order I make! If the driver ever does challenge me on it, I'll go in the house and crash around for a bit, then tell them I can't find it, and I'm really sorry. Worst case is he takes the pizza away with him again.

The £5 would be handy if the 5/5/5 ever returns or you feel like the special offers they sometimes do on "new" pizzas (usually £9.99 for a large delivered).

Local pizzerias & smaller chains are often more competitive. If your in the south I can highly reccomend speedy pizza. BOGOF sun-thur delivered £8.99 15" monsters. (or 24/7 BOGOF on collection) Amazing value.

If I hadn't been having fillet steak on and off this week I would have been tempted for Domino's.

Ah well, maybe next time

Code not working for me either

In my local domino's (the one deeyup drives past every day) they are doing the 5-5-5 deal again. You can also get a 6-6-6 deal (3 medium pizzas or more, £6 each) or the 7-7-7 (3 large pizzas or more, £7 each).

We had to call them up and ask outright "are you doing the 777 deal" to get it .

Does anyone know if this is a local thing for local people??
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