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-20% Discount
-20% Discount
Extra 20% Off at Spigen Easter Sale
INSTRUCTIONS: ENTER EASTEREGG at checkout for extra 20% off plus free first class post includes s8 and s8 plus cases and accessories APPLIES TO: EVERYTHING

have ordered the crystal hybrid but date is 05.05.17 the phone i get on thursday 21st so might have to be extra safe for atleast 2 weeks!


Excellent thanks for your help, cant see how I missed it! Which did you go for?


Okay add an item to your basket then click on "my bag" and underneath the description of the item it should say discount code. Enter EASTEREGG there and voila! i am torn between these two in black http://www.spigen.co.uk/cell-phone/samsung/galaxy-s8-plus/galaxy-s8-plus-case-crystal-hybrid.html#.WOzC00UrKM8 http://www.spigen.co.uk/cell-phone/samsung/galaxy-s8-plus/galaxy-s8-plus-case-slim-armor.html#.WOzC1kUrKM8


but which do you recommend and where do I enter the code?


after the discount the s8 plus cases are definitely cheaper through spigen

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off Spigen using code on Boxing Day
INSTRUCTIONS: Use code BOXING16 at checkout for 20% discount

If you have Amazon prime or you're planning on spending more than £20, it's worth checking the prices on Amazon prior to purchasing directly from Spigen. I just did exactly that and it's almost £4 more expensive to get two iPhone accessories from the Spigen website with the 20% code.


Nice one buddy! Just got me a case for my P9 Lite :)


Thanks! Worked for me and saved me nearly £9!

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off at Spigen using code
INSTRUCTIONS: 10% off for Valentines Day on their website on top of their current sale. Enter the voucher code at checkout. I assume it ends after Valentines Day. APPLIES … Read more

no expiry date on the email I received or on the website also it worked on a full priced note 4 case and an onsale note 4 case so I assume no conditions.


Hello fauji786, thanks for sharing, do you know if there are any terms & conditions with using the code & what the expiry date is? Thanks again :)

-15% Discount
-15% Discount
15% off your order on Cyber Monday (and until 5th Dec) at spigen.co.uk

There's a discount code field if you view your basket. Just checked and tested again and still working.


while checkout it is not giving option to enter the discount code


Just used the code for an iPhone 5 hybrid case and works fine. Also recently bought a Nexus 6P case from them and very pleased and cheaper than the Google official cases.

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off using discount code @ Spigen.co.uk
10% off al spigen cases Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

No longer works


Hi Thanks for fixing the image. that looks a lot better. Yeah I have one of the armour cases for the note 4. it's great protection for the phone. I also like the hybrid cases but wasn't sure on how good they were so i bought the armour one.


Good quality cases - easily worth spending £15 to protect a £200-500 phone


STVAL15 is the code. it's on their website.


what is the code

Best Spigen.co.uk deals from our community

Spigen Klasden Neumann shoulder bag £19.99 Spigen
91° Expired
Posted 9th Sep 2019Posted 9th Sep 2019
Spigen Klasden Neumann shoulder bag £19.99 Spigen£19.99
Unlike many shoulder/messenger type bags, the Klasden is ergonomically designed to lessen the burden on your shoulders and spine. With soft mesh finish keeps the exterior of the ba… Read more

I have purchased a Spigen back pack in the past still have it . The quality of their products is generally brilliant

Add three items to your basket to receive an automatic 10% off - £27 @ Spigen uk
-118° Expired
Posted 12th Apr 2018Posted 12th Apr 2018
Add three items to your basket to receive an automatic 10% off - £27 @ Spigen uk£27£29.9710% off
As above, add these three for example to your basket to receive a 10% reduction on your checkout automatically These are obviously just three examples, there are literally hun… Read more

haha, didnt see it was you... as you were ;)


Just trying to help the small man..not all the big conglomerats all the time (annoyed)


Booooooooo flylife boooooooooo


why on earth would anyone need 3 cases? amazon do these at the same price plus next day delivery with Prime


Always go Spigen! Always dropping my phone and no damage to the phone....yet!

Spigen Collection Flash Sale of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 5 and S5
372° Expired
Posted 8th Feb 2016Posted 8th Feb 2016
Spigen Collection Flash Sale of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 5 and S5
Spigen Collection Flash Sale I have a few of theses cases for my Note 4 and paid more than the actual price, and in my opinion they are worth the price you pay, quality case and c… Read more

I don't know why this has been expired as the sale is still on :| BTW I bought a Note 4 Capella case, and although the fit is excellent the power and volume buttons are very very stiff. It takes a hell of a lot of pressure on the buttons to click the power/volume buttons and I wish I had just bought another 'fake' Hybrid case from Ebay.


Well mine has just arrived - disgusting. Marks on outside of package was fine but the actual cover has grease, scratches and clearly been used before. It was shipped in amazon packaging so expected a lot better. They clearly sent me a used product cant believe it as thought they were a classy firm, no wonder it was sales price.


I will never buy from spigen ever again. I had a case that I paid £30 on amazon. The case broke after 6 months but they wouldn't replace the case.


My recommendation -Thin Fit Series Smooth Black Just enough to protect without adding bulk,also allows the phone to be placed face down on a flat surface without the screen touching.


ordered 2 brilliant prices

Spigen Sale upto 75% off
314° Expired
Posted 3rd Aug 2015Posted 3rd Aug 2015
Spigen Sale upto 75% off
Summer sale some great cases
Get deal*Get deal*

Shame no iPad Air 2 cases on sale... £40 too much me thinks


Cold from me as the picture made me think it was ice lollys! :(


99p cases off eBay and my phones have always remained immaculate.


Pretty sure these guys are lying about their prices. Just picked up a liquid crystal case for my Galaxy S6 on Amazon for £7.99 whereas on their site it is £8.99 apparently down from £14.99. I'm calling B/S.


Thanks for this OP, bought a case for my G3.

Up to 75% Off Spigen Cases for Samsung, iPhone & Nexus - Lots to choose from @ Spigen
1085° Expired
Posted 8th Jul 2015Posted 8th Jul 2015
Up to 75% Off Spigen Cases for Samsung, iPhone & Nexus - Lots to choose from @ Spigen
Lots to choose from including the iPhone 6 Plus Case Slim Armor CS for just £5.99 Should point out this offer is "while stocks last" so no idea how long that will be. Jus a few p… Read more

Great find thanks :)


I ordered two last Saturday (One in the morning and one in the evening), the first arrived Monday and the second on Tuesday. I guess it depends where you live but in mainland England it should not take any longer than 1-2 days delivery if you order in the morning. On topic: I ordered an Ultra Hybrid for my Note 4, it's the first time I've had a case on any phone I've owned but for £7 it was a bargain as they were £9-13 from eBay/Amazon. The quality is top notch compared to phone cases I've seen elsewhere or on friends phones, can't fault it.


Can anyone comment on how long it took from order confirmation to delivery? It's been over a week now for me.


Have spigen case on my s4. Been on it for two years now. Dropped my phone plenty over the years and the case has stepped up and protected it everytime. Phones still on perfect shape. Well worth investing in a good case if you want your phone to last.


Thanks for this OP. Saved me £10 on a Galaxy Note 4 case that I was gonna buy. It's usually really hard to find decent case choices for the Note 4, but Spigen had several good options.

Spigen Father's Day sale
254° Expired
Posted 17th Jun 2015Posted 17th Jun 2015
Spigen Father's Day sale
Up to 75% off on good quality cases from Spigen UK. iPhone 6 cases from £3.99.

Just bought the Note 4 case. Great price thanks


Their cases are worth the money, I've always bought the slim armor version for whatever phone I've had and have always found them to be fantastic.


Is their RRP actually worth it, though? Good cases, but I've never seen them being sold at “full price"...


Thanks OP! Ordered the Rugged case for the Missus' S6 Edge and a Capsule Case for my Note 4 at £6.99 each...


Love Spigen cases, but... Can't use my dock with the case on, I used to dock in a DAB base by the bed. Still have a hybrid case on my 6 though

Iphone 6 & iPhone 5s/5c phone cover £5.99 @ Spigen
92° Expired
Posted 16th Jun 2015Posted 16th Jun 2015
Iphone 6 & iPhone 5s/5c phone cover £5.99 @ Spigen£5.99
iPhone 6 case Spigen Slim armor. Also sale on iPhone 5s, 5c and many other phone covers. Decent Father's Day gifts, for yourself obviously!
Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks op.


Got two of those today. Great!


Madz24, the 5's are £9.99 I think. The wife got one at that price



Cannot find the same price for the 5s do you have a link? Thanks

Spigen iPhone 6 Tough Armor £6.99 delivered @ spigen.co.uk
413° Expired
Posted 9th Jun 2015Posted 9th Jun 2015
Spigen iPhone 6 Tough Armor £6.99 delivered @ spigen.co.uk£6.99
Available in 'metal slate' for £6.99 also the more luminous 'mint' for £7.99 Full price £19.99 currently going for £15.99 on amazon where it has 4.5/5 reviews. Great deals on seve… Read more

Sheepfool - nuff said. :D


Android, nuff said


Ordered, thanks.


Metal Slate price is 14.99 now on the link provided, am I missing something?


Cheaply made phone? The Note 4? Are you serious? X)

Iphone 6 Case Sale - Spigen
-69° Expired
Posted 28th Apr 2015Posted 28th Apr 2015
Iphone 6 Case Sale - Spigen
Cheaper than the same cases sold on amazon. Just bought one and arrived after 2 days with Royal Mail 1st Class for no extra price!

Another in favour of spigen I got a hybrid and fancied a change, So i bought a replacement metal outer, direct from spigen. i admit the plain alloy scuffed a bit more than the black i had previously, but it seems the protections good without making the phone look like a housebrick.


I have one on my phone now, got it on special offer from work, so much better than my griffin survivor!


I bought a Neo Hybrid which snapped near the mute button sent em an email asking if i could buy a new one and they sent me one free of charge. I would buy direct from Spigen tho.


Great look, bad design . Returned 4 to Amazon due to design fault


I bought all mine direct from Spigen, I say all, i bought 2 Spigen Neo Hybrid cases for iPhone 6 and both snapped around the mute button. Spigen said it wasnt covered under guarantee and it must have been the way i fitted the cases. Stupidly I liked the look of the case so I bought a Neo Hybrid Metal as I knew it would not snap, a few months down the line its all bent out of shape again Spigen said it was my fault. Never again, just look at there feedback on trustpilot its terrible and so is most of the feedback on Amazon.

Spigen silver apple watch stand pre order price £14.99 del @ spigen
-39° Expired
Posted 19th Apr 2015Posted 19th Apr 2015
Spigen silver apple watch stand pre order price £14.99 del @ spigen£14.99
The Watch Stand for the Apple Watch is constructed of premium aluminum for a solid build that supports the watch at a stable and comfortable viewing angle. It features a magnetic c… Read more

its for charging not for display (albeit the prices they will be going for, you should display it next to your ming vase)


If Spigen sell one of these they deserve every business industry award going


Hang on, is this a lump/piece of thing shaped like a.... Oh never mind. I'm just going to empty these £50 notes into the bin.


Actually good as a bed side clock when you aren't wearing it....


Great idea......

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