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Mora 511 carbon steel knife £6.39 (£2.99 delivery) @ Springfields
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Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Mora 511 carbon steel knife £6.39 (£2.99 delivery) @ Springfields£9.38
The Mora Basic 511 Carbon Steel Knife's tried and tested quality makes it a favorite of survival experts, bushcrafters, hikers and campers, amongst others. 58 In stock at time of … Read more

Welcome to HUKD (lol) (lol)


Also in the lake district!


I've seen knife amnesty bins emptied, and much of the content is plastic knives and forks from the canteen (lol)


This retractable one is great. Can be used one handed and safely popped in your pocket when retracted. Disposable blades are good for unboxing as the tape and cardboard will take the edge of a blade really fast.


Huh? That's a pointless statement. Doing it illegally is illegal. Thanks. Also not true, I can wild camp on Dartmoor without prior arrangement.

Leatherman Rebar Multitool £65.99 @ Springfields Inc Delivery.
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Posted 16th Aug 2020Posted 16th Aug 2020
Leatherman Rebar Multitool £65.99 @ Springfields Inc Delivery.£65.99£67.973% off
Best price I could find for this tool. It's £85 on Amazon. No doubt it will go cold as some people wouldn't spend this much on a multitool, but you get what you pay for. Hopefu… Read more

The lawsuit was 2006. To qualify it has to be US sourced, that means a lot of things. For a subcomponent that can mean it doesnt have to be from the US, it itself can be largely foreign made as it isn't a weight thing. So for example you buy your steel from china, have it stamped out in china, then heat treated and ground in Kentucky say. guess where the component is now from.


From the article “The lawsuit ended favorably for Leatherman, as federal courts ruled that since 83% of their components (the base requirement is 70%) are American sourced, they qualify as “made in the USA.” The article is dated July 2020


They're ASSEMBLED in America, as far as I'm aware from discussions in various places most of the things that as noted in the article were overseas parts(in 2006) are now made increasingly in China instead including the knife blades. Gerber is the same, even the made in USA ones have all the metalwork coming from China. Not that I mind, I've got a Chinese Gerber knife, it's a near 100% of the old SOG knife and the only downside is that it's Bear Grylls branded, but its a nice utility knife that I don't care about as much because it was way cheaper than buying a vintage SOG made in the USA.


Leatherman's are not made in China https://allamericanreviews.com/leatherman-tools/


440C isn't the worlds best knife steel to be fair, it got popular, but has gone out of fashion for non disposable knives as heat treated very well it's actually too hard. It's a good choice for Chinese manufacturers because it is a really common steel grade in china and good for pretty much any tool. 420HC has some benefits over 440C as it isn't always about hardness, hardness in and of itself isn't necessarily the best thing in knife steel. Chinese companies use 440C now as with a cheap mediocre heat treat you can get 440C to a good standard. Compared to 420HC which you need to be REALLY good with your heat treat to get it good, but actually comes out better as 440C is actually too hard as with a top notch heat treat it is bloody hard to sharpen. 420HC actually has better corrosion resistance as well, which is why it is good for tools in the main over 440 beyond just sharpening as while 440C doesn't stain as much it doesn't tolerate salt water so well which is something you want in a multitool. That being said I wasn't really talking about the same knives you are talking about, you could always get a decent knife for that kind of price, they're just more expensive these days because fewer people make them. But most of them are made in China anyway these days even leathermans, of the big brands only Mora and Victorinox still do some European manufacturing. What I was mostly talking about though was cheap cheap, like the 5 and 10 quid tools you can get, just the manufacturing costs mean the material in those is always going to be crap as the better the metal the more it costs to manufacture.

Metal Handcuffs - £4.99 was £9.99 Springfields
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Posted 29th Dec 2015Posted 29th Dec 2015
Metal Handcuffs - £4.99 was £9.99 Springfields£4.99
Free collection DE14 or Postage £2.50 Free Postage over £20 Fully metal handcuffs, described as costume accessories but suitable for other uses, 50 Shades Books have some ideas or… Read more
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I had two of these before, I broke both while "wearing them" They can take a bit of beating but don't caunt them for serious use.


Your Mum loves these.


Poundshop ones are so easy to open - even when tied up!! Not the same as the Poundland ones are plastic and these are at least metal.


Use code FB101 for 10% off


I'll hang these in the guest room

Grizzly Paracord Bracelet Kit £10 @ Springfields
Posted 27th Nov 2015Posted 27th Nov 2015
Grizzly Paracord Bracelet Kit £10 @ Springfields£10
Paracord bracelet making kits £15.99 on Amazon at the moment with a good rating.
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Expired - £15 now


Found this on their facebook FB101 for an extra 10% called up and they cancelled my order and put it through again on the phone with an extra 10% off :D

Hultafors Heavy Duty Knife (Bushcraft) £5.90 with shipping from Springfields
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Posted 7th Mar 2015Posted 7th Mar 2015
Hultafors Heavy Duty Knife (Bushcraft) £5.90 with shipping from Springfields£5.90
Not a Mora, but the next best thing. Use the code hcf57d for 10% off. If you can pick it up from their shop, you save another £2.49. Today only, five left in stock.
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I would advise against employing excuses of any kind at any time. No one wants to hear them. If you need to put in extra effort to overcome a personal problem, then do that. Making excuses is a character flaw, even if you feel they are justified.


Ok buddy... So, no school today?


savage27 Avatar savage27just now#34 Auto correct, but doesn't work for potatoes, Mums account also signs in automatically when i browse this site. I don't care what you believe.


You do know that it's against the Ts & Cs to use someone else's account? Also, the forum is for people over the age of 18. I'm not buying the "I'm 10 and dyslexic" statement. If you're 10 you spell exceptionally well for someone that age. I'd say you're more around the 14 mark :D


Yes I'ts my mums account I use it for cheap deals

Mora 511 Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife £7.12 delivered from Springfields
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Posted 26th Feb 2015Posted 26th Feb 2015
Mora 511 Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife £7.12 delivered from Springfields£7.12
9.5cm Blade, plastic handle and fitted sheath. Mora is THE name for this sort of camping knife, and usually they are much more expensive. This model was discontinued in 2014, but S… Read more
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bloody typical, ordered a Hultafors HVK Craftmans Knife last week for 8 quid and it's been dispatched! don't own a Mora would have given this a go otherwise


If you want a fantasy knife there are many available online (though HUKD won't let you post them). You can even get vampire and zombie themed knives in lurid colours. Off you go to drool over them. This is a practical knife used by campers and hikers.


Great knife for camping, nice find OP!



Killing with the point lacks artistry

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Mora Pro S Stainless Bushcraft Knife £10.16 delivered by Springfields
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Posted 2nd Nov 2014Posted 2nd Nov 2014
Mora Pro S Stainless Bushcraft Knife £10.16 delivered by Springfields£10.16
New from Mora, and cheaper on Springfield's own site than they sell it for on Amazon (select second class post). Springfield have an Amazon Feedback Rating of 4.9 stars over the pa… Read more
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Me too, much sharper edge.


I'm not a lover of Stainless steel in general and much prefer a carbon steel blade.


Now I can become the new bear grylls


I love Mora knives, use them for all kinds of scouting and DIY. Great deal.


Some thing lost in translation here, exchange rate for one.

Vintage 1950s Boxer Shorts - Turner & Jarvis Ltd (32") 25p + postage 99p @ Springfields
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Posted 8th Mar 2012Posted 8th Mar 2012
Vintage 1950s Boxer Shorts - Turner & Jarvis Ltd (32") 25p + postage 99p @ Springfields£1.24
Not exactly the best looking boxer shorts but at 25p got to be worth a try...
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Your credit request has been approved.


sold out..


ordered thanks


nice find..heat added!