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Large Christmas Yankee candle - £12.11 with 10% discount applied at checkout / £17.10 delivered @ Squizzas
Posted 20th Sep 2020Posted 20th Sep 2020
Large Christmas Yankee candle - £12.11 with 10% discount applied at checkout / £17.10 delivered @ Squizzas£17.10£23.9929% off
Discount added to basket free shipping over 20

I mean they are £12 on here now anyway, so not exactly higher. and 7% cashback too


:{ checks for reindeer......nope.....too early....back to hibernation....... :{


go to any hallmark outlet store and the whole lot are £12 each - this will be retailers trying to shift what was left from last xmas for a higher price then it was earlier this year


Very nice. Lots of there other christmas ones the same price too, Bought two chritmass cookies for £24.21 and free delivery.


This is a great price, better off buying 2 so you get free delivery :)

Google Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera - 2 Pack £228.51 at Squizzas
160° Expired
Posted 30th Nov 2020Posted 30th Nov 2020
Google Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera - 2 Pack £228.51 at Squizzas£228.51£253.8910% off Free P&P Free
Twin pack of the Google Nest Outdoor Camera. 10% off applied at checkout until the end of today. Works out at £114 per camera, great deal if you need two.

Joke of a company, I raised a PayPal case and have been refunded.


No, never arrived. Such a poorly run business.


Did this ever arrive? I'm waiting on a new scooter for my kid but looks like it's not got arrive in time - if at all. (annoyed)


I had exactly the same reply to my email


This operation is a shambles, see below response. Still the cheapest price so I'll hold out before cancelling

Gloomhaven Board Game £81 @ Squizzas (At checkout)
204° Expired
Posted 27th Nov 2020Posted 27th Nov 2020
Gloomhaven Board Game £81 @ Squizzas (At checkout)£81 Free P&P Free
Arguably one of the most influential boardgames designs in recent years. The RPG-esque narrative mixed with a huge campaign of evolving characters and secret unlocks have made it a… Read more

Anyone got a good and cheap storage solution for all the peices? sandwich bags just don't seem to cut it...


Heads up Ebay code is back again 20% off small sellers Plenty of deals in the link I posted above


Voted cold. Monopoly is much cheaper and games last just as long as this campaign.


sold out :(


I bought last month for this price from Squizzas. Postage did take a while but I was happy with the service for all that. Their communication was good so I knew it was not going to arrive quickly. No complaints. Note: this is a monster at nearly 10Kgs in weight!

Google Nest IQ Outdoor for £240.01 Delivered @ Squizzas
-125° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
Google Nest IQ Outdoor for £240.01 Delivered @ Squizzas£240£264.999% off Free P&P Free
Never used Squizzas before but until 30th they’re taking another 10% off at checkout, so the price comes down to £240. Lowest I’ve seen for awhile. Into negative seems to be 7-21… Read more

I agree the 4K marketing stuff is a bit annoying. However, I was aware of the limitations before buying so I guess my expectations were for a 1080p product. For 1080p I feel that the picture quality is actually very good. This is borne out by the streaming rate being at around 4Mbps. Anything more than that would end up making it unusable for many with limited upload speeds. This would be especially true if you had a couple of these installed. I completely agree with your thoughts on the motion tracking. Again I wasn’t too fussed about this ‘function’ as it is just a crop from a 1080p (not 4K image). Not very useful as you mentioned. There is very little about the details of this online so I can see how it could be deemed misleading. Finally the led light on issue. I know a lot of people have complained about this online. It seems to be some kind of privacy policy that Google has implemented across its range (it happens on my Nest Hello too). Personally it doesn’t worry me too much. I have the light set to low and think it’s difficult to see on a camera on a wall anyway. However, I do think it should be an option available to the consumer. I was aware of these limitations when I bought in to the Google Nest system so that probably explains my differing view. What I would add is that the picture quality is very good (for 1080p), the HDR makes a big difference compared to the cheaper Nest camera and the WiFi reception is particularly good. They were the key reasons why I chose the IQ.


Thank you. Would you say that the standard nest outdoor cameras are better value then?


I have 2 of them as well and the whole marketing pitch of 4k really annoys me. 1080p at full wide angle results in recordings (at high quality) where I can barely recognise myself, it'd be virtually no use whatsoever for identifying an intruder, unless they took the time to walk up close to the camera and stare straight at it. What I don't get is why with the motion tracking, it doesn't use that detection it doesn't automatically make use of the full sensor resolution for the frame area of that motion. Add to that, Google decided to take away some control from me, making the status light mandatory during recording so if the light is off, crims know they are safe to roam (or at least believe they can if you cover over the light, thus removing the deterrent). I cannot recommend them to anyone.


Thank you so much


There’s a nice piece on the Google Nest Website listing the bandwidth requirement for each of their camera types at each quality settings. For the highest setting it suggests 4Mbps for the outdoor IQ. For a couple of these cameras set to max quality I’d want to have maybe 10-12Mbps to ensure that you don’t run it to issues with other devices connected to your wifi / broadband.

Google Nest Protect - 2nd Gen Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Wired) £66.64 / Battery version £67.91 using 15% discount @ Squizzas
592° Expired
Posted 21st Sep 2020Posted 21st Sep 2020
Google Nest Protect - 2nd Gen Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Wired) £66.64 / Battery version £67.91 using 15% discount @ Squizzas£66.64£77.9915% off Free P&P Free
Google Nest Protect 2nd Gen Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Wired) is £78.40. To get 15% off go via this link which is applied at checkout, to get for £66.64. The battery ve… Read more

How irritating! Thankfully mine are both battery powered as expected.


Mine turned up today as well, but they have sent wired ones and I ordered battery ;(


Finally (!) received my two nest protects today. Both are ok with Oct 2029 expiry dates.


Received mine 28/09, expiry date Aug 2029, reasonably pleased with that.


I have got them to cancel my order. She couldn't give me a date as to when I would be sent them and offered me a full refund so I went for that.

Yankee Large Black Cherry Candle £13.45 + £4.99 P+P (Free P+P for orders over £20) @ Squizzas
-75° Expired
Posted 21st Sep 2020Posted 21st Sep 2020
Yankee Large Black Cherry Candle £13.45 + £4.99 P+P (Free P+P for orders over £20) @ Squizzas£18.44
Haven't seen this particular scent this cheap before. They have other large candles at around the same price including Christmas scents (y)

Dont understand the downvotes. This is an awesome deal, you cant find these candles anywhere for this price. picked up 2 for £24 and on the official yankee site one is £24. Missus is going to love them.


This was lethal - I just placed another order :p (lol)


My favorite Yankee Candle <3 Thanks OP just ordered 2 and got them for £24.21 (y) Free postage with orders over £20 and extra 10% off. Absolute bargain considering these normally retail at £24.99 each (party)

Squizzas - 20% off Select Orders - Toys (Auto applied)
65° Expired
Posted 21st Sep 2020Posted 21st Sep 2020
Squizzas - 20% off Select Orders - Toys (Auto applied)
Just got 20% off this new Kindi Kid range

Glad it finally came! Took a while 🙈


Finally came!!


Mine still hasn’t been dispatched!!!


I received my order. Hope you get yours soon.


Good luck

Lego Disney 71044 Disney Train and Station £240.84 @ Squizzas
196° Expired
Posted 21st Sep 2020Posted 21st Sep 2020
Lego Disney 71044 Disney Train and Station £240.84 @ Squizzas£240.84£299.9920% off
No experience of ordering from Squizzas but this is a great deal. RRP £299.99 Gather the family for a rewarding build and play experience with the LEGO® | Disney 71044 Train and S… Read more

Expired OOS


Perhaps this very dodgy deal now over a day expired will eventually be expired by the ultra efficient hukd team.


Back to full price now & had to check out the website after the comments & it's pretty poor, looks like a small child has cobbled it together!


Of course, that's bound to be it.


They wont be making much money with 20% off and free postage being as they are a small time Lego seller I smell a very big rat.

LEGO Creator 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander £71.14 delivered at Squizzas
210° Expired
Posted 21st Sep 2020Posted 21st Sep 2020
LEGO Creator 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander £71.14 delivered at Squizzas£71.14£84.9916% off
20% discounted at checkout.

Received too in the original Lego box. Very pleased!


Received today. No issues at all.


Just received a shipping confirmation :)


Good deal but their webpage was awful.


LOL... and the studio audience too!

Lego Star Wars 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer £517.12 @ Squizzas
249° Expired
Posted 21st Sep 2020Posted 21st Sep 2020
Lego Star Wars 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer £517.12 @ Squizzas£517.12£601.9814% off Free P&P Free
Squizzas appear to have their flash 20% sale on again. Was just having a quick browse and saw this. I know there's a lot of lego star wars fans on here and prices higher than this… Read more

That's what I suspected, just looking at their website and their "business addresses" on Streetview made me run a mile.


Absolutely, I'd never hand over £517.12 to a dodgy looking outfit, even with a credit card. If something goes wrong (like box in very poor condition), you may have a nightmare with returns and refunds. Buy from John Lewis or even pay a little more elsewhere for peace of mind.


This. I went for the UCS Falcon on this MyLego20 code or whatever it was. I’d go John Lewis for the extra £3 all day long.


Wow more than the deathstar and its basically all large bits... worst lego sets these stardestroyers


why wouldn't you just buy it from John Lewis for £520?