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Skylanders Giants Starter Pack 3DS - Startup Media / - £23.95
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Posted 5th Aug 2013Posted 5th Aug 2013
Skylanders Giants Starter Pack 3DS - Startup Media / - £23.95£23.95
Had this on a CamelCamelCamel price watch and just got the email that brand new had dropped a huge amount in cost. It's cheap! Plus 3DS version is the /best/ version to get, the p… Read more

Now out of stock at that price according to camelcamelcamel :-( (was a 3rd party seller) edit: beat me to it!


*facepalm* Balls. Well that seller went out of stock quick.


£34 showing for me

Aliens: Colonial Marines Limited Edition on Amazon PS3 & Xbox
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Posted 28th Feb 2013Posted 28th Feb 2013
Aliens: Colonial Marines Limited Edition on Amazon PS3 & Xbox£26.99
Great deal on this nearly new game, reviews have'nt been great but its sold in big numbers. Although plenty have enjoyed this.
Get deal*Get deal*



lol, using realism to judge science fiction


I fixed it for you. ;)


Poor game. Started playing it and gave up. Bored the hell out of me. The story wasn't realistic or 1 to capture your attention


Sold in big numbers and traded back in in big numbers! No matter the price of this game it will get cold!

World of Warcraft Cataclysm - £4.50 @ Amazon
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Posted 12th Dec 2012Posted 12th Dec 2012
World of Warcraft Cataclysm - £4.50 @ Amazon£4.50
Manufacturer's Description An ancient evil lies dormant within Deepholm, the domain of earth in the Elemental Plane. Hidden away in a secluded sanctuary, the corrupted Dragon Aspec… Read more






Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition PS3 @ Amazon - £14.99
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Posted 22nd Nov 2012Posted 22nd Nov 2012
Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition PS3 @ Amazon - £14.99£14.99
GT5 Academy Edition, best price according to camelcamelcamel! + £2 Amazon MP3 Credit +£10 Fashion Voucher

no thats expired now


£12.99 here


i've already got the platinum edition, and to be honest, is it worth going for the DLC on this version and sell the platinum on ebay?


....with the exception of Twin Motegi, Suburu BRZ and Honda Weider just incase anyone was expecting them. I really got back into if after picking up the Academy version but it is just DLC cars/tracks/paint/helmets/suits and the speed test so if you struggled with it before or didn't like it before chances are you'll still feel the same. Old game saves also work by the way. :{


Is it worth buying this if you already have the normal version? Also will the game saves from the normal version work on this one?

Darksiders 2 PC £9.99 Sold by clickforgamesltd and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 13th Nov 2012Posted 13th Nov 2012
Darksiders 2 PC £9.99 Sold by clickforgamesltd and Fulfilled by Amazon£9.99
Good price, head over to Gamersgate and grab the Season Pass too!
AVerTV Hybrid AirExpress H968 Analog TV, Digital TV and FM Radio Includes Remote Control £14.90 - Sold by AVerMedia Europe and Fulfilled by Amazon.
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Posted 18th Oct 2012Posted 18th Oct 2012
AVerTV Hybrid AirExpress H968 Analog TV, Digital TV and FM Radio Includes Remote Control £14.90 - Sold by AVerMedia Europe and Fulfilled by Amazon.£14.90
£14.90 RRP: £89.99 ??? Be quick. Fulfilled by Amazon ( Sold by AVerMedia Europe ).

now £71.24!!!!!!


it's a schooner


some foreign countries are still analogue. thats why


I just see the start of the universe.


I can see a yacht!

Grand Theft Auto - Chinatown Wars PSP £3.99 @ Amazon
75° Expired
Posted 30th Aug 2012Posted 30th Aug 2012
Grand Theft Auto - Chinatown Wars PSP £3.99 @ Amazon£3.99
Nice price! Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars follows the story of Huang Lee, a young Triad who travels to Liberty City after the mysterious death of his father. Within the game, p… Read more

No joke, nope, just expired. It's gone back up in price


£3.99? is this a joke? i didnt see it, as the mentioned above i see it for £7.69 and checked the other sellers as well, no one is selling it for £3.99


£7.69 For Me


Same price at GAME online.

Mario Sports Mix (Nintendo Wii) £12 Delivered @ Amazon
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Posted 9th May 2012Posted 9th May 2012
Mario Sports Mix (Nintendo Wii) £12 Delivered @ Amazon£12
The cast of Mushroom Kingdom characters get together to play sports - Mario style. While the basic rules of the games apply, each one includes some magical Mario twists like coins … Read more

Nice find, voted hot :)

Battleforge PC DELIVERED @
-27° Expired
Posted 19th Feb 2011Posted 19th Feb 2011
Battleforge PC DELIVERED @£7.99
Description Experience real-time strategy in a whole new dimension! Every battle is different, every army unique. Create your own fighting force from mighty creatures and powerful… Read more



BattleForge Play4Free FAQs Today is a big day for BattleForge - it's Play4Free title now! Please read the FAQs below - What is BattleForge Play4Free? * The BattleForge Play4Free Client, which you can download here, offers you complete access to all areas and functionality of the game, including all content updates (new PvP maps, Renegade Campaign) made available since release. How do I install BattleForge Play4Free? * First you must download the client. Double click on the BattleForgeInstal.exe file and follow the instructions on the screen. You start the game by running the Bootstrapper.exe file. You need to have an EA Account to start BattleForge. If you already have an account, you just need to give the account details in the corresponding field in the Bootstrapper. If you do not have an EA Account, you can select “Create Account” to open an EA Account. What exactly does BattleForge Play4Free include? * Along with all functionality of the game, BattleForge Play4Free includes two decks consisting of 32 cards. You can play any scenario in the game, including the Renegade Campaign. With BattleForge Play4Free, you are also able to purchase Booster Pack and bid on cards in the Auction House. However, you can only offer a card in the Auction House once you have reached level 4 in PvE and level 10 in PvP. Direct trades and sending in-game mail with attachments are also blocked until you reach this experience level. Exactly which 32 cards does BattleForge Play4Free give me? * You will receive 8 cards from each of the 4 powers of Frost, Shadow, Nature, and Fire: * Frost: Master Archers, Northguards, Defense Tower, Glacier Shell, Defender, Tremor, Shield Building, Tempest * Shadow: Nightcrawler, Ripper, Stone of Torment, Unholy Power, Mutating Frenzy, Shadow Insect, Rifle Cultitst, Unholy Hero. * Nature: Windweaver, Werebeasts, Surge of Light, Primal Defender, Swamp Drake, Drones, Giant Wyrm, Regrowth. * Fire: Fire Stalker, Firebomb, Lava Field, Magma Hurler, Magma Spores, Emberstrike, Fire Sphere, Rageclaws. What’s the difference between this and the demo version? * In the demo version you could only play a small number of maps. On top of that you could not buy more cards or trade cards with other BattleForge players. These restrictions have been removed and the BattleForge Play4Free replaces the demo version. Does BattleForge Play4Free include BattleForge Points? * No. BattleForge Play4Free includes all game content, but it does not include any BattleForge Points. The points you can get either by trading with other players, or you can purchase them from or the EA Store. Previously I could purchase the BattleForge “box“ in retail shops. What happens to this product now? * You can still purchase the BattleForge Box, but now it effectively functions as a point box. You can redeem the code on the box in the in-game market to receive 3000 BattleForge Points and the 64 cards of the four starter decks. Can I redeem multiple codes from BattleForge Boxes on one account? * The codes are stackable. This means that each time you enter a code from a BattleForge Box, you receive not only the 3000 points, but you also receive the 64 cards from the starter decks in your virtual collection. What is the recommended retail price of the box? * The recommended retail price is 30 Euros. What will happen to the BattleForge Point Box? * The BattleForge Point Box containing 2000 + 250 BattleForge Points und and poster remains unchanged. As before, it is available in retail shops. Source:


I thought this was free from EA downloads? Not checked lately.

MadCatz Wireless-N Network Adaptor XBOX 360 £38.95 + £1.95 P&P @ StartupMedia
-7° Expired
Posted 6th Dec 2009Posted 6th Dec 2009
MadCatz Wireless-N Network Adaptor XBOX 360 £38.95 + £1.95 P&P @ StartupMedia£40.90
Cheapest way to get your 360 Wireless-N enabled(unless you know better) Take advantage of the fastest Wireless-N Internet speeds that enable up to 7 times faster game play, for an… Read more

There is a better way and cheaper, but I don't have the link handy. There are a set of plugs that link the xbox via the earth in your house to the plug that links to your hub.


not at wireless-N speeds I would say


surely you could buy the microsoft wireless bridge for that price?


Yes you can use this for PS3. Its n capable meaning you will get faster wireless than if you used the built in one.


Ok but that was copied from website But it would work with PS3 if you wanted faster wireless