Posted 19 December 2022

20% OFF radiators with discount code @ Stelrad

20% off
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20% off using code "christmas20". Don't settle for anything but the best radiator brand sold in the UK at a generous discount.

With current energy prices, the largest size K2 or K3 you can fit will save you the most £. Definitely the best time to upgrade those old single panel radiators with a brand that will last decades! (With modern condensing boilers and heat pumps, only type 22/ K2 or type 23/ K3 radiators will work effectively at lower flow temperatures)
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    I hope these are better than Purmo Plaza radiators that leak and the manufacturer will not refund or replace.
    A quick Google search should highlight that Stelrad are the best in the market. They are normally a bit more expensive but this discount brings them on par. Just make sure you get the K2 or K3 only as that's where the real bargain is!
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    Heated - At a brief look this brings the prices slightly lower than the Kudox radiators sold by Toolstation.

    Slowly working through replacing rads to drive lower flow temps. Will come in handy to replace some more!
    Yes, for the long term it makes sense to install the biggest radiators that will fit - so that in the short term the return temperature is minimised, thus reducing the flow temperature and maximising condensation efficiency. Naturally trvs will prevent excessive heating. But for the future, heat pumps work more efficiently with even lower temperatures than condensing boilers, so need bigger radiators to deliver the heat. (edited)
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    Great timing, ordered a K2 rad. ‘Heat’ added, cheers for the post (edited)
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    Stelrad are brilliant. Were originally recommended by my plumber. Have since changed most rads as we've decorated each room. Lovely quality and the 'vertical line' one looks great.
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    20% code wtill works - can't find T&Cs to work out when it actaully expires....

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    Thanks i was going to order one yesterday glad i waited thanks 
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    Vertical radiators might be fine if you have very low ceilings but are a total waste of energy for most people's homes. I am a zero carbon consultant / surveyor and strongly discouraged this silly trend for anyone wanting a functional home.
    Amazing to see aesthetics overrule physics!
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    Still expensive for me, just had Flomasta ones from Screwfix put in to replace 15 year old Stelrad radiators for whole house and they seem better build quality to me and much cheaper for a type 21. Im of course comparing older radiators but i dont see the real need for the additional cost from what i can see comparising.
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    Cool deal, but wrong year. Nobody is using their radiators right now with current costs of gas this year
    That’s not true
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    Still trying to find rads with the pipes in the centre as opposed to each end.
    Could always run some chrome pipe along to the centre?
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    omg - 20% off - with rip off prices
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    Still seem exppensive compared to Kudox... are they any better ??
    Stelrad = Rolls Royce
    Kudox = VW Phaeton
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    I just replaced all my radiators with a selection of Stelrad, Kartell, Henrad and Kudox. To be honest the difference was nothing between all the brands.
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    Just ordered and the 20% code still works
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    Code is still working today
    Yep I click Unexpired several times before and just now - the mods don't seem to be checking (I can't find any T&C that indicates when the code is supposed to end so not sure why it was ever expired?).
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    Just an FYI. Wickes sell a Stelrad range called 'Homeline'. Having just received them they are the compact range and far cheaper even with the extra 20% off!