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Steven Brown Art 60% OFF medium canvases - £4.99 delivery under £90 / £9.99 over Lizzie McCoo Canvas Print £28.98
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Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
This was £59.99 last week, now down to £23.99.

Snobbery in art is not art.


Embarrassed for anyone putting one of these in their homes. Roughly equivalent to those hideous 'live, laugh, love' signs.


Well negative comments aside I love there stuff and there floor cushions are huge and really good quailty


There a free delivery code? That would work out better than a 10%


If this deal is anything like the last one, prepare for barrage of negative comments.

Steven Brown Art 50% off with sign up at Steven Brown Art
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Posted 9th Nov 2020Posted 9th Nov 2020
Steven Brown Art 50% off with sign up at Steven Brown Art £4.99
Email sign up for 50% off his iconic artworks.

Don't feed the con-man. I wonder if he's giving any of the recvenue from these sales to the staff he made redundanct?


Heat added.


Turns out it's the artist himself that's part of the new company. Who would've thought...


Hence why they are selling a load of junk with the pictures plastered over them - just to make a fast buck


Didn't the company go bust and paid staff off without warning? I assume someone bought over the rights to this stuff? Not my taste at all but each to their own.

Steven Brown Art best selling canvasses 30inch x 30inch for £49.99 delivered
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Posted 2nd Aug 2020Posted 2nd Aug 2020
Steven Brown Art best selling canvasses 30inch x 30inch for £49.99 delivered£49.99
These cool canvasses are on offer. 6 of the most popular ones are currently 49.99. They are large st 30x30 inches.using the code '10percentoff' effectively gives you free shipping.… Read more

Yeah. I had several spins and couldn't get much more. Ordered the canvasses with 10 % sign up discount.


These have been really popular over the years, nice art work. Thanks for posting @Stephen_Shipsides


Does anyone know of any similar size good canvases on sale, not fussed on name. Price is important Thanks


Use spin15T for 15% of tea towels


First post and it’s some quality art. Don’t usually see that on here Heat!!

Steven Brown collectors edition A1 size prints from £14.99 + £4.99 shipping
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Posted 12th Oct 2018Posted 12th Oct 2018
Steven Brown collectors edition A1 size prints from £14.99 + £4.99 shipping£14.99
Steven Brown's famous McCoo prints (A1 size) have been reduced from £49.99 to £14.99. Shipping is £4.99

Just got one for my sisters birthday Betty Mcoo thanks


Nice post! I love the Jack and Victor one haha. A pal of mine has one of these (not Jack and Victor) and it looks absolutely stunning on the wall.


My FB feed is littered with the ads for this artwork daily. There is always a 'sale' on, its a bit like the 'The Officers Club' of the art world.

Flash Sale on Steve Brown Prints were £49.99 now £19.99
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Posted 29th Apr 2018Posted 29th Apr 2018
Flash Sale on Steve Brown Prints were £49.99 now £19.99£19.99£49.9960% off
Flash sale on Steve Brown Prints were £49.99 now £19.99 This for the prints only, framed prints available too and are also reduced as well

Perfect for that "twee Airbnb flat" look :D


imho, these have reached the point of saturation where it's borderline chavvy now. it's the new "feature wall" for home decor. (popcorn)


Me too


Says postage not included but doesn't add it later.


It's still £15 for a poster.....