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SANTA CRUZ 5010 mk2 CARBON C XE BUILD 27.5 TRAIL BIKE  [M or L] (Red or Dark blue) 1/2 price £2749.50 @ Stif cycles
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Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
SANTA CRUZ 5010 mk2 CARBON C XE BUILD 27.5 TRAIL BIKE [M or L] (Red or Dark blue) 1/2 price £2749.50 @ Stif cycles£2,749.50£5,49950% off
** I’ve added some prices to buy the components to buy yourself all accurate and. Lowest price online ** =£2461, add wheels circa £300 and you are getting the frame for free the m… Read more

Yeah OK then (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Now and again you’ll see a lease car deal go boiling hot on this site for £250 a month and a big deposit that after two years you’ll hand the keys back , get screwed on wear and tear and mileage and have nothing to show for it, in comparison this bike is £115 a month and then it’s yours .. anyway im off to ride my bike (highfive)


Absolutely! If I had the money to drop on a bike I'd be all over this. I see it's the same price in ink blue black too, but it looks glorious in the red. Bike deals are very hit and miss on here. I posted the (budget end of the spectrum!) Bossnut Evo the other day at £799.20, which is a super wee bike for the money, but it hasn't gone down well (:I


(popcorn) (party) (excited) I’ve now added the price of the components to buy separately £2461 plus wheels on top maybe £300 = £2750 In my eyes that’s a free carbon frame by one of the most sought after brands in the mtb world.. this is the bike Steve peat, ratboy Bryce and Danny Macaskill ride for fun


Alas, there's a fair bit of the "if it costs more than a 03 plate astra it's too much for a pushbike" mentality on hukd. This is an absolute belter of a deal!

Five Ten Freerider Mountain Bike Shoes £48 Stif Cycles
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Posted 11th Dec 2015Posted 11th Dec 2015
Five Ten Freerider Mountain Bike Shoes £48 Stif Cycles£48
Five Ten Freerider Grey/Blue Mountain Biking shoes for flat pedals £48 These should be about £80 or so, usually discounted to about £70 or so. £48 is cheap as chips. When I got a p… Read more
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I tend to use clipless off road and on road but before going with SPD clipless on the mountains I got two pairs of these and they are exceptionally good. Mine were size ten and i found even with my wide feet they came up slightly loose. One thing I don;t like it that the super tacky rubber compound leaves marks everywhere. Accidentally wore them to dinner at a posh hotel in London and left black streaks all over their lovely floor that would not come out :/


i use clipless for mtb offroad, but i dont ride serious downhill, never had an issue quick releasing as always have it on the loosest tension, but at the same time my foot rarely comes out when i'm not expecting. think i'm gonna try flats and 510s next summer mtb spd can be good for commuting as the under sole generally covers the SPD, so you dont end up marking floors with the metal plate on the sole of the foot. i wear shimano (always a full size up) m088 are good and about £50, but the northwave on offer for £45 on evans and CRB chain reaction get good reviews too (orange or lime green trim with black


Very stiff soles compared to trainers. When I started using these, it immediately cured the soreness in the balls of my feet after rides. Super sticky rubber means they are about as close to being clipped in as you can get, without the hassle of spd's/cleats.


I'd say these aren't necessary for road cycling, though they would work. I'm the wrong person to comment on clips X) I've never liked the idea of being bolted to a bike, I like to know I can bail out when things go out of shape (which they often seem to, in my case) oO


​I'm a size 9, so would Need a 9.5. The only reason I know they are small fitting is because the Mrs has some. Just thought I would get second opinion about the sizing. Thanks anyway.

Five Ten Impact Low 2 Shoes Black £53.99 @ Stif Performance Cycles
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Posted 5th Dec 2015Posted 5th Dec 2015
Five Ten Impact Low 2 Shoes Black £53.99 @ Stif Performance Cycles£53.99
Great shoe at a great price. loads of sizes available.
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I have the freeriders and they are such good shoes for cycling. Really stick to studded pedals and stopped my feet feeling sore after rides compared to wearing trainers.

FOX INDICATOR AM TR MTB MOUNTAIN BIKING SHORTS - GREY sizes 30-36 down to £29.99 on stif
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Posted 30th Dec 2014Posted 30th Dec 2014
FOX INDICATOR AM TR MTB MOUNTAIN BIKING SHORTS - GREY sizes 30-36 down to £29.99 on stif£29.99
Fox Indicator Shorts - Grey These AM/TR shorts from Fox come without a liner which means you get a better shell for less money. Features: Polyester mechanical 2-way stretch main… Read more

Slightly better short with an inner padded liner is £44.99


Evans have a few sizes too


When I posted I'd misread as includes liner short, I then reread and amended my description, wouldn't have posted if I'd noticed originally


For mtb I've had my knees out all year round, do these southerner wear gore brand tights or long shorts


Comment Typical southerner lol.. It's positively mild at minute

Trek Marlin 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike 2013 £350 @ stif
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Posted 12th Nov 2013Posted 12th Nov 2013
Trek Marlin 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike 2013 £350 @ stif£350
Same bike was on last night from evans was an awesome deal then at £395 with an extra 10% discount available was going to buy today but the extra 10% had run out so I searched and … Read more
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Size is a red herring. Emily Batty races on a 29er and she's tiny, doesn't seem to hold her back. The parts aren't great on these but it is only £350. The frame is used on more expensive models so it us worth upgrading as parts wear out.


would she not prefer the 69er instead :p lol


i own a 29er and i'm 6'2". My wife prefered the 29er also and she is only 5'7" so go with it. Whats important is the frame geometry, but you can always alter that slightly with different frame sizes. For £350 you are looking at the bootom end of the 29er's they are still classed as NEW and therefore more expensive. decathalon do a cheaper one which has a decent frame and you could spec up. just be warned the forks are very expensive on a 29er


See a comment advising Trek bikes can only be collected in store or delviery by a member of staff. Must limit this deal to those in the local area.


whats the general consensus for the best value bike around the £350 mark? im thinking i might get a specialized hardrock over this? really not sure about the 29er wheels as well as im only 5ft 6", would look like a clowns bike on me!

Fox Livewire Cycling Jersey - £11.99 + £3 postage (Reduced from £31.99) @ Stif
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Posted 26th Jun 2013Posted 26th Jun 2013
Fox Livewire Cycling Jersey - £11.99 + £3 postage (Reduced from £31.99) @ Stif£11.99
Fox Livewire Jersey. Performance fitted short sleeve riding jersey. Free postage over £30. At Stif - emribena

I got a cancellation email from them last night - can't meet demand :( Not impressed.


It is allowed. If a motorist cannot see a cyclist unless he is in a bright colour, I would question whether they should be driving!


Cyclists wearing black...

cube two 15 pro downhill  mtb £3199 @ stiff
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Posted 25th Oct 2012Posted 25th Oct 2012
cube two 15 pro downhill mtb £3199 @ stiff£3,199
looking for a new bike and havnt stopped drooling over this one.... £3199 delivered @ stif . i know its going to get a ton of cold votes but what a proper bike it is .

Looks like a fugly Tesco BSO.


So why is this a bargain -- is it normally £5k or something?


nice to see you HUKDealers have put in some hot votes andf the halfords lot have stayed away :)


if you live local'ish, stif have loads of bikes and if your paying this sort of money i would defo have a try before you buy. bought my cube (hardtail) from them and they have various 0% deals.


Looks awesome

RockShox Domain 318 180mm 1.5'' Forks 2007 -- £195! @
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Posted 21st Aug 2012Posted 21st Aug 2012
RockShox Domain 318 180mm 1.5'' Forks 2007 -- £195! @£195
Best deal around for hardcore long travel single crowns. Built for extreme freeride & downhill. Down from £475 to £195. Cracking price. So many computer related deals being … Read more

scott scale rc 2012 £2999.99 from £4999.99@stif
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Posted 25th Apr 2012Posted 25th Apr 2012
scott scale rc 2012 £2999.99 from £4999.99@stif£2,999.99
obviously this wont be for many but a great saving on a 2012 scale rc only available in medium which i presume explains the price Scott Scale RC Hardtail Mountain Bike. Weighing l… Read more

out of stock


You could have just said that these items, though expensive, are also subject to the law of diminishing returns - this is, if you didn't want to explain what justifies a price like this. There was no need to insult anyone's intelligence, or to call people names. And when it comes to intelligence, I shall remind you that you don't know anything about me, and I'm not the one who's been a victim of a marketing department, and willing to spend £3000 on a pushbike. Just lose a kilo of body weight, is probably better for you in the long term and may even save you ££££. And just as an edit: I notice you use the word 'value'. That's a very subjective term. 'Competitive price' would have been better.


If you look at a professional product yet can't understand it's value, then you show a lack of understanding or intelligence. Most people will understand a Ferrari is better than a Hyundai for doing what a Ferrari does (speed, build quality), and accept that the price is indicative of this. The same people will question a mountain bike priced in a similar vein, that either shows a lack of understanding on why the product is better or a lack of intelligence to make the link between other prestige items they do value (iphone 4 vs nokia 3210 for example).


Along with those whose only intellectual ammunition are personal insults.


It is an unfortunate fact that trolls and window-lickers share rather similar DNA.

fox flux trail helmet £42.99 from £69.99@stif
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Posted 17th Jan 2012Posted 17th Jan 2012
fox flux trail helmet £42.99 from £69.99@stif£42.99
bike radars opnion "The best trail riding helmet you can buy for the money, bar none" and dont forget evans price match

Had mine today, very nice helmet, best fit I've ever had. No longer have to look like a moron either with its style and has great protection.


Stif is a good trustworthy site that often has good deals that don't get nearly enough heat around here imho. obviously, not all helmets are the same. buy what YOU need for what YOU do. having said, this deal isn;t amazing. Women's one is cheaper here and even less if you want Large men's isn't much more either. not voting.


I'm sure it meets "some" safety standards but,as In cars that are crash tested, some protect your head better. A cheap helmet that sits in top of your head with no types of adjustments ie many inner foam pads that can be removed to fit better, an adjuster clip at the rear that makes it fit better and a lower back that protects MORE OF YOUR HEAD Will NOT work as well as the fox flux... I have a fox flux and have been using it for years,I've tried many different types of helmets and it's the best one I have ever had. I've yet to test its crash capabilities but if you never hear from again you know it didn't work and I'm dead....hahaha


all i meant was if you were not aware of the advantages of owning a decent helmet then the likelihood is it wouldnt represent good value for you, a case of reading text without the tone it was intended,I dont have an attitude at all my interpritation of your comment was not one of a question more of a statement saying its not worth the money, if i got this wrong I apologise, but anyone who follows bike posts will back me up on the fact that people vote good quality bike related items cold without any knowledge on the product other than "its cheaper in tescos" meaning that people who may take advantage of the deal may miss out


Where do you substantiate this claim from? All helmets sold in the UK have to meet the minimum safety standards, and other than the one I mentioned I've never seen helmets being sold as safer... I've cut and pasted the relevant bit on the link I provided (and it also may help Besford decide why certain helmets cost more) below I think this looks like a decent price for a nice helmet (very well reviewed). But I'd personally be wary about buying without trying for the reason riders999 said. I find that Met helmets fit me well, but others (like Bell) just feel 'odd' and press in weird places. I've obviously a Met shaped head !