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-20% Discount
-20% Discount
Bank Holiday Sale - 10% off £50 / 15% off £80 / 20% off £200 spend, using code @ Stock Must Go
Bank Holiday Sale - Up to 20% Off Use code MAYBANK10 for 10% OFF (Minimum spend £50) Use code MAYBANK50 for 15% OFF (Minimum spend £80) Use code MAYBANK200 for 20% OFF (Minimu… Read more

I haven't got an Apple pencil to test mine with. Everything else works flawlessly. I may have to go into an apple store to get this checked out before the warranty runs out. I was a bit suspicious that a grade B turned up in mint condition. Cheers for the heads up.


Further update. I realised that my iPad had some screen issue, one portion of screen was not detecting Apple Pencil touch though it was detecting mouse clicks in the same area. Opened an Apple case, took it to Apple store today, they agreed screen is faulty, gave me a new replacement iPad :)


Download a program on PC called iMazing. It will give you in depth information on the health status of the iPad or any other IOS product you bought. It shows my battery has only had 12 charging cycles. It`s practically brand new! Absolute bargain at £560 for a 4th gen iPad Pro 12.9" 256gb in mint condition, couldn't be happier (y)


Code Not Working for me... I tried Ordering iPad Pro 11" . Grade B. But No discount..


That’s great to know. Really great seller.

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off all Mobiles, using discount code @ SMG (Stock Must Go)
Enter code MOB10OFF - Valid until 16th May (going by site)

Maybe they chuck this sort of thing in to see if mugs bite. Agree with Kimoluki their own site should be cheaper than eBay obviously got nice fat margins


In general smg store prices are higher by 10% than their eBay shop .....NOT a great promotion. They should make non eBay store prices lower to encourage customer to cut the middle man (eBay).In general good company..


Their prices seem a bit crazy. £499 for the p30 Pro - grade C with visible scratches or you can get it new on Amazon for £418...

20% Off with code Inc. Smartphone (Refurbished IPhone 12 £528) Headphones (TCL MTRO200 £4) Tablet (S6 Lite As New £192) At Stock Must Go
20% Off "selected" lines, but is currently working on iPhone 12 in excellent condition for £528, tcl headphones new for £4 & S6 Lite As New tablet 32mm speake… Read more

I ordered some (used) airpods from them a couple of weeks ago. Arrived today and it has tons of teethmarks on it... like it was chewed up by a toddler/dog. I'm okay with used but this just looks unhygenic..


My grade B iphone 12 "excellent" condition turned up this morning. Came in original box with accessories. Has a very small dent on the bottom rear corner so can tell it has had a small drop. Rest of the phone is mint. Battery is at 100%, has only had 9 charging cycles. Looks like someone bought it, dropped it then returned it within a week. Overall i`m happy with it. I can live with that small dent for the £528 I paid. It`s practically brand new with a small imperfection. Definitely worth the huge discount. It`s going in a case anyway so I`ll never notice it (y)


Ipad 8th gen 128gb turned up this morning was expecting monday/tuesday. Tatty box so was a bit worried until I opened the box and there was a mint condition ipad @ 280. Worth it. Never purchased from smg before. But happy.


Just a comment on SMG - ordered a games console from them during Easter promotion, but it came with a incomplete power supply. Tried explaining this to them but they didn't seem to understand the tech they're selling. Instead of just sending out the right bit, they said I had to repack it all and send it back (annoyed) All a bit of a waste of time really!


They are £4 I get it...However you are really under the impression that they are ''worth'' at least £20 when purchasing them :D When you actually take them in hand,they feel like some £5 headphones, when you start to listen to them- they feel like £2 headphones :D I doubt they are actually better than some chinese paid review headphones- just as bad... If you just want some headphones to just listen to some stuff for brief amount of time, can't really beat £4 If you are purchasing these and are thinking that you are getting a great deal - YOu are not, they are worth the £4 - that's about it... before anyone asks, NO I'm not an headphone expert that has 20pairs of £500 headphones...

£2.97 Discount
£2.97 Discount
15% Off At Stock Must Go Including - Smartphones, Gaming & Headphones - Eg TCL Elit100 For £2.97 / MTRO200 £4.25 / Nintendo Switch - £195.50
Found the code clicking on the little present to the left ,and spinning the wheel elit100 headphones MTRO200 Includes Nintendo Switch for £195.50 as well

Code went quick hey


Last time I checked it didn't work


Still active or expired now lol?


I think they did, cheeky beggars :D


Did SMG pull the code because of HUKD?? I guess they didnt expect the 15% off to be used as much as it probably did!

Best SMG deals from our community

TCL MTRO200 Headset Wired Headphones - Powerful Bass Headband with Built-in Mic - £3.78 with code @ Stock Must Go
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
32mm speaker drivers High intensity bass Soft ear cushions Adjustable earshells and headband Flat fold design Closed acoustics for better sound isolation Integrated music and… Read more

should do but i orderd some they never turned up


My second one's tracking number has now been updated, the item was given over to Royal Mail as of 23:57 last night. Very unusual considering they reckon it was sent at the same time as the first, but there we are, at least it's on the way. I recommend you email at, they're quite fast to respond.


Same as above, two ordered and only one delivered. I have mailed them. There is also a telephone number that you can call to speak with someone directly : 01543 227 000 09:00 --> 17:00 Monday to Friday.


Ordered two and received one as well. Bizarre company - but will wait to see if the other arrives before I waste time emailing them.


Sounds like they just forgot (ninja)

Nintendo Switch Neon/Grey Grade B 186.99/ Nintendo Switch Lite Grade B from £140.25 with code @ Stockmustgo
622° Expired
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Use code DAD15 for 15% off. Other good deals might be found with the code :) switch neon/grey:… Read more

Back in stock (red/blue) but voucher code 'dad15' no longer valid . 'Cart5' gives 5% off bringing it down to £209.


I'll call them tomorrow. Is this a free number thanks


Ring their depot - 01756 790565


How do I contact APC. I got dispatch email on 15th and it was out for delivery but nothing delivered yet


Thanks I think i realised with the 2017 printed on the back. Apart from it being the older version it's in immaculate condition so I'm in two minds about sending it back....


Purple came and all fine just a bit light and weak volume but for the price a steal


i got one of these last week for £6 from Amazon. It sounds fine for what it is, it's a big improvement on the old speaker we were using in the office.


Then apologies my info was from Amazon question I have the boombar 2 plus and it's 20w and was just 10 recently from here. Seems a good deal for six quid in any case.


this says 6w?


Definitely has bass and the purple option is fun. 32 quid on amazon and is 10w


I bought a set of these last time and the Left hand controller wouldn't switch on. Rather than sending it back to Stockmustgo, I sent it back to Nintendo along with a Drifting original one I had and they were nice enough to repair them both for free (Nintendo will repair all Joycons for Free and it only takes about 5 days)


A bit of contact cleaner fixed my drift issues, my main issue is joycons erratically disconnecting and reconnecting.




They're sold brand new as B grade so no risk.


That would be an amateur gamer move

TCL ELIT200 In-Ear Earbud Noise Isolating Wired Headphones with Built-in Mic - blue or grey £3.41 delivered with code at Stock Must Go
242° Expired
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
TCL Elit200 earphones £3.41 delivered with code MAYBANK10 at SMG Available in 2 colours

Can still get these for £3.61 delivered (with code cart5) ..still a bargain I believe


Really good audio and noise cancelling (which is really strong). Mic quality is alright but somewhat quite. Overall really good pair in fact i copped two of them when it was 3 quid a while ago at smg previously.


I bought the 100's and a pair of 300's last week for my kids who are happy with them, as there is not much difference between the 100 and 300 I expect the 200 is the same,


Purchased for the hell of it


I don't really need these but I've bought them! Haha thanks for posting great price

TCL MTRO200 Headset Wired Headphones with Mic (Burgundy / White) - £4 with code @ Stock Must Go
659° Expired
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Over ear headphones for £4 delivered, White or Burgandy left in stock. Bit of spiel from the website, On-Ear Headphones 32mm speaker drivers High intensity bass Soft ear cu… Read more

Same here, they are fine for the kids watching YouTube!. Nothing beyond that, but that was exactly my use case and expectation, so thumbs up from me!.


Received these a day or two ago and honestly they're not very good but they're £4 and will do the job for what it's worth.


(lol) (lol) (lol)


you don't need to :D


I'll let you know when they arrive.

2020 iPad Air 10.9", A14 Bionic Processor, iOS, Wi-Fi, 64GB, Sky Blue (Used grade B) £384 @ SMG
-16° Expired
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
2020 Apple iPad Air 10.9", A14 Bionic Processor, iOS, Wi-Fi, 64GB, Sky Blue (grade B) in stock - use code MAYBANK200. Grade A (pristine) also in stock for £400 after code.

Got an Xbox X from them just before lockdown. Died after a month. Raised it with support, got another machine within a week. Things can go wrong with second hand stuff even with the best of intentions so it’s critical that support is there.


Not sure! seemed good value, I bought my iPhone 12 Pro from there B grade and it was pristine at 100% battery. I would have got one if I didn’t have an iPad Pro already! All OOS now


I don't understand why this has gone cold (confused)


TopCashback offer £5.50 for orders of £400+, i didn't realise til after i made the purchase. Not sure if it will work with the code but worth a try


I pulled the trigger on a Grade A at £400, fingers crossed its all okay (:I

Cyberpunk 2077 (Second Hand) - Xbox One - £14.99 @ Stock Must Go
415° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Cyberpunk 2077 for Xbox One

item arrived today seems in pretty good condition, outer sleeve had seller tape all over it but all pealed off, warning to others start from middle and work to edges not edge to middle as will rip the cardboard - are there different versions of this? Mine came with a slip cover, 2 discs, map, stickers, 3 x postcards and world compendium which wast expecting?


Thanks for posting, nice first deal @Pabeloto :)


Think of it as a software equivalent to a Vita, looked good on paper but ultimately a mess when released (embarrassed)


Sold out


Looks like (poo) on both my PS5 and my fiancés Xbox Series X XD Only with a capable PC does it actually become something to look at (y)

Nintendo Switch Lite Animal Crossing edition - Used Grade B £153 @ Stock Must Go
59° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
PRODUCT GRADING GRADE B Light marks/scratches on the base Light marks/scratches on the screen WHAT IS IN THE BOX Nintendo Switch Lite Console Complete with all accessories… Read more

Thanks for sharing, good first post @forp_rezi :)


A warning, I bought this bundle about 2 months ago and what arrived was a LIGHT BLUE nintendo switch lite in a cardboard box. I emailed them and got £20 off for their mistake though.

Preowned XBox One Deals from £97.75 with Code + free delivery at StockMustGo
91° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Original XBox One - £97.75 (code: MAYBANK50) OOS XBox One Digital - £157.25 (code: MAYBANK50) XBox One X - £176 (code: MAYBANK200) OOS These codes can be used for anythin… Read more

I have an Xbox One controller for my Shield TV, I want another. At this price I saw it as £60 for an Xbox One!


Having owned this since launch and now having a series x, I feel this is still a great console able to hold its own!


Only the Digital version is in stock now :(


Heat tempted by an X tbh. will hold me off buying a series X for a while


There's a good chance, yeah.

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