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-30% Discount
-30% Discount
Stone Island Spring/Summer 2021 Discount: 30% off using code
Can be used in store or online according to the email Only on Spring/Summer 2021 items Good deal for some bits!

No worries! Thank you :)


Nice first deal @SchnitzelKing thanks for sharing! (y)


So would i,because i'd be to scared to wear them.Football crowds are back and Stone Island have a sale,great timing.


It's still over priced. U know what it is though.


You get what u pay with this brand, i have jackets and tops that are 20 yrs old and still look like new.

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Stone Island AW 020-021 Sale 30% Off Everything
Posted 26th Dec 2020Posted 26th Dec 2020
Stone Island AW 020-021 Sale 30% Off Everything £6.99
As the title suggests the usual Stone Island 30% off sale, this is as good as it gets discount wise with SI. Please keep the comments civil, I know this brand isn’t for everyone, … Read more

No of course not no problem, I get where you’re coming from with the above two points.


Lol it’s all good man Not against brands, I’m against 1) bad looking clothes (usually ones that advertise their logo IN YOUR FACE all over the item) Coupled with 2) people wanting to pay ridiculous money just to wear them (so maybe they feel like Superhero down the road or something lol) This could get into a a deeper convo but I guess it’s better to just accept and respect everyone’s opinion whether we agree or not. Now don’t shoot me lol


Hardly any sizes left


Yes, even auto correct not heard of off white lol I was walking in the Forrest when I typed it and obviously didn't re-check. Alot of clothing is now unfortunately same as the PS5 debacle. Limited quantity released on certain days, bots and scalpers buy all the stock with only 25% going to genuine fans/users. The rest gets re-sold for double and triple sometimes.


Backlash no, but to call people brainwashed for what they spend their own (hard earned) money on is a bit harsh don’t you think? As you could apply this to absolutely any premium product (not just fashion) out there. What I will say is I’ve been buying SI for over 20 years and I still have pieces that are as good as the day I bought them from that time (it’s well made stuff). So I buy less items which last longer which offsets a lot of the initial cost. What I do disagree with is the proliferation of Klarna everywhere, pushing/tempting people into buying what they can’t really afford.

Up To 30% Off Spring/Summer Sale @ Stone Island
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Posted 27th Jun 2020Posted 27th Jun 2020
Up To 30% Off Spring/Summer Sale @ Stone Island
Not for everyone but a good discount nonetheless.

Didnt see any price reductions but I do love Stone Island gear...


Always a sale on at this time of the year at stone island, Spent £800 already. Heat added :)


I tried to post the CP deal but wasn’t allowed to, it got modded.


Calm Down ! Calm Down


Stonies are a bit old hat nowadays, CP is more 2020 who also have 30% off

Stone Island Sale 30% off Everything
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Posted 26th Dec 2019Posted 26th Dec 2019
Stone Island Sale 30% off Everything
Be quick as sizes sell out fast, managed to bag a couple of wool jumpers this morning.

Must have triggered you there chum as you definitely are trying too hard now. (lol) Go back to sleep and stick to getting your clone Island off eBay.


Soft, that's not what your wife said and the only thing rattled was your headboard.


Voted hot, yes it is expensive but I have lots of stone island jackets and jumpers that are over 20 years old and still look pretty new.


Well you're being a try hard edge lord aren't you? In reality it sounds like you're a bit soft mate, and easy rattled (lol)


It’s a joke lighten up it’s Christmas (lol) bloody Jonny rockhard over here

Stone island sale
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Posted 25th Jun 2018Posted 25th Jun 2018
Stone island sale
Stone island sale on 30% off.



Bit harsh, i don't wear it often.


Some nice stone island gear about but i cannot wear it anymore as some right donuts have hijacked the brand.



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