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15% off Site Wide eg Chairs / Gaming / Desks etc + Free Delivery @ Herman Miller
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
15% off site-wide, so includes chairs, desks, gaming, arms etc. 15% sale also on their gaming range here - free delivery - no-hassle 14-day return - 12-year warranty Aeron O… Read more

If you’re able to get to the London showroom, they’ll match the 15% on Logi too


Try John Lewis. They're usually tucked away in the corner somewhere. You can call them and they'll let you know what stores have them on display.


Don't think I've seen Herman Miller in any shops. Are they only in places like Harrods and Harvey Nichols?


Considering how expensive refurbished Herman Miller chairs have become, this is a good discount. I'm very tempted to get a Mirra 2 (ninja) Edit: Even with this 15% discount, I noticed that the Mirra 2 is cheaper from Wellworking, there is 8% TopCashback available and delivery is quicker


I have both at home. The Please V2, which I use daily, is a more than capable chair, extremely comfortable and actually very comparable. Now for the controversial comment…. I prefer it to the Aeron and Leap. I’ve used all three of these chairs at work extensively, as it’s the only ones my company will buy. The Please is my go to office chair. Incidentally, which I say on all these posts, look at your local selling pages. My Aeron was £140 and my Please V2 £80, both during lockdown. Cleaned them both to within an inch of life, now my wife and I both have great chairs and our backs thank us for it.

15% off Herman Miller Gaming (Black Friday Sale)
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Posted 20th Nov 2020Posted 20th Nov 2020
Level up your gaming setup with our Sayl and Aeron chairs, now 15% off with free delivery, 12 year/24 hour usage warranty and 14 day no hassle return. Herman Miller Aeron (Gaming)… Read more

I spoke to them today, they said there was an issue with their systems not sending the courier the order details and now they’ve corrected that. So let’s see.


Yeah I think that's correct


@chris846 @StillTheFlyest I thought their gaming products couldn't be customised, so do you get all the normal customisation options as if you were buying a chair from their non-gaming site?


Totally agree, it's really disappointing service by them. They seemed to have outsourced to Inplace who it has been with a really long time Nothing customised on mine either. I got it purely for WFH and some back-pain, but tempted to cancel it and just get a standing desk


Hmmmm, wasn’t expecting such poor service from them. Makes you wonder if the 12 year warrantee is going to be of much use. I received a dispatch email last week. They looked mine up and don’t understand why there hasn’t been a tracking number. Said they would call back yesterday with more info but nothing. I called a few times today and just getting through to voicemail. Mine was a standard one, did you customise yours?

15% off everything storewide! Perfect for Home working!
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Posted 15th Nov 2020Posted 15th Nov 2020
15% off everything storewide! Perfect for Home working! Free P&P Free
Pick up a Herman Miller Aeron chair for £900 and many other office accessories at a good price. Certainly worth it for the warranty and service provided.

Has anyone purchased from the Herman Miller Gaming website before? I just need to ask a quick question if anyone can help :)


Nothing! I’m still using my existing chair but have put carpet samples on the original seat, as the foam had reduced to the thickness of a sheet of paper! That Haworth range looks quite promising, as mentioned above, and the Ikea chair gets high ratings from users. But again, i’d want to try them all before buying, particularly at HM prices!


Understood, it's quite a bit of money even second and third hand! What did you end up getting if i can ask? Sorry about all the questions, i'm buying this week and it's a big desicion


Its amazing, very happy with it. Recently (due to a few systems exploding at work) I have had to to two stints of being sat in it for ~8 hours with a 20 min break.. Suprisingly comfortable.


Unlikely and then there is the issue of transportatiion, as you’re talking palletised delivery! No, never bought one. Would really like one, but hard to let go of so much cash when there are other alternatives around at a fraction of the price. To be honest, the main thing that holds me back is that i have never had chance to try one out. Plus, what size is best for me i.e. A, B or C!? Likely the C, but would stilll like to try one.

20% Off Herman Miller Chairs etc. + free Delivery e.g. Aeron Remastered - £800.80
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Posted 23rd Nov 2019Posted 23rd Nov 2019
20% Off Herman Miller Chairs etc. + free Delivery e.g. Aeron Remastered - £800.80
20% off. Can get a Herman Miller Aeron Remastered Graphite for £800

should be able to find a nice condition Aeron for £200 on eBay


I am 5,11 30in leg - if it put it on highest setting my feet are couple inches off ground. So you will need it up highest setting. The backrest comes up in the middle of my shoulder blades but its enough to feel supportive.


These chairs are really good. I bought a refurbished one from ebay a couple of month backs for £290+£30 delivery. It was just like new. I used to suffer from alot of back ache but I've not had a back or neck ache since using the aeron.


The prices these days.....


I have been using the same chairs for 7+ years, no phone will last me that long.

15% off selected chairs at Herman Miller Store
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Posted 29th Aug 2018Posted 29th Aug 2018
15% off selected chairs at Herman Miller Store
Still very, very expensive, but if you're after a new Herman Miller chair you won't do better than this.

Thanks! Bit far for me but probably worth it for someo


It's in wimboure Dorset. Fb marketplace.


That's a great deal IMO, got a link? Might buy another one as a gift


There's a aeron used from office clearance, size B for £230 are they worth this much?


I'll sit this 1 out

Herman Miller 15% off
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Posted 25th Nov 2017Posted 25th Nov 2017
Herman Miller 15% off
Not some amazing deal but twice a year they do 15% off so if you are waiting for that time to buy something then this is the best you're going to get.

I love my Aeron chair. I used to buy the £50-£100 chairs from PC World etc that have foam padding and in no time it'd be like sitting on a stool. I tested a display Aeron chair in a John Lewis store and instantly understood why they are 10x the price of the cheap ones. All you may need to do is replace the strip of cushioning foam every few years that is slipped under the front of the seat to give even more support to the backs of your legs. I got mine for about £350 from an office store in SE London, but there are usually a few for sale on ebay. Just make sure you get the right size chair for you.


I bought a Mirra back when I was a fatty about 10 years ago as I kept breaking office chairs. I am sat in it at least 8 hours a day then several more at the weekend. Still going strong with hardly any sign of wear. Superb investment. That being said, I am sure cheaper chairs from good brands will be more than adequate for most people.


Thanks for posting but I really don't like the one you've posted. The 15% of is good if you want any chair. So, voted hot. Personally I prefer the more 'traditional' rounded mesh chair, which is the type I've got. But as others have said it's a lot cheaper to buy one second hand or reconditioned on Ebay. It's amazing that according to the site "Please note that this product has not been tested to the relevant UK fire regulations and should therefore not be purchased for use in residential premises" Who would have thought that of a Herman Miller chair!


I've used different models at work and purchased one personally at home as well which I used for a while. May be it's just me, but I feel, despite being well read in the theoretical aspect of it's marketing information, that it's all a placebo effect. It's only better against a bad chair. A good chair that fits your posture, height etc can be far more comfortable than some of the best Herman Miller's. I still use one at work, but now that I'm not a 'believer', I find my leather chair at home, which was a fraction of the price and about 10 years old, far more comfortable. I'm a heavy user as well so do tend to make sure I'm not damaging my back. Just to be clear, this is just how I feel and am not trying to give any advice for your use. I won't vote cold, obviously because it may very well be a deal for someone who is going to purchase it anyway, but it feels good to finally say something about it after bottling this 'opinion' for nearly 10 years (pirate) (cheeky)


Never heard of office clearances before, where can I find out about local ones in my region?