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Apple Watch SE GPS 40mm Silver Aluminium Case - 3 colours includes 3 year warranty £255.55 @ Stormfront
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Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
Apple Watch SE GPS 40mm Silver Aluminium Case - 3 colours includes 3 year warranty £255.55 @ Stormfront£255.55£2591% off
Includes storefronts 3 year warranty Key features Large Retina OLED display Up to 2x faster processor than Series 3 Track your daily activity on Apple Watch and see your t… Read more

Simple fix, don’t buy it for somebody that doesn’t want it XD


Hmmm they don’t seem to have a particularly good returns policy. Only 14 days when other companies are doing ‘until 31 January’ to allow for unwanted Xmas gifts


Errr as if id pay that money for a quartz watch (annoyed) next.


Post initially advertised the model as being gps and cellular. Looks to have been amended since


Think you scroll to the right to get other options on the site

Free Creative home learning with iPad
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Posted 31st May 2020Posted 31st May 2020
Free Creative home learning with iPadFREE£0.01
Perfect for Children Creative home learning with iPad Free creative learning activities for children every week! How to design and draw digital art. How to create animation. How t… Read more

Oh yeah, I agree that isn't literally what Trump's done, it was an exaggeration. The trouble as I see it is that without Antifa actually being a single organisation, the definition's created a situation where peaceful dissent could be described as terrorist activity. He could just label the activity as Antifa if he wanted - I'm not sure if he himself really understands what it is. And of course, the right to dissent or protest should be a part of any decent functioning democracy, so if they start calling it terrorism, not a great step!


You make it sound like they just stand around with placards saying "Down with this sort of thing", in reality the tactics they employ do actually fit the designation Trump has made. Obviously not a majority will act like that, the point is that the idea currently attracts people who will.


Yeah at first I was thinking "I know Trump's just made being anti-fascist illegal but I still didn't expect to see Stormfront on HUKD"


So, nothing to do with hiking, camping and firing air rifles then, well that's a shame


Oh yeah i didn't catch on lol

Apple AirPods Pro £229 @ Stormfront
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Posted 1st May 2020Posted 1st May 2020
Apple AirPods Pro £229 @ Stormfront£229£2498% off
AirPods Pro on offer from Stormfront.

Yeah I know I posted this comment like 3 days ago and this deal was previously expired ha, I’ll delete it


That Deal finished now


Huawei are releasing their version at the end of May so may be worth considering those instead of these. I believe they’ll be £80


Didn't see that post, fair point (y)


They’re available for £219 at BT Shop, so probably worth buying those if you want some Pro’s

Apple Watch Series 3 38mm - Brand New - 3 years guarantee included £189 @ Stormfront
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Posted 31st Dec 2019Posted 31st Dec 2019
Apple Watch Series 3 38mm - Brand New - 3 years guarantee included £189 @ Stormfront£189£1995% off
Brand new Apple Watch series 3 at £189 for 38mm, cheapest price I could find. I bought in store but you can order online Also includes 3 years warranty. You also have option to ad… Read more

Stormfront are a 'Premium Apple Reseller'. They do have brick and mortar stores, but if you go onto their website, it's very Apple-ish. I use my series 3 for tracking my workouts, mostly. But I also find it very useful in glancing at my messages to see if it requires an immediate response. So a bit more than a fashion statement. Notch will go eventually. Just a matter of time. But a lot of companies seemed to follow suit at the initial release.


Never heard of Stormfront.. will these ever be sub £100? Also what do people use these watches for? Apart from maybe a fashion statement? I’m hoping next year Apple really step up their game with their products like their iPhones notches, (notch gone or reduced) their AirPods (smaller and in colour black) otherwise it’s going to be Android Pixels for me


I agree with above comments. Battery life is well over 24 hours for “average” use including 30 minutes exercise tracking. Series 3 at this price is a really good deal. I prefer larger screen (42/44mm for extra £30) and I like cellular versions (extra £100) so I can receive calls, stream music, send messages and access the Internet while running without my phone. You don’t need cellular though if you always have your phone nearby. New series 5 is better but twice the price - this is an excellent deal for a great product.


Apple refurbished - the official apple online store has refurbished series 3 for £159. None currently in stock at the moment, but I did manage to get one a week before xmas, so keep checking. Mine arrived in a brand new sealed box. (I think it is brand new but sold as "refurbished") Also got £3 topcashback


Series 1 and Series 2 Apple watches are still getting the latest updates, so I imagine the 3 will be supported beyond September 2020.

New MacBook Pro 16 inch - £2,249 saving £150 already @ Stormfront + 3 year warranty
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
New MacBook Pro 16 inch - £2,249 saving £150 already @ Stormfront + 3 year warranty£2,249
New MacBook Pro 16 inch £2,249 saving £150 already 👀 Also have discounts on Macbook air with retina From £1,024. Mac Pro’s from £1,199 All with 3 years warranty and fr… Read more

£2159 if you fine with 2 year waranty,


Still cheaper at BT Store and nowhere close to The Edu Store price (with 4 year warranty) if you have access to someone purchasing in education sector. 3 year Stormfront warranty is decent though.


Ordered one for my site work.

Apple Watch S3 2018 GPS 38mm-Space Grey + 3 years warranty £189 @ Stormfront
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
Apple Watch S3 2018 GPS 38mm-Space Grey + 3 years warranty £189 @ Stormfront£189
£10 off all Apple watches with a 3 year warranty and free shipping

Great warranty although I hope it drops lower.

10% off Macbook Air & MacBook Pro plus 3 year Guarantee @ Stormfront for Students
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Posted 1st Aug 2019Posted 1st Aug 2019
10% off Macbook Air & MacBook Pro plus 3 year Guarantee @ Stormfront for Students
Students, get 10% off MacBook Air and MacBook Pro this summer. And trade in a Mac, iPhone or iPad to get £100 additional credit + 3 Year Guarantee… Read more

This is a terrible store. Ordered and iPhone and waited weeks for it and never showed up so just cancelled the order


Thank you, I’ve messaged you.


Same. Bit surprised they had broadened out to tech.


Basically your swapping the beats for extended warranty (confused) beats sell for £200 and direct from apple they are pretty reasonable for manufacture defects for the full 5 years so I *think* the Apple offer is a touch better


Good work, keep up the positive contributions.

TakeTwentyFour 24-months interest free finance on Mac @ Stormfront
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Posted 29th Nov 2018Posted 29th Nov 2018
TakeTwentyFour 24-months interest free finance on Mac @ Stormfront
Buy a Mac from Stormfront in-store and get 24-months interest free finance. *Excludes iMac Pro.

Why is this getting cold?


I see. Looked at the reviews and they are pretty bad but that's all to do with repairs


They're a chain of authorised resellers. As with @smithmr8 they're the closes to an official Apple store in Dundee.


They’re basically a reseller. I bought my iPhone 6s from them as they’re the closest thing Cornwall has to an Apple store. Excellent deal.


This seems pretty good! Never heard of them though...

Tado - Extension Kit £71.96 @ Stormfront
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Posted 24th Nov 2018Posted 24th Nov 2018
Tado - Extension Kit £71.96 @ Stormfront£71.96£799% off
The Extension Kit enables you to control your hot water. It is also needed to connect the Tado Smart Thermostat to your heating system if there is no room thermostat or if you have… Read more

Thoughts on this vs the competition? I've had tado before, thought it was a bit flakey, but have no knowledge of the others.


Good to know they're working on promotions for the future. Happy if I see some good ones.


Forgot to add about existing customers - I doubt it would be exclusive for existing customers, but they have said (in the tweets) existing customers would be notified


Well they’ve been saying it on Twitter the last couple of days, for example this tweet; This deal at stormfront is a good price, it should be hot for the cheapest available now.


Any evidence of these offers? Also are they just for existing customers? ;)

Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat - £53.96 @ Stormfront
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat - £53.96 @ Stormfront£53.96£599% off
Cheapest I've found, and I've been tracking discounts on these for a while.

Amazon refunded everyone as they didn’t have stock


They don't just work the one way up. It is the orientation of the digital readout that changes between the horizontal and vertical types.


Thanks - I ended up reaching out and getting the same. Their CS leaves a lot to be desired!


I had to ask last time as it was almost impossible to find otherwise. Just asked them again and apparently they’re not selling them at the moment. Real shame and they were even down to £158 on amazon in October and I (stupidly) didn’t snag some at that price. Must have happened recently though :-(


Very easy, but depends on you current TRV's. If you don't have TRV's currently, then more complicated, as you will need to drain the radiator.