Streetcar rent weekend get Friday or Monday free! Free petrol too! (discount voucher code)-£60

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This offer is shocking.

It will only work for bookings of 72 hrs or less. I wanted to book for a pick up during Friday and return midnight Mon night, so the 3 for 2 offer plus a few hours on the Friday. The online system wouldn't accept the code for this, saying invalid booking, must be Fri-Sun or Sat-Mon. Put this down to the computer not being understanding so tried to book on the phone - got the same repsonse - can't use the offer for longer bookings.

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Can you do it as two bookings? One for 3 days with the offer and one for the few hours on top. I don't see how this wouldn't work.

that's what I thought - but couldn't be done on the phone.

It states free petrol only on bookings over 72hrs. And even then it is 200 miles per day. So if they did give free petrol it would be for 600 miles but anyone booking should check as I don't think you do get free mileage. And to the 2nd poster that is probably why the offer is limited to 72hrs as anything over that to get a free 3rd day AND free petrol is probably too good to be true as far as Streetcars are concerned.

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Its 200 miles a day but since a 3 day booking most likely spans 4 days unless you do midnight to midnight, you get 4 days worth of free mileage/petrol. This is how it works even for 24 hour bookings that span two days, you get two days worth of mileage. 800 miles is more than enough for a long weekend I would think.

any other discount codes knocking about?

Do you have the orignal body of the Email that Streetcar sent out regarding this offer, they dont seem to want to accept the discount code unless you have this... as they say this offer was just for selected members!!
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