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FREE copy of Stuff Magazine call 0800 923 3006 and quote STUF018
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Posted 12th Sep 2018Posted 12th Sep 2018
FREE copy of Stuff Magazine call 0800 923 3006 and quote STUF018
Call 0800 923 3006 quote STUF018 and its totally free with no obligation. The UKs best selling technology, gadget, smart home magazine They do also ask you if you want to sign up … Read more

Just phoned order on its way taa


Bring back the 3 for £1 deal.


They change publishing company from haymarket to Kelsey publishing recently so it may be why

Stuff Mag with free gift 3 issues £1
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Posted 19th Sep 2017Posted 19th Sep 2017
Stuff Mag with free gift 3 issues £1£1
Just been surfing for some deals and came across this. Hope it helps someone

Only taken them 6 years...(at least - as been doing it for that long)...


It does state that you only get the gift when you continue with trial.


Thanks op


Was only gonna be a while before they got wise to us exploiting these offers


Gone for it but it doesn't look like you get the gift until you have paid £19.99 after the £1 trial is over.

Stuff Magazine 3 issues £1 free powerbank
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Posted 31st Mar 2017Posted 31st Mar 2017
Stuff Magazine 3 issues £1 free powerbank£1
Just saw this deal. Good if your after a powerbank

I've done this far too many times now, they're going to ban me soon I think! Not worth it for a power bank


You'll have to set a reminder to cancel or you'll be subscribed for another 6 months. Bet the power bank is naff anyway


You're just one step away from getting 3 issues of Stuff for just £1 Simply complete the form below and you'll save 93% on the cover price (RRP £4.99 each). Your 3 trial issues will be followed by Direct Debit payments of just £19.99 every 6 subsequent issues, saving you a further 33% on the cover price. Offer available to UK addresses only. No thanks!


I saw this on my phone and the message was along the bottom of the screen


Same here can not see a free powerbank

3 issues of Stuff Mag and free Wireless speaker for £1
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Posted 16th Jan 2017Posted 16th Jan 2017
3 issues of Stuff Mag and free Wireless speaker for £1£1
Don't know if anyone has posted this. But rang up earlier today as I placed an order for 6 months subscription only to find out I have been black listed cause I have done to many t… Read more

Mine got cancelled, I cancelled DD and still got a magazine


Mine wasn't cancelled, got the mag but no speaker :(


I also cancelled the direct debit after receiving their email. Not had a magazine turn up though. Maybe they are just trying to tempt you with a freebie?!


I cancelled the DD after I got the email saying the order had been cancelled, just in case. I have just checked on their website using the account number printed on the magazine's packaging (and also on the confirmation email): I'm not sure whether they have tried to charge me, since I cancelled the DD.


yep, not happy at all. had the cancellation email and that the order wasn't processed. magazine arrived today so assume i have been charged. yes, it might only be a quid but that's besides the point. they send out a few speakers but how many people signed up and were supposedly cancelled, then not actually cancelled and who may then forget to cancel DD. smells like marketing BS to me. if i have been charged i'll be getting my quid back! ****

3 issues of Stuff Magazine for £1 plus free Nomad Key (for apple devices)
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Posted 10th Aug 2016Posted 10th Aug 2016
3 issues of Stuff Magazine for £1 plus free Nomad Key (for apple devices)£1
3 issues of Stuff Magazine for £1 plus free Nomad Key worth £15.33 ( price on their website ) No contract so you can cancel immediately and … Read more

Oh I now suddenly want a nomad key. Never knew they existed until now! >


Can't see any mention of the Nomad Key on the link. I have one and it's great!



no idea what a nomad key is, but i don't see any mention of one on the Stuff site any more so I assume its been pulled from the offer


Yes, we know but not everyone here is about making profit however small or large. Whenever I see deals bought here on HUKD to resell on eBay, I have one rule, never buy from these chancers. Again, it's subject to availability. Good luck to you if you get one or buy multiple subscriptions.

Stuff Magazine 'Christmas Sale' 3 issues for £1 (DD subscription payment)
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Posted 27th Oct 2015Posted 27th Oct 2015
Stuff Magazine 'Christmas Sale' 3 issues for £1 (DD subscription payment)£1
Further to yesterday's deal of 12 issues for £20 this may suit some people... If not Intending to continue with the subscription remember to cancel to DD once the £1 has been colle… Read more

^^ probably


Do you get the actual magazines

micpwelsh 1 year for £20


Thanks, ordered. Good deal

EE Rook 4G Android 5.1 Handset - £39 in-store at EE Stores (£49 for Non-EE Customers)
338° Expired
Posted 7th Jul 2015Posted 7th Jul 2015
EE Rook 4G Android 5.1 Handset - £39 in-store at EE Stores (£49 for Non-EE Customers)£39
Launching today apparently. Even though it's billed as a 'low end' handset, it's still got a quad core processor, 1GB of ram and the latest version of Android. "Granted, the hard… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Got the case, got the charger, charger being recalled due to possible fault and replaced, £20 voucher being given for inconvenience.


Although I briefly noted the charges on the counter, I didn't pay any attention to them, but since discovering that if you are with EE and text power to 365, they send an email to you with code, show it at store, then they give you the charger which when used, you swap for a newly charged one, and so it goes on, a free hire charger. Claimed the charger. It comes with usb cable and is a combined torch. You have the option to either re-charge yourself or swap it for a fully charged one.


Unable to get a rook phone case. Some say it's too soon, whilst others say it will have to be through EE on-line. Pleasantly surprised how this phone picks up all the free wifi outlets in town.


Yes rikkk I will, but haven't been out yet today and might not get the chance till tomorrow, but as soon as I have more info, I will be back.


How easy is it to unlock? Have you asked at any phone shops? If you're asking about cases get prices for the unlocking and let us know

Free Copy of the Stuff Magazine
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Posted 18th Jun 2015Posted 18th Jun 2015
Free Copy of the Stuff Magazine
Free copy of the Stuff magazine, just choose paper copy or digital and enter your details. Then you will be contacted by them to arrange free delivery.

Also you'll end up with constant calls for years. I did this with Empire and four years on I still get constant calls about if I want to subscribe, on weekends too!


This happens with a lot of magazines where you can't just request a copy and fill in your details. You always need a call back; and when they do they pressure sell and try and sell you a subscription with a cheap introductory offer (normally £3 for 3 issues).


Scroll down and click on select free copy.


I can't find any free copies? There is free delivery on subscription deliveries £20 for 6, or £40 for 12 issues.

Claim a Free Copy of Stuff Magazine
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Posted 8th Jun 2015Posted 8th Jun 2015
Claim a Free Copy of Stuff Magazine
This freebie just popped up in my Facebook News Feed, offering the ability to claim a free copy of Stuff Magazine. I enjoy reading the magazine from time to time and thought other… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

".... with a message saying a representative would call shortly " is enough to frighten me off any free magazine. Some chucka is going to call...I may commit suicide.

Free Stuff Magazine on iPad/iPhone - December '14 - Potential Glitch
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Posted 1st Dec 2014Posted 1st Dec 2014
Free Stuff Magazine on iPad/iPhone - December '14 - Potential Glitch
Ok, so Stuff are advertising that they are giving away a 'Superlist' of gadgets to get for Christmas, BUT... When I installed and then opened the app, the December 2014 edition au… Read more

Expired as Stuff have since released an app update that fixes this


Worked for me. Heat added!


Just downloaded this to my iPad and have now got: Jan '15 Superlist Best of 2013 Shame the app is so buggy and practically impossible to use at the moment! Probably why they've not fixed this yet?


On my iPhone when I opened the app it downloaded January 2015, will see what's on the iPad when I get home from work


Got both, many thanks, but beware that it sometimes shuts off while reading.

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