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48 Chapters of "My Hero Academia!" Free to Read via viz
152° Expired
Posted 4th May 2020Posted 4th May 2020
48 Chapters of "My Hero Academia!" Free to Read via vizFREE£0.01
Source - For a limited time, every Friday we’ll be picking a series and letting you read a bunch of chapters from the best arcs for free! We'll start off with the brave, boredom-… Read more

Weird that they'd give access to middle chapters. As it's my favourite anime/manga I'd recommend at least watching or reading from the beginning and see if you like it

Viz - Free digital issue
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Posted 26th Mar 2020Posted 26th Mar 2020
Viz - Free digital issueFREE£0.01
Viz are offering a free digital issue for download.

Still haven't had a copy :(


Same. I think everyone gets the same one as they have taken all of the adverts out. Can't see them going to all of that trouble for loads of different issues.


I've promised my lad my copy of Roger's Profanisaurus when he comes of age. Phnaar phnaar. He's only just learned the F word.


Black Bag - The Faithful Border Bin Liner :D classic


I remember reading it for the first at Uni any 27 yrs ago. I never laughed so hard. It's pure crap now. But if you like toilet humour it's OK.

Try 3 issues of Viz for £1
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Posted 3rd Feb 2020Posted 3rd Feb 2020
Try 3 issues of Viz for £1£1
Every month, Viz delivers laughs cover to cover, with regular features including Roger’s Profanisaurus, Letterbocks, Viz Top Tips and more! Get your first 3 issues for just £1 Sa… Read more

It's funnier than when it was "not as funny as it used to be" but not as funny as it was before it was "not as funny as it used to be".


As a 60 year old I still enjoy receiving the annual at Christmas for a bit of throne reading


I haven't read it for years. Is it still "not as funny as it used to be"?


Viz is also one of the free magazines available on the RBdigital app if you dont mind reading digital mags. You need to register with your local library and then create an account on RBdigital.


I was at the comedy club the other month and one of the creators was there. He’s still a good laugh, I just like knowing it’s something funny from the Newcastle area.

3 Issues of Viz for £1 + Free Mug
1410° Expired
Posted 29th Oct 2019Posted 29th Oct 2019
3 Issues of Viz for £1 + Free Mug£1
Subscribe to Viz magazine via the link & get 3 Issues for £1 + a limited edition Roger Mellie mug. *Free mug deal now expired, but 3 for £1 still available *

Mug now on way :D


There you go (y)


Have you still got screenshot of offer?


No mug, or comic yet, but they only took the pound out yesterday.


I messaged customer service & they despatched it after I provided a screenshot of the offer. Don't think they would have otherwise.

Try 3 issues of the VIZ for only £1
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Posted 20th Jan 2019Posted 20th Jan 2019
Try 3 issues of the VIZ for only £1£1
3 issues of the VIZ for £1 delivered to your door. £14.49 every 6 months thereafter should you choose to subscribe.

I saw the typo,just couldn’t be bothered to amend it thanks


I was never good at maths. It was 30 years ago. (horror)


Them were the days. You'd ask the news agent for a copy of Viz, a bottle of whisky and some matches. He'd sell you Viz, because it's a comic and comics are for kids, but would refuse the whisky and matches. With a simple "the whisky is for me mam", he'd hand over the whisky and matches. Ah, the good old days. Happy memories. I don't remember much because of all the whisky, but I'm sure they'd be happy memories, if only I'd not drunk them to oblivion. And on school days, you'd be supping your whisky and the teach would shout your name and with a simple "the whisky is for me mam"...


Do you mean "unencrypted"? If it's an https:// website then it is encrypted.


Same here. Around 1988 - I was about 10. :/

All New Shonen Jump Manga Chapters Free (Started 17th December 2018)
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Posted 8th Jan 2019Posted 8th Jan 2019
All New Shonen Jump Manga Chapters Free (Started 17th December 2018)
Tried to search for this on the site but can't find it everywhere. All new chapters from One Piece, My Hero Academia and all other Manga on this platform are now free. Want t rea… Read more

To be fair i was very bored that week in work (lol) (lol) (lol)




Hehe! (lol)


I read the whole of bleach in 3 days which is 590+ chapters


Hi grammar police! I obviously know that (see title), I’ll say 100 comics and not add books. No one with a life will spend 10 hours day reading (at roughly 5 mins per chapter). Please show us it can be done.

3 copies of Viz for £1, just remember to cancel your subscription.
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Posted 21st Mar 2018Posted 21st Mar 2018
3 copies of Viz for £1, just remember to cancel your subscription.£1
3 copies of Viz for a quid. Can't argue with that. Just cancel your subscription after you've received the first one.

Lots of Viz tips here


I remember buying Rogers Thesaurus just to read on the throne. Hilarious read.


Still got the issue with the Claire Rayner cut out sanitary towel on the back page with the 'fold wings to attach' instructions. :)


Fnarr, fnarr


Twop Twips worth a follow on Twitter for like-minded folk.

Viz, - 3 issues for £1 - Free Del - Remember to cancel Subscription
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Posted 5th Jan 2018Posted 5th Jan 2018
Viz, - 3 issues for £1 - Free Del - Remember to cancel Subscription£1
3 issues, in your hand at no extra cost. But remember to cancel your subscription, or it will just keep coming.

Best character Finbarr imo


Recreate that ‘sat in the audience at a Jeremy Kyle show’ feeling by sitting in the order collection area at Argos


Save money on expensive pedometers by simply asking Sting how many steps you've taken


Not as funny as it used to be... (y)


Yes, the postman will repeatedly insert it into your box

Free Car Air Freshener with February 2018  Viz Magazine
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Posted 5th Jan 2018Posted 5th Jan 2018
Free Car Air Freshener with February 2018 Viz Magazine
With February 2018 Viz magazine there is a free Pine Scented Johnny Fartpants Car Air Freshener. Sew a button on that!

Well mine is definitely pine scented. And its not like I'm a woodpecker or Royalty. (y)


No doubt the air freshener smells of someone farting... (poo)

270° Expired
Posted 12th Jan 2017Posted 12th Jan 2017
£1 for 3 issues. Just cancel when the £1 payment has been taken from your account.



I ordered via going to the main website, fail to see how I'm abusing the offer, I accepted their offer of buying 3 copies for £1


I just ordered without making an account with the website, how do i cancel? Also do the 3 issues come at once?


I still got one of the hard back compilations they did :p


My brother and I shared a soft porn mag subscription. we halved the pictures.I'd get the lower half, he'd get the top half. sadly he never saw the fanny side.