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-90% Discount
-90% Discount
The Oldie 12 issues for £12 90% off
INSTRUCTIONS: Direct debit is the only way to get this offer. Go to & use the voucher code. APPLIES TO: all

Your very welcome. I've had a lot of great bargains and help front HUKD. Just trying to payback x


Thanks for taking the time to reply :)


Hi there! T and c I checked. Direct debit payment only. One off payment. Then cancel. New subscribers only. Hope that helps x


Morning comriegold99, thanks for posting, do you know if there are any terms & conditions with using the code? Thanks again


I just received an email conformation from th so definitely working.

£3 Discount
£3 Discount
The Oldie magazine is offering 3 issues for just £1 using promo code

Don't get your point sacred.bamboo. You need the code to get at this price (look at link url) and you cancel before your third issue - as I've said.


Item Qty Unit Price Total The Oldie - New Subscription 3 issues for £1.00 then £17.50 every 6 issues by direct debit Payment Method: Direct Debit 1 £1.00 £1.00 Total Due by Direct Debit £1.00 Total £1.00

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5 issues of Men's Fitness magazine and steak hamper (worth £33) for £5
-81° Expired
Posted 6th Jan 2017Posted 6th Jan 2017
5 issues of Men's Fitness magazine and steak hamper (worth £33) for £5£5
Build muscle, get lean and look great with Men's Fitness - your ultimate guide to getting fit. You'll get nutrition and training advice from leading industry professionals as well … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

But digital access doesn't give you the £33 steak hamper - which is the main selling point of this.


As they don't take long to read,read them free along with other magazines.


Correct link:




Pointless. Way better info all over the internet for free.

Retro Gamer Magazine £3 for next 3 issues (DD only) @ Imagine Publishing
52° Expired
Posted 21st Dec 2016Posted 21st Dec 2016
Retro Gamer Magazine £3 for next 3 issues (DD only) @ Imagine Publishing£3
NOTE: Direct Debit only, which some don't like - just warning. If you love this sort of thing then a stated 80% off can't be sniffed at. This is £4.99 an issue normally. This off… Read more

Done this loads of times, great magazine as well. I've never called them to cancel as just canx the DD with the bank.


Why not just find scans of old gaming mags online for free? Amiga Format, C&VG etc. Then hunt for sources for the ROMs/Disk images.


Magazine is a disappointment. But its easy to cancel, just cancel your direct debit


Heated great deal. Yes I have used imagine publishing a lot in the past for magazines. Of course you can cancel at any time, just like with any magazine subscription they deliberately set it up so you can't cancel online and have to call up. That said they don't try and force you to stay on your subscription or anything, the most I have had is them asking if you want to try another mag that is on offer at the time.... I like Retro Gamer a lot, wish there were more retro mags around, think they will come with time as it is a growing niche as there are more and more adult gamers with fond memories of their childhood systems.

Evo magazine 5 issues plus free 26 piece toolkit - £5 @ Subscribe Online
75° Expired
Posted 9th Dec 2016Posted 9th Dec 2016
Evo magazine 5 issues plus free 26 piece toolkit - £5 @ Subscribe Online£5
I was looking for a car magazine subscription for an Xmas gift & came across this offer. You pay £5 & get 5 issues of Evo and a free 26 piece toolkit. I guess this is a g… Read more

Oh really? He's not mentioned anything... hmm. Thanks for letting me know Corranga


Evo is going downhill at the moment though, he may not love it for much longer. Writers gone elsewhere etc..


Good find. My mum gets my OH an Evo subscription ever year and he loves it. Fab gift idea.


I just went through Dennis publishing to see and there's a web user magazine 3 for £1 plus the same tool kit. Thanks :D


The link works when I click on it and I can still seem to get the offer!! I must have done something wrong when I posted oO Sorry guys

National Geographic Kids Magazine subscription £20 for 12 months @ Subscribe Online
41° Expired
Posted 28th Aug 2016Posted 28th Aug 2016
National Geographic Kids Magazine subscription £20 for 12 months @ Subscribe Online£20
12 month subscription for £20. No code required, the link does it for you and includes free inflatable globe.

They'd sell more than 2 X at half the price. Don't know why they can't see that.


Prefer the idea of holding what iv bought in my hand so would go for the magazine subscription myself but for those embracing the digital age this seems a good deal.


It does look like it! :|


Is this only for a digital subscription for an Ipad?


Grrr just paid £36 for this a few weeks ago! Great deal!

Try Gadget - new Gadget mag launching October (3 issues for £1)
57° Expired
Posted 26th Sep 2015Posted 26th Sep 2015
Try Gadget - new Gadget mag launching October (3 issues for £1)£1
Order by 8th October to get issue one! Quote NEW154 if required or ordering by phone. Link not working!.. See post 3 for working link. Mods can you fix please? Featuring the most… Read more

A lot of these gadget magazines dont seem to actually get hold of the stuff they review. They put a stock photo in the magazine and list its features and then maybe have a short sentence about it. Thats pointless. Hopefully this will be better but i doubt it, lots of glosy photos taken directly from manufacturs advert


cheers op


They have hit the nail on the head with the description of T3 and Stuff for me. They are now a catalogue of gadgets surrounded by full page ADs. That is why I went for this. I really hope it is better!


Nice, heat added. It's got to be better than T3.


This works thank you :)

£1 for 6 issues of auto express and free t cut set! (or toolkit it seems)
245° Expired
Posted 15th Jul 2015Posted 15th Jul 2015
£1 for 6 issues of auto express and free t cut set! (or toolkit it seems)£1
For a bargain price of £1 get 6 issues of auto express, an excellent read, and t cut set worth a lot more! Remember to cancel direct debit after quid is taken! Copy and paste th… Read more

For some reason my transaction online hasn't worked, they apparently need me to call them. I won't be. There's nothing more annoying than buying something online and the company insisting you phone them.


Did this a few months ago and got the free Farecla products which was a pretty good deal. Cancelled the direct debit but get loads of calls now trying to sell me subscriptions. They blocked HUKD links then too


​I'd rather pay that for evo.... Cheers


if you cancel ask them to take your phone number off their systems or give them a false one, they plague with calls years later.


I wish people would READ the original posters comments in how to get offer!!! Dope!

How it works - Magazine 3 issues for £1 via Imagine Publishing
219° Expired
Posted 11th May 2015Posted 11th May 2015
How it works - Magazine 3 issues for £1 via Imagine Publishing£1
'How it works' magazine, 3 issues for £1. No contract for 3 months, sign up, pay £1 and cancel direct debit but still receive the 3 issues!

So im looking at this and 442 magazine are doing the same you cancel the DD once they have taken the £1? Is this taken within 3-5 banking days? Cheers


Canceling with your bank should terminate the contract.


Thanks OP! Do you cancel the direct debit on their website, or via the bank?


Sweet have some heat. Ordered


same deal is always on

Ride Bmx uk magazine subscription 40% off
Posted 28th Dec 2013Posted 28th Dec 2013
Ride Bmx uk magazine subscription 40% off£14.99
Ride Bmx uk magazine subscription 40% off
Games TM magazine - 3 issues for £1 from Imagine Publishing
96° Expired
Posted 12th Apr 2013Posted 12th Apr 2013
Games TM magazine - 3 issues for £1 from Imagine Publishing£1
Someone previously posted a 3 for £3 deal and it got hot, so I thought I'd share this code for 3 for £1. Use code PCG133 Will hopefully have a lot of news about the Next Gen con… Read more

Just ordered, good find.


Just ordered, thanks. Can't argue for a pound!


Yes, just cancel your DD before they take out the £3 & send them a quick email. They won't supply any copies if you haven't paid a penny. So you can take up this offer straight away.


Doh, I just ordered the £3 deal. Could I cancel that & get this deal instead?

Classic Pop Magazine 3 months subscription for £4.99
22° Expired
Posted 21st Jan 2013Posted 21st Jan 2013
Classic Pop Magazine 3 months subscription for £4.99£4.99
Use the promotional code REWIND13 for 3 months subscription to Classic Pop magazine for the price of 1 copy (£4.99). 3rd edition of the mag is out on 7 February - I've bought the … Read more

This is still vaild as I have just subscribed-many thanks. :)


This is the official website of the mag


Yes, it's in WHSmith and all good stockists (and some rubbish ones too). It's well worth a read - bit like a compendium of Smash Hits, but aimed at us then teenagers with a now-adult spin on it. No references to Mark Unpronounceablenamefrombigcountry, for example


Alternatively dig out your old Smash Hits magazine (_;) Seriously I am intrigued. Is this available at WH Smith etc. as wouldn't mind a quick scan through first!!

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