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SumUp Air Card Reader accept card payments £14.50 SumUp
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Posted 24th Nov 2020Posted 24th Nov 2020
SumUp Air Card Reader accept card payments £14.50 SumUp£14.50 Free P&P Free
Black Friday offer get 50% off the SumUp Air Lightweight and simple. Pair it with your smartphone to accept payments easily. No Contracts just 1.69% per transaction.

Currently £13.97 on Amazon lightening deal. So much for them having black friday deals all week so no rush when they're still cheaper during the actual black friday main event. Paid £18.99 for this just yesterday.


I actually found a better deal for £12.99 and my friend had a free delivery code but not sure if that was a one time use code:


Hello, it's actually £14.50 + vat, which brings it to £17.40 Ordered anyway. Thanks for posting.


Just noticed that SumUp currently have a discount on the 2.5% fee until the end of the year so they are charging their standard fee of 1.69% instead to aid those working remotely and to minimise person to person contact, so they may well extend it into next year if the situation remains more or less the same in the UK. *Fee discount applies from 5/11/2020 until 31/12/2020. Fee discount applies to Invoices, Payment links, Online store starter, Gift cards. Normal fee is 2.5%.


I bought one for the same reason at the end of last year at the same price. We still haven't used it yet! Tempted to get another to not use at this price. Maybe it'll be called upon at a summer fair

Sumup 3g Card Reader (Free Unlimited Data) only £69 (1.69% Transaction Fee) @ Sumup
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Posted 15th Jun 2020Posted 15th Jun 2020
Sumup 3g Card Reader (Free Unlimited Data) only £69 (1.69% Transaction Fee) @ Sumup£69£9930% off Free P&P Free
This card reader is a little more expensive than others, however, it offers the lowest transaction fees and doesn't use up any of your data as it's got free unlimited data built in… Read more

Had a nightmare with this lot, it comes up with Card Blocked please contact... so I went through their phone system and at the end of that call they said they’re too busy please go online so I did via the app and they said I must go on line via the website eventually after three more on line non bot agents they put me back to the original one whom told me he could now help but that my device was no longer usable and this was company policy as I must have dropped it, they can’t reset them company policy so I must buy another... Three hours i’m never going to get back so bought a Square and now just saw it for free on a new post... Oh well.


I had one of these readers about 6 months ago. As a Taxi driver having this unit that I didnt have to pair with my phone seemed a good idea until I got it. Almost everywhere I went I could not get a signal on it. Drove my up the wall. I rang Sumup and told them about my problems. They told me thats these card readers should not be used for people driving around and taking payments. So I ended up sending it back and got a card reader that paired with my Android phone. Fine since then.


Yeah I have one and the signal is poor so I did the same paired it to my phone.


These are good... if you can get a decent signal with them. We have ended up having to pair ours with a phone anyway as it was taking 3 minutes to process each transaction using the reader's own data, whereas it goes through in seconds with a phone. It's also worth noting that if you use a phone, you can set up a 'store' with items with pre-programmed prices, but if using the reader alone you can only enter the total price so you need to do the calculations yourself and can't use it to track sales.

Accept Credit Cards With SumUp Air Card Reader today for only £19
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Posted 12th Jan 2019Posted 12th Jan 2019
Accept Credit Cards With SumUp Air Card Reader today for only £19£19
A smarter way to get paid (regular price: £29)* £19 UNTIL 31/01/2019 No fixed costs Only pay 1.69% per transaction. Payouts go directly into your bank account. Accept all debit… Read more

Update....I have since received another SumUp 3g reader, a few days after typing that review up there, (my THIRD 3g reader) this has also been sent back for a full refund now. I've given up on that one. It is just too flakey to use. "Connection error" is too common. I'm sticking with iZettle now. I don't care about the tiny % extra. It's worth it.


Thanks for this response. really helpful!


Don't bother with the Paypal one it's very very slow to take contactless. I mean like 30 seconds slow. I have used the iZettle machine [since the original incarnation and then upgrade], and also the SumUp [Bluetooth] machine. I also have the new 4G SumUp machine. Out of all 3, I can say the iZettle machine is perfect in every way. It is very fast at taking payments from contactless. Almost instant. I have NEVER had a problem with it connecting to my phone, beit a Samsung Galaxy SS6, Hauwei P20 or my current phone iPhone XR. It connects, each and every time instantly without a complaint. The SumUp Bluetooth machine is, IMHO, not good. It will regularly disconnect from bluetooth, even right in the middle of a transaction. You cannot imagine how embarrassing that is when you have a customer wants to catch their train and they then have to go to the cash point machine. So annoying. It currently resides in a drawer somewhere. The [new] SumUp 3g machine is prone to problems too. The battery is awful. I mean literally awful. It will drain 20% per hour, without even thinking about it, and that is in "standby". Yes, in standby!!! That means, to save power, I have to turn it off in between transactions! Then, as I am approaching the destination I will turn it on and hope for the best. I quite often get "Connection error", and I even had a "blue screen" 3 times so the old Windows bluescreen of Death (see pic below) I was even taking an £85 fare recently and it froze right as the card was inserted. This meant the passenger had to wait for a full reboot. (My iZettle was at home I forgot it) I just keep the SumUp 4g purely as a back up now. I wasted £60 odd quid on that one! If you want my honest recommendation, go for iZettle every time. It may be 0.25% more, but my God, it's worth it to save the embarrassment that is the SumUp machines. The new SumUp 4G Blue Screen of Death.


I’ve used SumUp for over 3 years. Very fast payouts, reader is quick to use.


How does it compare to Square or PayPal card readers in terms of charges and speed of payments arriving into one’s account? Anyone know?

SumUp 3g Card Reader £69
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Posted 11th Oct 2018Posted 11th Oct 2018
SumUp 3g Card Reader £69£69£9930% off
This one works without having to go the phone app - might suit some people better than the current reader. Run your business in your store or on the go, the magic happens inside t… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

UPDATE 16/01/2019 I'M Sending mine back. Too many "connection error" and device freezing. Should not have been put out for public use. It's highly embarrassing when you get errors or freezes in front of customers. Out of all the machine iZettle is the only 100% reliable unit. Worth paying 0.25% more just for that.


Yeah was worrying about chargebacks etc hence why I want to send receipt to customer and sms seems to be the quickest way, not willing to pay around £200?? for a compatible printer.


Check on your bank account too. On the 2 test payments I did, My bank has it listed as "SumUp* valleywide taxi Pewsey" I'm not anything to do with them so I've raised a ticket about that cus if customers see that on their statements and they've never been to Pewsey, then they could do a charge back,thinking it was fraudulent!! Also, and it may be coincidence, I've not received my payments from them yet since using the reader. Usually I would get payment 2 days after taking them. Usually around 17.30hrs. But still waiting for yesterday's scheduled payout. I have mentioned this to them last night and he assured me it has been paid to the correct bank account. He even quoted me my details. So if I don't receive it by this evening I'll be on to then again.


well, I'll need to give them a call later today to try and sort it out.


Yeah I found that too about SMS receipts

Sumup card reader £19 @ Sumup
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Posted 11th Jul 2018Posted 11th Jul 2018
Sumup card reader £19 @ Sumup
(£23 inc vat) I know it was cheaper the other week but I missed it, this is still a good price I think and good rate.

Petty sure this deal is until the end of the month for anyone who still wants one


Ah, the Minimum Billing. Yes indeed.


If you search on ebay the machines are cheaper plus search "sumup stand" you will find some for £15


The card fees yes. Most companies now charge a minimum card fee so if you're contracted to pay £10 a month in fees but you only take payments that only cost say £3 in fees, you will be charged the minimum £10 that you are contracted to.


Of course! How did I not "x12" on that hire fee! When you say processing fee, I assume you mean other than the card fees - so you're talking about things like non-secure fees and the such. PCI is a bit of a beast at the moment too - so for ease, hell yes. I would like SumUp to bring out a nice looking Dock too so you could turn it into a nice looking desktop terminal too.

Sumup card reader £9.90 + VAT - Free delivery - £11.80
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Posted 28th Jun 2018Posted 28th Jun 2018
Sumup card reader £9.90 + VAT - Free delivery - £11.80£11.80£2959% off
My first deal, nothing special but a good price :) No fixed costs Contactless / pin or sign via app Only pay 1.69% per transaction. Payouts go directly into your bank acc… Read more

And how much do you spend in order to "profit" that.


I profit around £ 300 a year


Still waiting for mine though I fear UPS have lost it. Delivered Wednesday to my mailbox, however I have no such package! Just contacted support to see what to do next ;(


They incentivise you to consume...


My bank gives me money for transactions .

Sumup Card Reader (Only 1.69% per transaction!) £22.80 @ Sumup
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Posted 29th Apr 2018Posted 29th Apr 2018
Sumup Card Reader (Only 1.69% per transaction!) £22.80 @ Sumup£22.80£5961% off
Similar to to the iZettle card reader, but 0.06% less per transaction. It will add up over time!! *Offer valid until 30.04 for one card reader per new SumUp account. Price excludi… Read more

£29.99 inc VAT Screwfix webstore at time of this post, and a single review condemning the device


I'm been using sumup for years. Normally takes on average 3 days to receive the funds. Never waited longer than 5 days and thats when I first started with them. Never had any problems with them either. used izettle at the very start but that was when they only accepted visa.


£19.99 in screwfix


You may have missed the VAT consideration. Effectively same price as both marketed at "special offer" £19+VAT & both offers expire today 30 April 2018 - assuming the marketing departments choose not to miraculously extend.


You're missing the point. I already have a PayPal reader. If I bought this I'd have to take almost £30,000 before it paid for itself. It's a good option only if you don't have a card reader.

SUMUP card machine £22.80 - SumUp
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Posted 9th Jan 2018Posted 9th Jan 2018
SUMUP card machine £22.80 - SumUp£22.80
Transaction fee is 1.69% which is lower than izettle and others. £19+Vat

Late noticiing this I know (not suprisingly, it's now expired). Can you use these for telephone payments?


great bit of kit but amazon have it for £18


We've got SumUp and never had any problems. Thought the fee was higher actually, quite impressed by 1.69% - even for American Express. You can login via computer and take card payment too, although with a higher fee of 2.95% + 0.25p (no idea why a higher fee though?!)

Take credit card payment, only 1.95% fee (used to be Payleven) £29 -  SumUp
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Posted 26th Sep 2017Posted 26th Sep 2017
Take credit card payment, only 1.95% fee (used to be Payleven) £29 - SumUp£29
Used Payleven for few years. They been bought out by Sumup Cheaper fees and card readers. Card reader is now chip and pin, wireless and swipe. Lowest fees for smaller transactioins… Read more

Been this £29 price for a while now ;)


No, they have just dropped it to 1.75%


Is it not 2.75% with izettle?


you can also get izette for £29, they charge 1.75%

Sum Up mobile payments system £29
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Posted 18th Aug 2017Posted 18th Aug 2017
Sum Up mobile payments system £29£29
Accept all debit & credit cardsConnect the SumUp Air Reader via Bluetooth with your iOS or Android device. £0 fixed fees & fast payoutsOnly pay 1.95% per transaction. Payo… Read more

Unless there are different rates of charges for different types of card readers with these guys. It the charges are 2.95% +€0.25 cents. There's no clear timescale as to how long it takes to be paid. It says A few more days than the usual. The problem is when comes card processing there is no "usual". The SMS payment feature has the potential to cause you a lot headache for the following reasons. It says. Once a transaction has been initiated you cannot process a further transaction until the first one is completed. The SMS link lasts for 30 days! Imagine a transaction is initiated but not completed. You might have wait for SMS link to expire before you can process another payment. Best case it needs clarification and worst case you're screwed (pardon my French).


Interesting idea... Would that work.. And.. Is it technically allowed by credit card providers??


Have now ordered a Sum Up reader and can confirm Sum Up do provide a virtual terminal on their website for payments by phone. It doesn't actually use the card reader (obviously) but is only accessible if you have an account - and you need a card reader to have an account. Charges for virtual terminal are slightly higher than the card reader transactions at 2.95% + £0.25 per transaction. Don't know whether izettle have this facitity or not but I need both facilities - reader and virtual terminal so Sum Up looks good for me


Re not doing payments by phone omneity1 above says you can now do 'Customer not present' transactions with SumUp. and the link…nts seems to confirm this. Surely that does include payments by phone?


They have your money earning them interest for a week, THAT is how the transaction fee can be so low; the iZettle pays into your bank within 24 hours. Right now, although the interest WE get paid is near zero, interest on business investments and cards is much higher - 30-50%, so they can make a significant amount when you total up all the funds they have "sitting" for a week. The danger of this, if too many investments go bad, they quickly run out of cash - and you end up paying the cost.