Sun Voucher - Free child ticket when a adult ticket is purchased using voucher code @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Sun Voucher - Free child ticket when a adult ticket is purchased using voucher code @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach



It only seems to take 10 off for me ?
Yeah only taking £10 off for me too, i think maybe the free child voucher is if you pay adult gate price?

Also, It says in the t's & c's that any voucher from HUKD etc may require the physical form of the voucher and if you don't have it you have to pay the difference, Anybody had this happen?
Link does not takeyou to site. And on actual site code does not work
Do you need to take the newspaper with you or can you just use code online?
the end price should be £29.99 for 2 tickets
its not working properly for me either, its tring to charge me 30pound more than it should be...
right if I buy 2 adults dose it just add 2 kids /junior bads dose any1 no ???? doing my head clean in
What paper was this in please and when as I hav the sun n havnt seen any voucher also wont let me use code online
I'm trying to purchase 2 adults and 2 children... should be £43.98 with the offer but the total is saying £59.98 even though "Offer: The Sun - kids go free" appears
Yeah that's how much I get as well. Phoned them and they say this is correct???? It's like kids go half price?
It works out at £8 for a child wristband. £8 is better than £19.99 but this offer is false information.
Above code not working on website! Anyone know a different code that might work? Going tomorrow...
Works for me however bit misleading as you dont get the adult for 21 but you still saving £10 fer adult and child so £20 notes in my pocket. cant see anyone asking for proof on this deal so going to risk it
It's not misleading. Offer is at gate prices
Hi has anyone been asked to present the actual voucher at the gate?
Hi has anyone been asked to present the actual voucher at the gate going on Sunday and dont know whether to risk it ??
I have the actual voucher and it does state that you have to present the voucher when you pick up wristbands!
is the voucher in todays paper??
What date of paper is it In and page, I have last six days of Scottish sun and can't find the blooming thing
It was in Sunday paper not scottish one though
Beware **** u MUST have the pysical voucher from the Sun newspaper when u arrive at the gate or u will b charged FULL GATE price !!!!
Unless you have the physical paper they are not permitting you to do the offer. This popped up when trying to use voucher. In advance it is £38
Please note: Kids Go Free with Full Paying Adult. This offer applies to gate priced wristbands - adult wristbands £29.99, child wristband £26.99 (child 11yrs & under). Purchase one full priced adult wristband and get one child wristband free. (Please note each wristband must be added to the basket. i.e 1 Adult wristband/1 Junior wristband, with the junior wristband becoming free with this offer applied with the wristband in the basket)
Offer not valid in conjunction with any other offer or online promotion. One voucher per transaction. On the date of visit you MUST bring the voucher printed in paper together with your e-ticket and proof of address.
We'll just came out after a great day and didn't have any issues, I may just have been lucky but took the risk and 59.98 for 2 adults and 2 kids bargin, one tip get a refill bottle for £10 as did the 4 of us all day and got constant refills off cold juice
I Done 2 Adults & 1 Child..& It Didnt Work :(...It Said The Tickets Need To Be Even So I Tried 2 Adults & 2 Children & It Tuck £10 Off :(...Hope It Works Soon...Has We Are Goin In A Couple Of Weeks :))
Has anybody actually been asked to produce the voucher on arrival as I cldnt afford to pay another £50 for two children at the gates if we got asked for it after paying £60 for the tickets using the offer here, don't know what to do weather to chance booking it now, x
I rang them today to see why code wasent working they say it dosent work on a weekend date so tried it for the monday and it worked just now need to find the volxher in the paper as nit see n it
When I entered the code it stated that you MUST take the voucher printed in paper????? Has anyone used this without the voucher as I don't have a paper copy
Lumpylou2005 I went on Sunday with no issues, I suppose it is a risk however I took the view that the family wrist band of 2 adult 2 kids was 80 and it was no cheaper online, so worst case for me it was an extra 20 but didn't happen so 59.98 for us in total
Great code. Thanks for that. I managed to save £25.99. I did 3 adults and 1 child great offer.If you want a great day out then definitely use this code. When you click the button to get the code it comes up with a wrong page, just x off the tab and the code is there for you to use. Just make sure you have the Pleasure Beach site up. THANKSX)
Can people confirm you need the voucher or not ? is there any way getting it now if so?
Asking to bring proof of printable voucher? Can anyone help please
Well, i can let you know on Friday! About to risk it and book with the code without the physical voucher!!! Think this code was included on the Sun + website, meaning no printable voucher for it, only the code as far as i know.
i just rang u need the voucher in your hand
looking to use this code. Are there any more people who used it without the physical voucher without any probs?
It is based on adult/child gate price ! Which are £ 29 each plus you have to click update and wait bait once you have entered code !! Hope this helped
We used the code to book, went yesterday WITHOUT any printed out voucher and had no issues! werent even asked where we got the code. maybe depends on who is at the desk you go to whether you are asked for it or not lol. one thing i would add, the security lady at the entrance to the park who checks your bags told us we werent allowed to bring our own food in (i made a picnic as cant afford the prices in there for food and didnt want to leave the park for lunch) so she told us if asked to say the kids had food allergies, but again, nobody questioned it at all.
what date wash the voucher in
Does anyone know which copy of the sun newspaper it was in it will let me use the code and discounts it but says bring the voucher from the newspaper?
The code is for a free child when paying a FULL ADULT price which is £29.99. £19.99 is a discounted price for buying online.
Is it not valid on Saturdays it won't let me use it on the 26th?
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