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14 bottles of Red wine, plus 2 free dartington crystal tumblers - £65 with free delivery @ Sunday Times Wine Club
Posted 27th NovPosted 27th Nov
Decent introductory offer, and very easy to cancel the wine subscription with an email or call after the box is delivered (like beer52, etc). From the website: Our Black Friday B… Read more

Anyone cancelled their subscriptions yet and if so the best way? Is there any chew on?TIA


further update two bottles have been delivered no idea where the other 12 are assume thats in the package thats delayed


i'll be cancelling as soon as i get the delivery if its not delivered tomorrow i'll probably end up cancelling getting a refund no customer should be waiting in for three days in a row because of YODEL incompentance


I had the 2 bottles delivered today. Other box still at depot, however, still shows as due today. Highly unlikely, so hopefully that will turn up tomorrow! (Then I can cancel :D )


Boom! Bizarrely the bigger box has 2 spare slots.

12 bottles of wine for £65 (£55.25 after cashback Lloyds customers) plus 4 Short Stem Darlington Crystal Glasses @ Sunday Times Wine Club
-74° Expired
Posted 14th Nov 2020Posted 14th Nov 2020
12 bottles of wine for £65 (£55.25 after cashback Lloyds customers) plus 4 Short Stem Darlington Crystal Glasses @ Sunday Times Wine Club£65 Free P&P Free
You have to join the Sunday Times wine club, but can cancel at any time. Better deal if you can secure 15% cashback as a Lloyds customer - cashback offer needs to be enabled first… Read more

It's Laithwaites wines who do this for Sunday Times, and they give them a kickback for it, nothing new about that, but Laithwaits aren't often hot on these pages.


Can only enable cashback if it shows on your account.


Not sure about the white wine but the reds in the offer are decent quality. The limited edition Cabalie being the pick of the bunch (see what I did there) as that is a cracking bottle of wine. It's certainly not 12 bottles of rubbish reds. All score well on Vivino


The wine is just poor: I sent 23 bottles back: it was that bad. It was New Zealand wine that had been bottled in the UK. The winemakers in NZ said to us (when we visited) this is only done with the very cheapest wine.


Surprised this is going out a very good price and the glasses are really nice too. Yes they try and hook you in with a subscription but it's so easy to cancel...feel people are leaping to conclusions about this and missing a good deal.

12 bottles of wine for £49.99 and two free glasses at Sunday Times Wine Club
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Posted 5th Jun 2019Posted 5th Jun 2019
12 bottles of wine for £49.99 and two free glasses at Sunday Times Wine Club£49.99
This looks a great deal, think would need to cancel membership once you have received the wine. But I am sure being Sunday times the wines will be pretty good. Wonder if I could… Read more

Just ordered Laithwaite different offer in the end worked out £3 more but no subscription ordered 2 x favourite reds x6 at £83 and then found a voucher for £30 off orders over £80 so cost £53 and then take 20% cash back with Halifax £42.40 divided by 12 £3.53 a bottle the reviews on the wines seem good to all 4 stars and no subscription win win


It’s the same deal I think they are basically the same company it’s the Halifax cash back rewards I think you need reward currant account or ultimate reward currant account but it may be account specific I also ordered from Laithwaite when they had the TVOFFER 40 code I think and they were good to ok wines it worked out at £43.88 so this would be even cheaper and including the glasses just hope it’s easy to cancel after I have received the case It’s the same wines


But this is for the times wine club not laithwaites? I ordered from laithwaites at Xmas for first time for mixed reds and we really enjoyed the bottles (long gone lol). What's the deal with laithwaites? Missus has Halifax credit and current account and she'd be a new customer so the discount would be amazing.


If you are with Halifax you might have 20% cash back with Laithwaite wines as well I have so would make it £3.33 a bottle after cash back not ordered yet though are the wines any good or are there prices massively inflated?


Looks good for the reds and 3 malbecs all for 65. How easy is it to cancel the membership does anyone know? Tia.

Great wine offer from the Sunday Times Wine Club - £4.29
-90° Expired
Posted 3rd Feb 2017Posted 3rd Feb 2017
Great wine offer from the Sunday Times Wine Club - £4.29£4.29
Just got some Really nice wine for less than £5. If you don't like it they give you a refund and its free delivery What's not to like? The link doesn't work Try this sundaytimeswi… Read more

Refund if I don't like it? Nice. I've already drafted my email to them: "Dear Sunday Times Wine Club. I recently bought a dozen of your cheap reds. Horsed all 12 bottles this weekend but really didn't like them. Also ended up with a mystery virus. Can I have my money back now please. Thanks".


just added a line


The link not opening op I don't like

Times Wine Club - Mixed Case of Wine + Free Champagne (£56.98)
19° Expired
Posted 13th Aug 2008Posted 13th Aug 2008
Times Wine Club - Mixed Case of Wine + Free Champagne (£56.98)£56.98
Mixed Case of Wines plus a free bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne - £49.99 plus £6.99 p&p (so incl p&p its just over £4.70 per bottle of wine, plus a free bottle of bubbl… Read more

I was curious as to what deal they had found that was better ... can't beat good quality, cheap wine :)


It looks like the link has been changed to the front page ... it did go straight to the offer. Anyhow: Item code is A1475601|buyat|ZM73&mrc=zm73&afi=buyat


Would you explain why it matters if it's voted down...


Opened the link, but cannot find the deal.. Old age blindness :-) does it have a product code? Thank you.


Strange to see some negative heat against this - you can't buy these wines cheaper anywhere and with the bubbly thrown in too it;s a good hot deal ... Would you mind explaining why you are voting it down please.

Sundays Times WIne Club BOGOF (24 bottles for 70 quid)
Posted 22nd Jan 2008Posted 22nd Jan 2008
Sundays Times WIne Club BOGOF (24 bottles for 70 quid)£70
Subject says it all ...

I saw this offer in last weeks Sunday Times, but forgot about it. Was delighted when I saw your post, but it seems to have expired.

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15 bottles of wine for only £39.99 + P&P (£5.99) £2.67 a bottle
Posted 26th Nov 2007Posted 26th Nov 2007
15 bottles of wine for only £39.99 + P&P (£5.99) £2.67 a bottle£39.99
My first post so hope OK A special introduction to 4 Seasons - 15 delicious bottles at their drinking peak - JUST £39.99 (plus £5.99 p&p). A specially selected mixed case of… Read more
Avatar deleted69106
Get deal*Get deal*

Did you tell them what happened, in my experience they send either replacement bottles or vouchers off of future orders. My experience only rates a one or two experiences over about 10 years. They tend not to be supermarket shelf wines.


anyone else had bad wine from ST wine club, or is it just me. Have never seen the wine sold anywhere else, so cant compare price. Had one corked, and 2 where the cork just fell to pieces into the wine. Usually very heavy reds, but they do also do some really nice stuff to their credit. toad

15 Bottles of Australian wine for £45.98 delivered (£3.07 Bottle)
Posted 11th Oct 2007Posted 11th Oct 2007
15 Bottles of Australian wine for £45.98 delivered (£3.07 Bottle)£45.98
My first post, hope it goes down well. Enjoy 15, fruit-packed Australian wines - all from smaller, quality focused cellars - for just £39.99 - less than HALF the normal price of £9… Read more