superdrug £10 off a £10 spend -£10

Get code & visit siteAS
enter promtion code FACEBOOKXMAS at checkout, not sure when it ends, worked for me this morning. delivery is £3.

sorry won't let me change the url link!


'superdrug £10 off a £10 spend ' ??????? 10 - 10 = 0 its free then ??


'superdrug £10 off a £10 spend ' ??????? 10 - 10 = 0 its free then ??

£3 delivery

thank you!

its 10% not £10
thats a shame, now that would be HOT

but if the items add up to £25 or over before discounts - delivery is free.

Some of the things are on sale and on 3 for 2, so its possible to pay £5 for over £25 worth of stuff and not pay delivery.

i just got some stuff after seeing it over on mse

Should be in vouchers too


its 10% not £10thats a shame, now that would be HOT

It's £10.


its 10% not £10thats a shame, now that would be HOT

no it should be a 10% off code -but its actually taking off £10

Original Poster

no definately gave me £10 off

Order Summary


Postage & Packaging:


(inc. £0.44 VAT)
facebookxmas -£10.00

its not working for me at all - says invalid code what am i doing wrong ?

website is slooooooow

why is this cold, its a superb voucher, I voted HOT, it's £10 off not 10% plus there is 9% possible quidco

I just ordered some mens L'oreal moisteriser normall £7 each bought 2 and paid £4.78 including delivery

the site is being slowed down so much thanks to us

Website is very slow, but I got there in the end! Other half very happy, 2 hair colours for £3.00 delivery. Heat added.8)

Can't get mine to work never mind will stop me in my tracks I don't need the damn stuff anyway! thanks to op anyway !

I know its taking ages to go to my account

Excellent find OP. Got £16.99 off. Cheers. Wish I'd spotted the free delivery if original order over £25 but can't have everything. I'm happy. Thanks again. Thinking it is probably meant to be 10% off not £10.
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says invalid code. not working for me

nor me

now saying 'Promotion code FACEBOOKXMAS could not be applied'

Not working for me:(

They may have stopped it then once they realised, i can't even get to the checkout anymore..it was working earlier though when i did a test run

is this classed as a denial of service attack? We're all slowing the site downnnnnnn

the gooner

says invalid code. not working for me

tried it again and it worked!

i am sooo stupid. i had something im my basket within 3 mins of the OP posting the deal, i clicked to remove something from my basket and removed the wrong thing.... ive been trying ever since to get past the add to basket button.i am sooooo not happy

doesnt work 4 me

Service Unavailable

The service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

site is properly dead now

Service Unavailable

The service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.


Well done.. we crashed the site lol

Site has jammed, either that or they've blocked it until they remove this voucher. Good try. Heat added as this worked for those who were fast!!

Website says SERVICE UNAVAILABLE. Is anyone else having same problem?

We crashed the site? Great Deal - Heat Added!!!

Just as my order was going through as well... aaaaargghhh!

i doubt we crashed it, we probably make up a tiny fraction of what the site can handle in terms of traffic. They're either pushing out updates to their site or they've shut it down to stop these orders...In my opinion
Edited by: "Dannyb2007" 16th Dec 2010

i guess wait for the emails lol

yeah the last page i saw was the order confrimation page. i literally ordered with seconds to spare. no saying service unavailable

website down!
we have crashed it.....

and its back up now, i still have the code applied in my basket
Edited by: "Dannyb2007" 16th Dec 2010

The site is dead

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