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Brand New Suzuki SX4 S-Cross SZ4 1.0 Boosterjet - £12,499 @ Luscombe's Leeds Suzuki
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Posted 24th May 2020Posted 24th May 2020
Brand New Suzuki SX4 S-Cross SZ4 1.0 Boosterjet - £12,499 @ Luscombe's Leeds Suzuki£12,499£18,74933% off
Great price for a brand new car.

If it was automatic would buy


Had a few SJ's in the past, all of them saw dirt.... do like the new jimney, looks like a little jeep




We typically average 70 mpg for our two Celerios; a bit less in Winter a bit more in Summer.


Thanks for the reminder regarding timing chain/belt. It's been quite a few years since I bought used cars for my kids. Now need one for myself. Hope you are not the seller... (lol)

#suzukisaturdays - £500 off any car this saturday - 4th feb, 2017
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Posted 1st Feb 2017Posted 1st Feb 2017
#suzukisaturdays - £500 off any car this saturday - 4th feb, 2017
On Saturday 4th February, you can save an additional £500* on any Suzuki model ordered at our Suzuki Saturday Sales Event.

TBH, if you have managed to secure a 66 plate SZ4 with 1500 miles on the clock for £6200, then I would forget trying to get a £400 banger and negotiating a bigger discount (which you have no guarantee he would give you). I'd just hand over the cash and get it before someone else walks through the door and makes him a better offer! Remember this is now a £9.4k car so you're already getting a 33% reduction on the list price. If it's 66 plate, then it's at most 5 months old so you'll get the best part of it's 3 year warranty plus 7 months of Suzuki Roadside cover. I'm assuming you've driven the car and your completely happy with it? I am but that's me. For me, the SZ4 is THE model to go for. I really like the alloys and the nicer grill. The only minor gripe I have is that the DAB radio doesn't pick up that many digital channels but I think that will change when/if the UK ever switches off the analogue signal. You might find the Celerio a bit small after the Note but on the plus side, I've read the Note can be a thirsty beast, especially if you go for the supercharged GDI engine. I filled the Celerio today and worked out it had done exactly 69 mpg on this last tank full. That's just 8p/mile which, when you factor in the lack of road tax and cheapish insurance is bloody fantastic!


I enquired about one and the dealer said its gone but offered me an sz4 66 plate manual demonstrator in white with 1495 miles on the clock which he is about to list for £6200 after so much bargaining. I wanted to trade my 2010 nissan note, we are unable to agree on value so going to find some banger to see if i can knock a further £1000 off it. He has given me a week for us to complete the deal or he list or sell on. I have already paid £200 refundable deposit to secure the car for a week. It is also white


I'm sure you've already spotted it but Suzuki have just increased the price of some Celerios. The SZ4 AGS has gone up by £400. I think this has prompted an increase in the price of secondhand cars on AT. That car I pointed out at £7650 has now been repriced at £9,495!!! The price of the SZ2 hasn't been increased (yet) and eyeballing AT, it looks like you can pick up a low mileage one for about £1k less than list. Whatever you do, I would advise you to make a decision quickly. The madness and mania that is Brexit is going to spiral very quickly out of control. God only knows what the price of cars will be this time next year but my guess is 20% higher.


OMG, you are a star. Thanks so much for going through the trouble to provide me with the tips and all that. I will keep you posted. Bless you


Found this on Auto Trader... It's a white 66 plate SZ4 AGS with just 1 mile on the clock. It's on at £7,650 vs a list price of £9.8k (so already a £2.15k discount!). Find an old banger to trade in an you might be surprised at what you get offered to p/x. You may not be in the market for an auto but neither was I until I started driving the wife's. It's great! Also there are that many auto's that do 70 mpg! Oh, and IMO, white is deffo the colour to go for. It just seems to suit this car.

Suzuki Alto 1.0sz £5999 @ Suzuki dealers
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Posted 21st May 2014Posted 21st May 2014
Suzuki Alto 1.0sz £5999 @ Suzuki dealers£5,999
This car has had it's price reduced from £7199 to £5999 which is a good saving you may do even better with a little haggle at your local dealer good luck !
Get deal*Get deal*

be realistic with an offer you make them then get up and be ready to walk . Tell then you have been offered a better deal than they are giving you . Make sure they know you are ready to buy . But most of all stick to your guns and walk if you have to!


How do you even go about your haggling? Every time I do it the dealer has some **** reason why it isn't possible lol


Jeez! not as if I insulted you.. get a grip


No doubt . Very well spotted. Definitely a deal breaker. WTF.


V good price for the SZ4...

Suzuki SX4 1.6 SZ3 VAT Free £10495 @ Suzuki UK
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Posted 1st Dec 2013Posted 1st Dec 2013
Suzuki SX4 1.6 SZ3 VAT Free £10495 @ Suzuki UK£10,495
SX4 Range VAT free from £10,495. The SX4 is even more head turning now that it’s available VAT free. Get the best of both worlds with the styling and safety of an SUV and the all… Read more

I neither put old or new pictures, I guess it must be forum moderator or someone with that sort of access.


OP updated picture.


Well I'm looking at the OP's picture at 21.00hrs and that is clearly the old SX4 and not misleading in the slightest for me ... or did OP update the Picture? I thought the old design was quite funky and the new one is even better. Not sure if £10.5k is a great deal though so not voted either way.


Fiat already make one of those, though as a stroke of genius they market it as the 500L, so people think it's cool.. The Suzuki Sx4 was actually a joint venture with Fiat, and is the same car (and virtually the same looking) as the fairly rare Fiat Sedici


Agreed with stox. S-Cross is Suzuki's latest model, essentially to replace the (old) SX4. The SX4 (which is being sold here) is from 2006 in terms of design. This deal is simply Suzuki wanting to clear out all old stock. Doesnt mean that it is inherently a bad deal, but that pic is mis-representing the deal on offer here.

Brand NEW Suzuki Alto Only £5999 OTR VAT FREE @ Suzuki Dealerships
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Posted 4th Nov 2013Posted 4th Nov 2013
Brand NEW Suzuki Alto Only £5999 OTR VAT FREE @ Suzuki Dealerships£5,999
The pocket-friendly Alto is now available VAT free from just £5,999. And it's not just on price that it's hard to beat. The Alto leads on running costs at 65.7mpg meaning low road… Read more

Come on now, this is not very respectful, everyone knows the alto can do 60 mph (metres per hour)! ;-)


Indeed! What a bizarre poster.


You don't make much sense.


You must be a really miserable person.


You obviously haven't been keeping up with modern technology.

Suzuki Alto 1.0L Manual for £5999 @ Suzuki UK Dealers (VAT FREE)
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Posted 5th Jan 2013Posted 5th Jan 2013
Suzuki Alto 1.0L Manual for £5999 @ Suzuki UK Dealers (VAT FREE)£5,999
The pocket-friendly Alto is now available VAT free from just £5,999. And it's not just on price that it's hard to beat.

Collected one this morning. Fab car.


£500 per year maintaining a good car, or lose £1000 per year on depreciation maintaining a new "cheap to run" city car. tough choice


My dad has a Ford Focus, he is 63 and doesn't do the flash or fast cars anymore. I think you will have to take your trolling elsewhere.


It's very comfy :)


It was a limited edition version they did with a custom paint job ;)[image missing]

New Car - Suzuki Alto VAT Free @ £5995
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Posted 2nd Jul 2012Posted 2nd Jul 2012
New Car - Suzuki Alto VAT Free @ £5995£5,995
Full Spec and Features here: Guess the price is for Manual, obviously for Automatic it will be higher than this.

At least the Alto has electric windows, key operated central locking and 5 doors as opposed to the Peugeot 107 Access deal which has none of these. Although the SZ2 model which they were selling for 6666 did have remote central locking, but it looks like this model is no longer available. Wonder what else they left off the new SZ model to get the price down to 5995?


Very. What's your point?


I pull more women in small cars than I do in big ones because they think I'm level headed and sensible. The others I pull with my 3 wheeler. It's amazing how the knicker elastic loosens when you can make a woman laugh. If it takes a flash car to lure them in I'm not interested in them


I bought this car last month and i honestly can say it's been brilliant, especially if you live in London. It's congestion charge free and parking permits are too. It's a lovely drive too and for the price its perfect.


Haha you need a Porsche to pull, how small is your todger?