SVP: Free Delivery on everything for 48 hours from 4 June

Get code & visit siteSVP



brilliant! thx

Cheers, thanks :thumbsup:

the code doesn't seem to be working at the moment - has anyone tried it yet?

also is the new site up yet - it looks like the old one to me?

just tried the code myself after getting the email from them as well and its not working for me either. neither is trying to pay with paypal or google checkout, and the website does look like the original!

I am getting the new website:thumbsup:


ordered fine this morning about 7am

2 x Mirror Cloth Lined PVC Sleeves (For Two Discs) Pack of 50 Sleeves( sku:MIRROR026) : £3.58
Delivery (Courier Delivery (1-4 Business Days)):£0.00

Got it working. Deleted my cookies and other temporary internet explorer items, and the new site loaded with the voucher code working.

Their servers must be taking a pounding, pages are taking an age to load.....amazing what a Free code will do

SVP hasn't done a 99p shipping weekend for ages so this is a welcome offer. I have ordered my last few times from ukdvdr as they d o99p shipping every 3 or 4 weeks.

**EDIT** they don't seem to accept googlecheckout anymore??? at least its not showing for me

they must be having trouble with their new website, its damn slow..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Excellent - needed to order so couldn't be timed any better.

Web site is pathetically slow to load

Free P+P isn't enough...last few orders I had from SVP have been poorly packed and damaged. In the good old days of SVP things were incredibly well packed. Hasn't been the same since Steve sold up to somebody from ENET (who own BigPockets and UKDVDR), and they moved the warehouse from Devon to Edinburgh.

SVP were once the best company to deal with on the net bar none.......I think those days have gone

Typical I gave up hope of a low shipping offer after over a year and recently caved now its free :x

Its not so bad waiting when there is a shipping offer on, but to pay a next day fee and wait 4 days or more for dispatch isn't really on imo. Plus one in stock item failed final stock check and yet another key item was missing more than likely due to the slow dispatch.


and they moved the warehouse from Devon to Edinburgh.

Do they still do "pick up" on orders, It would be far quicker and cheaper for me to nip over to Edinburgh than pay and wait for delivery by CityLinkless... ?

Thnx.... It worked for me after third try

Great - worked first time. Thanks.


Now extended until Saturday midnight

i placed an order last night and created an account but i'm unable to login to check my order status.
Anyone got a problem logging in ?
It says my password or email is wrong.

Got the new site, deleted cookies, but code not working through paypal

Just joined, order and paid with Paypal - code worked perfectly.


Just used the code again less than 5 mins ago, worked perfectly!


Worked thanks and on the first go.

Works Now

Quite alot of deals been posted!

Worked for me, ordered some ink for my R200.

Have some rep op.


instead of typing your email addresses to login, put your login names.


instead of typing your email addresses to login, put your login names.

Mine is my email address lol

It looks like you are only allowed to use the code once. Tried to order again with the same code but got a message saying the code has been used before.
I created a new account and tied again. That worked.

The free delivery code does not work if checking out vis Paypal. Just bear that in mind.


The free delivery code does not work if checking out vis Paypal. Just … The free delivery code does not work if checking out vis Paypal. Just bear that in mind.

I made this mistake too, but if you enter the code "before" you check out using Paypal, it works....

I've used it on 3 separate occasions, yesterday and today and paid by Paypal each time. Brilliant!


Excellent thank you

Nice to have free delivery but I see we no longer get the HUKD discount.

i used it twice on the same account - hope they havent charged me for one delivery?!

Cheers, used it to order a load of CD-Rs and stuff.
Am a little concerned that the 48 hours are up though...

I used this code 2 mins before midnight. Think I got there just in time...

Tried the code just now and it says "This promotion code doesnt exist", so guess it's expired.

This code was amazing best code I have used so far, I order 17 items for under £4 pounds lol.


ahh missed this, could of done with a couple of spare blu ray boxes without the £3.98 del charge :w00t:
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