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PINARELLO Frame, Dogma K10S Disk £2,500 @ Swinnerton Cycles
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Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
PINARELLO Frame, Dogma K10S Disk £2,500 @ Swinnerton Cycles£2,500£5,00050% off
Pinarello, K10S Frameset. Taking the Dogma F10 frameset and making it cobble ready, the K10S is a great all-round endurance frame that can cope with rough and tough of the Paris-Ro… Read more

Sorry that was an F10 rather than K10S


Nice, heat added (y)


I got one of these but it hurts my bum XD


The next cheapest I can find is 3k and these were 5k when first launched.


Stonking price if you're after this. Half of what it normally goes for.

Fizik R5 Tempo Powerstrap cycling shoes - £69.99 @ Swineertoncycles
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Posted 29th Sep 2020Posted 29th Sep 2020
Fizik R5 Tempo Powerstrap cycling shoes - £69.99 @ Swineertoncycles£69.99£94.9926% off Free P&P Free
The Tempo Powerstrap R5 road shoe features an innovative velcro closure system with an enveloping fit.  Whilst most velcro closure systems pull together two sides of the shoe's upp… Read more

Spot on. Wish more cycling gear was posted on here. Think people are reluctant to post as uneducated fools down vote.


I am a size 9 and wear a size 44 in these. They fit perfectly though. I have the Tempo R5 and they are a great shoe. They really stink if they get wet though. Can't tell if it's the glue they use to make them or some bacteria from retained sweat but they PONG. If anyone finds a deal on ancti bacetrial shoe spray let me know ;)


Well, damn. I actually like the Coral, but no 49's from Fizik. I'd have gone in at this price too!


What is the sizing like on these?


I didn't notice that in the shop, it is just coral.

PINARELLO Frameset - Neor Aluminum - Carbon Fork £450 at swinnertoncycles
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Posted 13th Jul 2020Posted 13th Jul 2020
PINARELLO Frameset - Neor Aluminum - Carbon Fork £450 at swinnertoncycles£450
ODUCT DETAILS The Neor Black/Red frame in hydroformed aluminum (6061 t6) and boasts both a carbon rear triangle as well as a carbon front fork with asymmetric and ONDA design. Ot… Read more

Just to add to my comments above perhaps Pinarello is not the brand to buy at all. When you look at this video just released it shows the Pinarello Dogma frame compared to a Chinarello frame and in many areas the Chinarello actually scores higher for safety and remember the Chinarello is a low quality rip off that likely hasn't gone through a proper certification process. Yes the Chinarello is a worse frame but I can't help feel both frames are poor quality based on this carbon fibre engineer's findings. They just seem like low quality Chinese carbon fibre frames. Contrast that to Giant who are a huge player in CF frame production with very high engineering standards, high weight limits and long warranties. I'm just trying to help people make an informed choice and not being ripped off but admittedly I'm very biased in favour of Giant as it's the brand seen by the industry as having the highest standards of manufacture considering their prices, I don't actually have a Giant bike myself I might add. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZnPY0hMs_8&t=0s


Why would you pay soo much for such a dated frame using a manufacturing technique of bonding aluminium and carbon fibre together which is prone to problems.The only positive here seems to be the brand name and brand heritage although the brand is US owned nowadays. A couple years ago I was translating Chinese forum postings out of interest because I'm interested in the cycle industry to see what they were saying and one of the comments was they couldn't believe how much the Italians were charging for their Chinese frame and forks, absolute amazement but they were pleased as it was ripping off the Japanese who buy a lot of Italian brand bikes it seems who they don't appear to like, this was actually related to the fuji-ta factory and the Bianchi brand which they manufactured but the comment basically stated the Italians charge far more than anyone else for their chinese manufactured frames and forks and they were surprised they could get away with such pricing. Carbotec branded frames are very low price in comparison to Pinarello. This is not a classic Italian manufactured steel frameset with Columbus tubing. If you are buying a frameset manufactured in the far east why not get a bang up to date model using the best manufacturing techniques not bonding aluminium and carbon fibre together which is not something done in the wider industry for frames, in fact the most dangerous forks which have been the cause of a huge number of recalls has been where carbon fibre blades have been bonded to an aluminium steerer and the bonding has failed causing many riders extreme injuries or even death. The safety rating of full carbon fibre forks is actually better. You only have a short warranty on Pinarello products too. I'll admit I don't really do brands especially where the brand isn't the manufacturer, I look to what you are getting for the money and for me this is not an appealing product for the reasons given. Even if you like Pinarello as a brand this is not the Pinarello product to buy. I've heard it stated that buying an Italian bike is about emotion rather than reason and this seems a product based on that thinking. I totally accept that it's relatively cheap price to get the right brand on a genuine frameset though I just don't think the product itself is that good and would be vastly inferior to something like a Giant frameset especially with regards safety.


I suppose it’s analogous to asking why anyone would pay an extra £500 on a new car to have metallic paint, or £800 to have larger alloys.


I've been keeping an eye on the hot deals for bikes and cycling stuff on this site for years via search alerts. My number 1 observation is that any fatuous deal, no matter how silly it is, will still get a ton of heat for as long as it involves one of the shiny top brands - be it Pinarello, Trek, Colnago etc. Nevermind no one actually pulls the trigger on it - there'll still be a crowd in the comment section drooling over the deal and pumping up its rating. This deal is likely the epitome of this trend - a very esoteric and niche frame, which no one is actually going to buy, yet 600+ heat rating and a holy war in the comments section. I just wish my fellow cycling enthusiasts would get real one day...


What does genuine Pinarello mean, their carbon fibre frames are made by carbotec of Taiwan and probably the forks and stays are for this frameset. I don't know where the aluminium frame is made (maybe carbotec) but that probably isn't made by Pinarello either. They seem to buy in bare frames and forks and paint them themselves same as Orbea of Spain. The frame and forks are still made in Taiwan or mainland China. There has been quite a lot of innovation and improvement in carbon fibre frames and forks so if this is an old frame and old CF forks it may not be that amazing. Unless you know the real manufacturer of the product how can you assess the quality accurately. Also the frame is 6061-T6 which is nothing amazing, Giant do aluminium frames with more advanced 6011 aluminium and you won't have any bonding issues of joining carbon fibre to aluminium either. I seem to remember Pinarello have a very short warranty too like 2 years on their frames. Seems like a product for brand snobs only. Planet X use one of the very high quality CF factories in China for some or one of their frames, bang up to date frame from one of the best factories. Sadly I don't now which model frame it is but it will likely be a far superior frameset to this Pinarello even if it hasn't got a italian brand on it and of course will be fully carbon fibre with no bonding issues of joining aluminium to carbon fibre. The manufacturer may be dengfu. You may be able to match the frame from the dengfu site to the same on the Planet X site. It's a better frameset than many top brands use on their high end models, Trek and Canyon use Quest Composites which are definitely inferior to Dengfu. Admittedly I don't really know much about Carbotec quality. Most of the US and European brands claim the Taiwanese and Chinese factories they use are the best but when you see engineers analyse frames results can be very different. Worth checking out Hambini and Luescher Technik on youtube to get some idea of frame quality, it's quite revealing how appalling the manufacturing quality of some cf frames are even bikes that hit 5 figures at retail. https://www.cens.com/cens/html/en/supplier/supplier_home_20402.html

PINARELLO Carbon UD Road Bike Campagnolo Athena EPS £1500 at swinnertoncycles
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Posted 1st Jul 2020Posted 1st Jul 2020
PINARELLO Carbon UD Road Bike Campagnolo Athena EPS £1500 at swinnertoncycles£1,500
Looks who’s back. 55, 56, 57, 59

I think it's only the lock ring and cassette tool that will be different, tool wise.


Frames worth that !


Odd, I have an alert for 'bike' and 'bikes' but I did not get an alert for this deal.


Same email, looks like they've had an issue with the system. Did seem weird that they had so much stock of bikes when everywhere is out of stock


Was tempted, only concern being the campag groupset - I've built up a lot of shimano kit, Inc tools over the years, not sure how much of a problem it would be going campag.

PINARELLO Dogma F8 Carbon Frameset £1200 at Swinnerton Cycles
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Posted 10th Jun 2020Posted 10th Jun 2020
PINARELLO Dogma F8 Carbon Frameset £1200 at Swinnerton Cycles£1,200 Free P&P Free
Here is the eighth wonder! The eighth generation of DOGMA creates a play of words that can become a perfect advertising slogan: The Eighth Dogma ... the eighth wonder of the world… Read more

No, he hasn't won a grand tour on an F12, only Egan Bernal.


Glad someone was sensible enough not to say you could buy a car. Wouldn't be a fair comparison (y)


If you cant beat 'em, join 'em. (y)


Surely he has the F12 not the F8 in this deal?


Worst Troll ever.

PINARELLO Diesel Only The Brave Limited Edition £300 at swinnertoncycles
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Posted 27th Mar 2020Posted 27th Mar 2020
PINARELLO Diesel Only The Brave Limited Edition £300 at swinnertoncycles£300£1,20075% off Free P&P Free
I remember these a few years ago they were in the diesel shops and magazine shoots, great price for a urban commuter or pub bike

Shame neither is big enough for me. The 3 speed is a much better first bike than the usual supermarket BSOs.


I like the style of these don't think I'd buy a 1 gear bike though that 3 gear one is tempting


No results?


All out of stock? No wait it's just me following the wrong link...


Well here's one...

Pinarello UD Road Bike - £1500 @ SwinnertonCycles
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Posted 20th Mar 2020Posted 20th Mar 2020
Pinarello UD Road Bike - £1500 @ SwinnertonCycles£1,500
Carbon road bike with Campag. Get yourself some exercise on this while off work.

Yes ..but if you had a black one it's 50 /50 (y)


Would this be better than my B'Twin Triban 3 (red frame) :D


Unbelievable bike fir the money


It's nice to see an Italian bike with an Italian groupset for a change! Fed up of seeing shimano everywhere. Voted hot! Excellent price.


Mistaken cold should be heat! 🔥

Genesis Vapour Carbon Cyclocross Frameset. Was £1599.99. £799.99 @ Swinnerton Cycles
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Posted 3rd Oct 2017Posted 3rd Oct 2017
Genesis Vapour Carbon Cyclocross Frameset. Was £1599.99. £799.99 @ Swinnerton Cycles£799.99
"Full internal cable routing, Di2 ready, big tyre clearance and 12mm thru axel front and rear is just the beginning. The side split stays at seat tube for added seat tube s… Read more

This deal is still live and I just found out the red vapour frameset is also at the same reduced price.


Go on!


XS only left, but very tempted for my son after his last bike didn't survive racing last weekend! I think it's probably still a bit over my budget, but it would make a really good platform for a sound competition build up. Chuck on a set of chinesium carbon tubs and a spattering of drivetrain bits and you'll have an absolute top-line bike. *gnaws knuckles*


It read more as, “I’ve got noting constructive to say in here. Instead I’ll make a poor attempt at being funny.”


No wheels?

Fizik Saddles £37.50 - swinnerton cycles
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Posted 6th Apr 2017Posted 6th Apr 2017
Fizik Saddles £37.50 - swinnerton cycles£37.50
Half price Fizik saddles here starting at £37.50, they even have Volta, Tritone and Bull Kurve. Good deal imo considering how expensive these are full up. EX-DISPLAY - lukeo44

A deal not to be sniffed at.


​Shape of someone elses bum... ;--)


Worth noting these are ex-display

Genesis Croix De Fer 10 £574.99 @ Swinnerton
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Posted 10th Sep 2016Posted 10th Sep 2016
Genesis Croix De Fer 10 £574.99 @ Swinnerton£574.99
RRP £899.99 Steel Framed do it all bike with a bit of a cult following. Bargain Price, be quick!
Get deal*Get deal*

I got my LBS (also a Genesis stockist) to match this price, having tried (and loved) the Croix de Fer but not quite having the budget for the 20. Had it a few weeks now and I love it. A genuine all purpose bike, can do it all. I think people see Sora and think low end, but the frame is great, kitted out well and is a joy to ride with a wide range of gearing. I've fitted some mudguards and lights and it's good for anything.


As already said, this looks like a decent bike for a very good price.The Edinburgh Bike Cooperative also has some very good deals on Genesis bikes right now. Probably the best deal is the Genesis Equilibrium Decade Limited Edition for £699. Link.[image missing]


These hold their value well and are going used for more than this on ebay.


A Croix de Fer was used by Vin Cox to gain the round the world bike record. I guess you don't get a much better endorsement than that...


Evans have price matched for me