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Posted 31st Dec 2017Posted 31st Dec 2017
Start your journey with a smile introducing the updated and improved Fiddle III. Alongside the awesome, deeper finish, Two Tone colour schemes, there have been some really clever a… Read more

I know someone with a Sym scooter, he loves it, the local motorcycle club lets him join the trips as long as he goes at the back. He keeps at his holiday villa on the Med!


Which is the only opinion that matters, otherwise we'll go down the idiotic path that Catalonia does not belong to Spain...


Only to the Chinese (or USA), not the Taiwanese....


Taiwan is a republic of China. Better luck next time...


SYM SYMPLY 50, 4 STROKE, 3 YEAR WARRANTY, - £1,299+OTR @ SYM UK (ride on car licence)
Posted 16th Dec 2017Posted 16th Dec 2017
SYM SYMPLY 50, 4 STROKE, 3 YEAR WARRANTY, - £1,299+OTR @ SYM UK (ride on car licence)£1,299
Ride on car licence, no L plates and can carry pillion passenger. SYMPLY shares the same engine and transmissions as the best-selling JET & rugged trendsetting CROX models but … Read more

If you live in a city centre or where A to B is always going to be on roads 30mph or less (except London where bus lanes can be used by motorbikes) - then this is a very cheap, easy to use, enjoyable transport but please consider good additional security If you live in an area or need to travel on routes 40mph and above then go for a bigger engine up to 125CC (you only need to do a CBT - it's just like a cycling proficiency test but includes safety gear) and yes you'll need to wear those horrid L Plates #DontHateL-Plates But when it's freezing.... stay off it - with 4 wheels you've got 100% chance of staying upright unless you are a nutter and flipped it - with 2 wheels you've got no chance of staying upright... honestly not a chance in hell If you live near South Yorkshire there's a place where you can get brand new mopeds for less than £1k

Sym Symply 50 from £1199 @ sym uk (Ride on car licence if passed test before march 2001)
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Posted 17th Jan 2017Posted 17th Jan 2017
Sym Symply 50 from £1199 @ sym uk (Ride on car licence if passed test before march 2001)£1,199
Sym Symply 50 3 Years Warranty Symply is designed for daily use especially for those seeking agile and easy commuting in the city to meet the students and daily commuters' needs. … Read more

I think the point people are making is that depending on when you passed your car test, you can ride one of these away with zero training. At that point you have no skills, no experience and little idea of how to ride safely. That's not paranoia that's having an understanding of risk and how to mitigate it. I'd be willing to bet that the majority of these comments are made by people who have held big bike licences for a number of years. The reason the bike test is no longer twice around the block with the examiner standing on the kerb is that the accident figures for new riders were horrendous.


Everyone is so paranoid on here. You'll be fine on one of these with some basic skills if you ride sensibly. If you start filtering at speed at congested intersections then at some point you will have an accident. Just take it easy, don't take stupid risks and you'll get from A to B quickly, cheaply and safely.


dangerous little things, 50cc limited to 30mph and with little to no power is a bad thing. even if you're using it for city riding get at least a 125, for at least a little bit of grunt. getting a CBT is cheap, and then passing your bikce licence on a 125 is also cheap.


I managed to buy an 2009 YBR125 off ebay with 5000 miles on the clock two years ago for £1100. I'd recommend Japanese over Chinese bikes... not sure how Taiwanese bikes hold up thought. Either way please do your research if you want to possible avoid riding a rust bucket within a few years time.


I realise that, I have had a car and full bike licence for *ahem* years but I thought the rules had changed as I think now even if you have a car licence you need hazard perception, CBT and either direct access or restricted test? It did need changed mind as there are too many deaths on the roads.