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BMW X4 M Competition 510bhp £599 deposit & £599 p/m. 8k p/a M2 m4 x3m x4m m5 edition Total £28,752 at Sytner
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Posted 26th Nov 2019Posted 26th Nov 2019
BMW X4 M Competition 510bhp £599 deposit & £599 p/m. 8k p/a M2 m4 x3m x4m m5 edition Total £28,752 at Sytner£28,752
Sytner BMW M cars from £599 deposit & £599 p/m. M2 m4 x3m x4m m5 competition edition. Across most major BMW in UK. Syner… Read more

I understand that, but that's not the point I was making. But you already knew that and, are trying to detract from it. Keep on dreaming (y)


Or you have it for 4 years that will lose less money if you bought outright. Nowadays most cars are unreliable , not many want to put 80k and aftet 4 years and out of warranty lose most ofnvalue


But when you want to portray a lifestyle, that you would normally not be able to sustain. Then I suppose this is the cheap, short term way of doing it. This is the way society seems to have gone. Throw up a thin vail of affluence, while behind the scenes, they're financially crippling themselves. It's not the person you are these days, It's the person you think, others want you to be. Perhaps it's a case of surround yourself, with material things and then perhaps the world won't seem so poop. Just take a look at Jordan/Katy Price. Price being the operative word and, now she's paying it.


Yeah it is like renting flat, waste of money.


Have you got a link for the £40k m4? Cheers

X3 xDrive20d M Sport £399 per month x 47 months, £999 deposit. Total cost £19,752 over 4 years at Sytner
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Posted 21st Nov 2019Posted 21st Nov 2019
X3 xDrive20d M Sport £399 per month x 47 months, £999 deposit. Total cost £19,752 over 4 years at Sytner£19,752
The BMW X3 has been best in class for a number of years now, this is a 48 month PCP deal that works out at £411.50 per month after factoring in the £999 customer deposit. Very low … Read more



Wheeler-dealer, maverick, genius? PMSL!


Loser? Writes the person who is still trying to defend a deal that has -371 degrees? That's priceless!


Give yourself one when you have changed 37 months, loser


Your total was not £19,752 when you posted, dear. Hence why I wrote what I wrote... You need to realise that you added an extra month. I'm not trolling. I've been asking you to correct the total to reflect the true price. You now have, so give yourself a pat on the back! (highfive)

25% off service and MOT at BMW Sytner booked online. 6am-6pm today only!
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Posted 15th Nov 2019Posted 15th Nov 2019
25% off oil and other services including MOT at sytner BMW. Hope this helps someone. I was about to book my 320D oil service for 129.99, now it is 96.49!

Thanks for the help heathead. The previous owner informed me it’s been serviced at a indi specialist but hasn’t provided proof as of yet. BMW have no record of any services being performed and I haven’t got anywhere tracing the service history with indies in the area it came from. I’ve got HU service manager ready for when I obtain the service record, to update the I-Drive. I was going to buy a service book once I’d located the servicing garage but no joy yet.


I see. Are you 100% sure it's been serviced by an indie? Main dealers have been known to not update the idrive after it's been serviced but still reset the CBS indicator. If it has 100% been serviced by an indie - 1.Try and find the indy and see if they have access to the BMW AOS portal to enter the service history so it'll show on the idrive. Good amount of info here. 2. If they don't have access - buy a blank service book and get the to stamp the book. At least then the book will fill the service history gap in the idrive. 3. Do some research - buy a cable - download software and enter the service onto the idrive yourself. 4. Make contact with someone on a forum in your area who can do option 3 for you for soon beer tokens. If you're just assuming it's been serviced by an indie - Go to a different dealer and say you think your CBS is incorrect as the car has a service pack but there's no service history to coincide with the CBS indicator last reset, and based on the last documented service it's now due a service. I'd just leave it at that, try create a period of awkward silence and let them fill the silence (it's probably the biggest pressure applying tactic there is, sales people use it all the time) Don't mention anything about an indie. This will hopefully paint the image in their mind that a main dealer has made a mistake somewhere, then will hopefully be more willing to do something. Hope it helps. (y)


The previous owner can’t have realised there was a service pack on the car and paid for servicing at an indi (annoyed)


Why would an indy be touching the CBS indicator if you have a service pack with a main dealer?


Borehamwood and Ruislip are terrible - won’t be using them now that my service pack has expired.

£389 deposit - £389 a month BMW 520D M Sport Saloon Total £18672 @ Sytner
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Posted 6th Sep 2019Posted 6th Sep 2019
£389 deposit - £389 a month BMW 520D M Sport Saloon Total £18672 @ Sytner£18,672
Term of agreement 48 months 47 monthly payments £389 On the road cash price** £41,710.00 Customer deposit £389.00 Deposit contribution £10,761.30 Total deposit £11,150.30 Total amo… Read more

I think you can pay off the car loan after a month. Easy way to save £10K.


Still nothing as close to this deal.


It’s not daft if you only do 7999 miles!


It makes no sense to rent a 520d for £18k+ for 4 years to only do 8000 miles a year? Doesn't seem frugal to me, and this is meant to be a deals website, not a 'cheapest way to keep up with the Joneses with a brand new 5 series' website. If this was a whacky depreciation beating deal it would be different, but I think the deal temperature speaks for itself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Audi Car Care Kit (in store purchase only)
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Posted 30th Jan 2019Posted 30th Jan 2019LocalLocal
Audi Car Care Kit (in store purchase only)£6.25
Leicester Audi have a big stack of genuine Audi Car Car kits which consist of a neat branded case, 2 X sponges, 1 X microfibre cloth, wheel cleaning spray,insect remover, shampoo, … Read more

Bought one of these kits the other month from Harrogate audi for £10,should be £30 normally,well overpriced at £30,well worth it for £6.25


I am also an unhappy customer having had the misfortune of buying a car from them.


They've made enough scamming customers to give these away ! (mad)


Cheers just picked one up


No. You have to prove you own an Audi before they let you buy it too.

BMW 3 Series 320d Shadow Edition PCP - £32437.40 @ Sytner 0% interest
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Posted 10th Oct 2018Posted 10th Oct 2018
BMW 3 Series 320d Shadow Edition PCP - £32437.40 @ Sytner 0% interest£32,437.40£40,51520% off
Found this on Sytner’s website, probably on the back of the new 2019 3 Series being announced in Paris recently, however this is the top spec Shadow Edition model and should theref… Read more

Not to forget the extra insurance costs, just looking at the petrol version of this for £379 a month as diesel is only going to get charged more in the coming years


You can get over 9k total deposit contributions through over companies, for the same car with whatever spec you want. So if going through this company I would ask them to beat that.


Yes... an extra £310 for 5 years (shock)


Would the tax be steep on this with a £40k+ list price?


it sounds like a lot of money for a car when a new model is on the way out and a car that runs on diesel when I think it is safe to say the cost of diesel will be rising disproportionately. My first and last BMW died after about 35,000 miles so and its not a route I will be going down again

BMW 320d M Sport 0% finance £379 a month 47 months (+1month deposit £379) £28,190.11 - Sytner -  Optional final paymet £10,377.11
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Posted 8th Oct 2018Posted 8th Oct 2018
BMW 320d M Sport 0% finance £379 a month 47 months (+1month deposit £379) £28,190.11 - Sytner - Optional final paymet £10,377.11£28,190.11
BMW 320d M Sport Cash price: £36,055.00 Deposit contribution: £7,485.89 Customer deposit: £379 48 months : £379 Optional final payment £10,377.11 8000 annual mileage. Not the… Read more

For £3000 down and £389 a month you could get one of the remaining 340i m sports with sports auto if you wanted. Bit of a different car though.


Thank you airbus330


I did the Carwow phone around yesterday, there are a few still out there, Listers had 3 left, another only had the Touring version. I didn't go for it as I'm at the wrong point of my current pcp to bail out and they couldn't sweeten the deal enough to make it worthwhile. Shame as a 335 would be a hoot. I'm playing with this deal with Sytners as there is one local to me and waiting for an improved offer.


Could you please link it as been unable to locate it.



Bmw 4 series 420d m sport Gran Coupe - £36,995 @ Sytner
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Posted 16th Oct 2017Posted 16th Oct 2017
Bmw 4 series 420d m sport Gran Coupe - £36,995 @ Sytner£36,995
On the road cash price: £36,965 Customer Deposit: £6,780 BMW Deposit Contribution: £5,349 47 payments: £259 Optional Final Payment: £12,663 4 year contract with 0% interest. Bm… Read more

335d xdrives were going on 1+47 PCP's on 0% on about £32k, servicing included if you pushed hard enough, about £12k off.


@markymark34 what was the exact bmw deal you got, how much was the final list price, and how much did you negotiate off the final list price.


0% on 4 and 4 GC at the minute. Better deals on the 3 last month. Managed to nab a 335d.


I had a Focus ST when I joined here! :D


Looks like you worked out your numbers..advice is to go for a 20% off as I did ..

Sytner BMW various new deals
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Posted 12th Sep 2017Posted 12th Sep 2017
Sytner BMW various new deals
Had a leaflet through for new car finance deals. Range includes 1,3,5 x5 and minis. Various 4 year finance deals but seams to show that customer deposits are 1 months cost and BMW … Read more

Taking out finance will always get you a better deal. If you buy at the correct times you can get a vehicle for less than cost price to the dealer.


Seams it's a buyers market at the moment. So many manufacturers offering big discounts and contributions to buy new and even used!


It's cheaper to buy on BMW finance then pay it off if you prefer I had this out with them last time but the dealer was powerless as part of the reduction comes from the finance company. There is no penalty for settling it early though.


Sytner group (shock)


But that's on a PCP/PCH deal -not a straight purchase.