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Talktalk future fiber 500 - £39pm/18m + £100 choice of giftcard + £150 cashback (£25.11 effective cost) @ TalkTalk
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Seems pretty decent offer You get £100 choice of giftcard and £150 Quidco cashback. Making this effectively just over £25pm for 500mb broadband

If a ~rep~ salesman makes promises, they're probably lies unless s/he puts them in writing


Suggested doing the exact same. 2 members of staff didnt really care and just recommended leaving, but eventually I got through to someone nice that more or less matched the deal to renew my contract. Managed to got my monthly bill down to the equivalent value rather than be given a pre paid card or cash back claim so can't complain.


If you read the t&c it says it can track at a lower amount until confirmed by the retailer - so I’m hoping it’s this. A couple of Google results confirmed this can be the case too sometimes.


I have got exactly the same. Have you done anything about it?


Bit crap that 👎

Jobseekers can now get six months free broadband - Fibre35 (No contract) @ TalkTalk via the DWP
Posted 27th Sep 2021Posted 27th Sep 2021
Jobseekers can now get six months free broadband - Fibre35 (No contract) @ TalkTalk via the DWPFREE£138
Hopefully this will help those who've recently lost their jobs and trying to get back into work. There's no contract / nothing tied in. Following the trial’s success, TalkTalk is now roll…

If I go on Netflix will my benefits be cut?


Newly unemployed so may explore this, thank you so much for posting...!


ryouga. May I suggest you write an autobiographical type book on how to survive on benefits and how to navigate the sytem?


DWP pays TalkTalk £195 for six months, good service for someone looking a job, it is however overpriced. BT will give you broadband for £15 per month if youre on UC


Still nothing

Talkmobile 30 day sim - 20GB data, unltd min/text + £25 amazon/Tesco/M&S voucher - £8.95pm @ Compare the market / Talkmobile
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Posted 10th FebPosted 10th Feb
Talkmobile 30 day sim - 20GB data, unltd min/text + £25 amazon/Tesco/M&S voucher - £8.95pm @ Compare the market / Talkmobile£8.95
You will get voucher between 90 and 120 days.

I reckon you would need to stay at least 4 months or so, I was with them years ago, and to be fair, there service was very good. See T & C below:- T&C's, FAQ's & Contact Details £25 Gift Card, M&S or Tesco Gift Card with £8.95 / 20GB 30-Day contracts, via the link in this offer only. You will need to complete your purchase by midnight of the 23rd of February 2022 in order to be eligible for this offer. Please input the same email address to receive the Gift Card you intend on signing up to the Talkmobile offer with. This offer is not available for purchases made via the telephone, in-store or Web Chat. Upgrading customers are not eligible for this voucher offer. It will take between 90 and 120 days after the original purchase date for your purchase to be verified as eligible for a voucher. We strongly recommend letting this 120-day period pass before querying the status of your voucher. Once verified, details of how to claim the voucher will be sent to the email address you have provided. You will then have 90 days to claim this voucher. Plans purchased through our partners and other affiliate sites will not qualify. This promotion cannot be combined with any other voucher, offer, and discount or promotion code and may not be redeemed for cash. If this is used alongside another offer or discount you will not be eligible for the offer. Talkmobile holds the right to withdraw this offer if we believe that the terms of the offer are being abused in any way. Talkmobile holds the right to ask for the web order reference that is sent via email after purchase to verify the sale – typically starts 000173. The voucher will only be paid on successfully connecting contracts and customers who have paid their first bill. This offer may be withdrawn or amended at any time. Please check the redemption instructions and terms and conditions of your chosen reward. Rewards should be treated like cash and kept securely. They cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Please see terms here - If you have any questions or have not received your voucher 120 days after your purchase date, please contact It is advised that you do not contact Talkmobile directly regarding this voucher unless you have a question regarding installation or queries regarding the operational use of your package. For any questions regarding your service or activation date please visit Talkmobile customer care via


Do you reckon they will payout £25 if you only stay for one month


Just before anyone asks, these guys use Vodafone network. You can't get 5G or WIFI calling so if either of these things are important for you then this deal is not for you. I have been with them for about 10 months and have found them to be excellent. My wife has been with them for about 5 years and also has no complaints about them


Wonder if we're already customers you can switch & still get the vouchers?

Fibre Broadband 18m 67mb New Customers - £20pm + £80 Voucher + Possible £48 Cashback - £360 / £232 After GC & Cashback @ Talktalk Via Quidco
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Posted 30th JanPosted 30th Jan
Get yourself an £80 Voucher, and £48 possible Quidco cashback by taking out this 18 month £20 67mb average deal. Link to deal Terms and Conditions £80 voucher when you purchase F…

Still no voucher…


No. Starting to think we’ve been had


I received quidco Cashback....I need to follow up for GC NOT YET RECEIVED THE VOUCHER


Has anyone actually got their voucher yet?


Changed to 60 quid voucher now

Fibre 150, 3 Month Free then £29.95pm / Fibre 500, 3 months free then £35pm - 18month contract (£76 TCB / £90 Quidco) via TalkTalk
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Posted 27th JanPosted 27th Jan
Not sure this is regularly available or introduced now - but thought might be helpful to someone and hence posting it. THE UK'S FASTEST, MOST RELIABLE BROADBAND FOR LESS.We’re rolling out t…

called them they give me 6 months free and 100 quid mastercard voucher ,nice had 2 emails ,in 2nd installation booked for 16th March,nice today a guy from fibre checked duct and its blocked ,checking is all he could do today ,hopefully they will sort it before 16th as my virgin contract finish on 17th


I don't remember seeing a minimum for the Talktalk upload speed, only the download speed (was about 250)?


What's the minimum upload guaranteed speed? I think it's 10 with BT 500.


500 Was installed today, despite already having fttp with BT it was a right faff (2hrs) Eero was also a faff but luckily my existing router was easily swapped out thanks to no complicated settings required (auto configures). Getting 510 down over wi-fi but only 10up. I Will give it a few days to settle then go via CS to sort it if not near the 75up.


I ordered through Quidco and completed my order on talktalk website for a full price then rang them up to say that I think my promotion didn’t work and they applied it to my account over the phone. So hopefully cash back will track too. Due to be installed this Friday and got eero pro 6 delivered today already. Also they confirmed that 500 & 900 doesn’t have price increase every year. New line installation and delivery was free of charge too. Happy to get rid of virgin after years of struggle with the connection dropping out randomly several times a week. Customer service was good too, only like 5-10 min wait to speak to someone. With virgin I’ve sometimes spent an hour waiting on the line. Virgin will need to drop their prices or offer better equipment/connection to stay in business. All these new fibre deals are amazing compared to virgin media.

FIBRE 150 6 Month Free then £29.95pm for 12 months / FIBRE 500MB 6 months free then £35pm for 12 months (Select Locations) via TalkTalk
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Posted 23rd Oct 2021Posted 23rd Oct 2021
Was browsing Cityfibre and stumbled on this deal. I am not sure which locations can get this offer, as it is using the Cityfibre network, but I thought I would post for anyone that can actua…
Get deal*Get deal*

Just got this letter today only problem is I have 8 months on my vm I thought they did a fibre 900 but no mention of that


just ordered 500mb (cityfibre) 6 months free plus 100 quid voucher ,bargain


First part of my install was done on Monday (external work, taking fibre along existing underground duct to where the current copper service terminates). Totally unexpected and no communication from TT or Openreach. Once that was complete in the evening I had a text message advising the next available appointment for the internal work was 3rd Feb. Only other option aside from that was after 10th Feb. Pretty poor considering I ordered originally just before Christmas.


My installation is on 10 Feb. No email or text yet.


You should received email from talktalk regarding your package and will receive a sms from open reach when to install the fibre

TalkTalk Fibre 65 (Broadband Only) - £22 a month for 18 months (£80 voucher + cashback via quidco) £396 @ TalkTalk
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Posted 23rd Sep 2021Posted 23rd Sep 2021
TalkTalk Fibre 65 (Broadband Only) - £22 a month for 18 months (£80 voucher + cashback via quidco) £396 @ TalkTalk£396
Here’s a deal for those who don’t require, or make use of, a landline. Talk Talk Fibre 65 Broadband (calls not included) on an 18 month contract. Monthly cost: £22/m. Annual Cost: £264 Tot…

Anyone been able to claim the voucher?, I've received the cashback but haven't heard anything about the voucher


Fluffy, I instinctively crossed my legs as I read your comment (fierce) Tabasco sauce scrub (shock) GREAT BALLS OF FIRE (lol)


The problem with all these 'broadband' providers is that the connection from the exchange to your home is run by BT so if you're only connecting at 33MB's with TalkTalk, then you're likely only be able to connect to every other provider at a similar speed, talktalk's gear (et al) only comes into play once the connection gets into the BT exchange


Let's just say that having any kind of relationship with TalkTalk is as appealing to me as doing my own testicular surgery with a rusty hole punch, an old soldering iron and a Tabasco sauce scrub. Without anaesthetic


Now Fluffy, just 2B clear about this. It's a NO from you (confused) XD

TalkTalk Broadband - £27.50/month = £495 over 18 months + Either A Free Echo Dot (4th Gen) / Ring Doorbell / Ring Indoor Camera @ Talktalk
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Posted 15th May 2021Posted 15th May 2021
Great freebie when you get the broadband total does add up to £495.

I’ve just had a call from the retention team giving me fibre 65 for £20 per month on a 12month contract with £100 credit making that 5 months free. I have no problems with their service to accepted them offer.


Signed up for a cracking with TT for one of their super fast fibre deals in February. 2 month waiting list which I was willing to put up with then cancelled by them for no reason. Contacted cust serv and said sign up again. Did that and cancelled again. Finally found out they’d oversold on the deal which they were unable to honour. Deal pulled then guess what, phone call from TT offering me a new inferior deal. Told them where to go and signed up with Vodafone. Great speeds and so far no problems


I complained to them and the give me credit to cover the increasefor the rest of my contract


Well my contract was about one month before renewal date. They sent me a reminder. I called them and said I was thinking of going to Vodafone as they were £22 on uswitch. Think they offered me £23 down from £26. It might... Also be because I have my mobile phone with them. But again I am only a £20 a month user (plus by sport's for a fiver) rather than making international calls! Hmmmm.. So it wasn't pound for pound matching but it was 3 pounds less than my old deal and stopped it going up a lot...


How did you manage that, I have asked if they cancan pricematch vodafone but they have refused and said they do not do pricematch for broadband

TalkTalk Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband 900Mb/s - £27.50 per month / 24 months + £4.95 P&P - £664.95 @ TalkTalk
195° Expired
Posted 9th May 2021Posted 9th May 2021
Ultra-reliable, ultrafast full fibre internet.With Ultra Fibre Optic, you need never worry about upgrading. You’re future-proofed from the start. A full fibre connection 16x faster than the …
Get deal*Get deal*

Best thing I did was leave talktalk


Looks like TT have started the roll out in my area (aberdeen) through the cityfibre netwrok. The only other provider here is vodafone which I've heard very mixed things about (very poor speeds despite full fibre) so considering going TT as there prices is very good. Has anyone got this through the cityfibre infrastructure and can comment on speeds? Is it symmetrical (i.e. 500 down and up)? As the website seems to show only 70mb up on the 500mb package but cityfibre network should be symmetrical speeds I'm told.


Have to agree, supposidly they sent 3 engineers to fix my fault. But when I spoke to B.T they said they hadnt sent anyone out nor had any requests from TT, when I told TT they said they had made a mistake and the staff was in training. Lies after lies. I moved house and my rate went up 2.50 a month and when I told them they said don't worry it's an error, however after charging me twice the extra amount they then said that they had no record of my old pricing nor proof that their CS advised this despite having screenshots they said their staff made an error as in training. See the theme here Sadly stuck with them atm but will leave when I can


This is what happened to me. I pulled the trigger and initiated the switch and received the inevitable "Sorry your leaving" emails. Called again and they offered me a great deal to stay. Be sure to have in mind a comparable deal you want from alternative suppliers for leverage. It takes a little bit of friendly goading to tease a deal from them. It's a game of chicken with TalkTalk at times.


Received an email from TalkTalk about price hikes. Talked to a representative, and she was trying to sell my same package for £5 more per month claiming it's a good deal. Leaving TalkTalk now.

TalkTalk Fibre35 Broadband and TV 38Mb/s avg. speeds £4.95 hub postage £25.50 a month for 24 months @ Talktalk
-152° Expired
Posted 7th Apr 2021Posted 7th Apr 2021
TalkTalk Fibre35 Broadband and TV 38Mb/s avg. speeds £4.95 hub postage £25.50 a month for 24 months @ Talktalk£616.95
Unlimited fibre broadband - 38Mb/s avg. speeds. TalkTalk TV - 80+ Freeview channels Powerful WiFi hub - £4.95 postage A year of Amazon Prime - Includes Prime Video, Prime Music and unlimited…
Get deal*Get deal*

This is good.Today,I told them I am leaving and they wanted to give me £22.50 for the fiber 65,but I said no ,I want a better deal.Hopfully,they would still call me back.My current contract ends June


I feel like a sucker taking that 20 a month for 65


Nice Mishbah, similar story here. As TT were hiking their prices I could switch penalty free. I opted to switch to plusnet 65mb package £24.99pm (plus £50 reward card plus Quidco). Today (3 days later) I got called by talk talk retentions. They offered me, fibre 65 for £22pm with first 5months free on an 18m contract. So in effect £15.89pm Don't use landline at all so didn't target any deals in that area. First price rise will be Apr 2022. All that was left was a call to plusnet (half hr wait) to cancel the switch!


I was with them for 18 months. I was paying ~£33 p/m for same package (Fibre 65 + unlimited calls)


How long you been with them and what was you paying before?.... I need to ring them since price hike

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