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TalkTalk is one of the UK’s largest communications companies, serving millions of home internet users. Along with internet access, the company offers mobile phone, pay TV and landline packages, enabling customers to cover all their communications needs. All of these packages are regularly the subject of discounts and the latest TalkTalk reductions can be found at their HotUKDeals listings. How to redeem TalkTalk vouchers
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£6.49 Discount
£6.49 Discount
12 Months Free Essentials Package with Talk Talk (18 Month Contract)

Check your telephone exchange for its capabilities... :-D


Good deal , not had any problems with TT i always max out my 8meg connection in fact its nearly 10meg , you need to have a LLU enabled exchange for this deal BTW

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Unlimited fibre broadband £22.50 per month @ TalkTalk
Posted 5th Sep 2018Posted 5th Sep 2018
Unlimited fibre broadband £22.50 per month @ TalkTalk£22.50£3025% off
Unlimited fibre broadband £22.50 a month. Unlimited usage with speeds up to 35mbs. Guaranteed no mid contact price increase. Includes WiFi hub. If you are not happy you can leave … Read more

I've been with talktalk for nearly 18 months, contract due to end. I've never had a problem, much better service than sky or virgin in my humble opinion.


It's £23 for 60+mb through a comparison website either compare or u switch I think can't check at the moment if u can't find it give me quote and Ill find it when I get home


Yes I upgraded to the new route. Had it 8 weeks and can't fault it


I had no problems when with Talk Talk. Just a nightmare trying to leave without being fleeced. Their foreign robots mentioned above do their best to be as thick and clueless as possible. In the end I got help from their UK executive team and a goodwill payment, in respect of not murdering any of their call centre staff or online foreign robots. I wouldn't rule out returning for an amazing deal but would escalate any complaint immediately to their UK team. Even then I don't see it happening.


I always vowed I would never go to TalkTalk but they offered this deal (plus £60 cashback, which I received two weeks ago) and I went. Couldn't be better, I've not had one single drop since May. Lovely looking router too.

TalkTalk Fibre35 Broadband and TV 38Mb/s avg. speeds £4.95 hub postage £25.50 a month for 24 months @ Talktalk
-152° Expired
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
Unlimited fibre broadband - 38Mb/s avg. speeds. TalkTalk TV - 80+ Freeview channels Powerful WiFi hub - £4.95 postage A year of Amazon Prime - Includes Prime Video, Prime Music and… Read more

This is good.Today,I told them I am leaving and they wanted to give me £22.50 for the fiber 65,but I said no ,I want a better deal.Hopfully,they would still call me back.My current contract ends June


I feel like a sucker taking that 20 a month for 65


Nice Mishbah, similar story here. As TT were hiking their prices I could switch penalty free. I opted to switch to plusnet 65mb package £24.99pm (plus £50 reward card plus Quidco). Today (3 days later) I got called by talk talk retentions. They offered me, fibre 65 for £22pm with first 5months free on an 18m contract. So in effect £15.89pm Don't use landline at all so didn't target any deals in that area. First price rise will be Apr 2022. All that was left was a call to plusnet (half hr wait) to cancel the switch!


I was with them for 18 months. I was paying ~£33 p/m for same package (Fibre 65 + unlimited calls)


How long you been with them and what was you paying before?.... I need to ring them since price hike

Broadband, Telephone and Freesat 500GB HD recorder - £29.95 pm (18 months) + £4.95 Delivery @ TalkTalk
-162° Expired
Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Made the decision to cancel SKY yesterday and now looking for replacement TV package. Came across this offer from Talk Talk which seems to fit the bill. Our television needs are v… Read more

According to the talk talk website you can still get the freesat box with their fibre packages


Just received the freesat box. I was soo close to actually buying the box few days prior to your post and this is saving me almost half what i paid sky plus more with a free box worth £200. (y) Still using my old sky router as can't be bothered changing wifi passwords on all devices.


This offer expires at the end of March, would have this myself if I wasn't already with Talktalk


No, but still considering it.


Op did you take up this offer?

talktalk 500 package - 506mb down/76up - 18 Months - Total Term £724.95
175° Expired
Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
talktalk 500 package - 506mb down/76up - 18 Months - Total Term £724.95£724.95 £4.95
HIGH SPEED Fibre 500 Data OnlyEffortless connectivityAvg. download speed 506Mb/s £40 18 months contract +P&P £4.95 Fixed Price Plus included No phone line, just pure bro… Read more

Thanks, I read up a bit about that, seems its limited (UFO) to York and Dewsbury, correct?


Effectively, all the main suppliers (except BT) use alternative fttp networks where they have access, as they are cheaper and better. If they don’t have access then they go to Openreach.........however, very few supply Openreach’s 900mb as the cost is a joke and BT are preventing them from discounting. UFO is TalkTalks fttp network


I read the article published a few days ago on it being approved. I didn't sign up for the ''Better Than Nothing Beta'' and to be honest, I wouldn't really want to pay £500 upfront for the Beta - What do you think about it? Would you like to see better speeds? It's interesting though for sure and will be keeping an eye on the progress. "SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk in 2002, said in an October 26 email that users in the "Better Than Nothing Beta" — in which a network of nearly 900 satellites is beaming internet service down to Earth — could expect speeds of between 50 Mbps and 150 Mbps."


Thoughts on starlink ?


So to clarify UFO (which Talk Talk use) isn't the same as BT Openreach's Ultrafast Full Fibre?

900Mb/s ultrafast FTTP broadband (Select Areas) for £27.50/month 18month - £495 @ TalkTalk
1631° Expired
Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
Just found this on TalkTalk's site.........seems too good to be true, but they seem to be offering 900Mb/s ultrafast FTTP broadband for only £27.50/month!! You can pay an addition… Read more

I have had this for nearly 18 months it is faster than I need the dedicated phone number is ok but has limited hours the rest of talk talk does not deal with UFO. The on the ground sales force was helpful but have been discontinued. I am coming to the end of my initial contract but they have not contacted me about price going forward. It's been generally very reliable and the speed consistently though the fiber cable is very easily damaged. Was with Virgin for many years before this and their customer service and overseas call/ sales centres are a joke.


The whole thing is messed up at the moment, and I can't get the UFO service either - in the end, I have signed up to TalkTalk "Future Fibre" 500Mbps data only at £40/month. I thought that was a pretty good cost performance ratio, considering I'm currently paying £35/month for 66Mbps on NowTV and have never even plugged the landline phone into the socket!


Would love this. But weirdly EE, sky and BT can offer me G-fast but talktalk can't. Work that one out. Gutted.


BT up to their old tricks then.


I'm sure I read somewhere that BT were blocking Openreach from allowing other providers to give discounted rates on FTTP over the Openreach network - I'll see if I can dig it up, but if right then BT do themselves no favours in the PR!

Talktalk Fibre 150 Broadband (Half price for 6 months £16 - £32 after - 18months) at TalkTalk
77° Expired
Posted 28th Dec 2020Posted 28th Dec 2020
£16 for first 6 months £32 for the remaing 12 months 18 month contract Total: £480 Dont forget quidco or topcashback offers which i forgot to use it. Below is my speed estimate.… Read more

Yes , those terms £14 and £28 are still available till the 17th February and £76.50 tcb. Our contract doesn't end till May and there were no available dates online- so the CS agent has post dated the supply and credited £75 to my account! Not too shabby: here's hoping I don't regret it.


Hey guys just a heads up that the offer has gone down to £28 a month. I signed up before this but called them and complained. They will change the price to £28 once my broadband goes live!


I have been with TalkTalk for 2 years now and genuinely it has been the best service in terms of connection ive ever had ans ive been with BT and Sky previously. The router is great and one of the best. My Fibre 65 contract is up end of March. Just called up and quoted the offers from other providers which come in around 19-20 after incentives and they have offered me £20 a month with the first 3 months at 17.50


Oh so they do bring a modem, which would mean you can use your own router, that's good.


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TalkTalk Business Fibre Broadband/Leased Line (including line rental). No connection fee £22.95 p/m 24 months
68° Expired
Posted 18th Nov 2020Posted 18th Nov 2020
TalkTalk Business Fibre Broadband/Leased Line (including line rental). No connection fee £22.95 p/m 24 months£550.80 Free P&P Free
Some great deals on with TalkTalk Business doing black November making sure nobody misses out on just Black Friday. Also some great solutions for working from home with a additiona… Read more

Excluding VAT I'm afraid :( so add 20% to the price


Talk Talk? ROFL. May God have mercy on your soul.


I guess the second home worker line would be useful now working from home sharing the devices across 2 separate connections meaning not losing or sharing the connection


Yeah (y)


Hi, sorry there is no business line (TTB use same cables as TTR, essentially BT), however lease line is a dedicated unless that's what you meant! (y)

TalkTalk Fibre 65 Broadband - Free for 3 months then £26 per month - 24 month contract (£546 Total)
-168° Expired
Posted 13th Nov 2020Posted 13th Nov 2020
TalkTalk Fibre 65 Broadband - Free for 3 months then £26 per month - 24 month contract (£546 Total)£546
Black Friday deal First 3 months free then £26 a month 24 month contract £78 savings

Have been with-talk talk for 17 months and the service has been bomb proof. 60mbs at all time and 20mb up for £21.50. Use my own router and my own vdsl modem but service is fine. If ya have issues the support is okish but I’ve had no issues so fine with me!


Your situation is not aligned to the majority of the country, as you are in the minority group of people with FTTP broadband. The majority of people don't have access to that price comparison.


Their South African Call centre will make you want to pull each and every of your own hair out. They are so dumb and clueless, about what you are talking/asking or referring to. They are just instructed to read and stick to the script, no matter what your call is about. And always waste about 45 to 50 minutes of your life per each call (without resolution). Oftern transferred to another department and then cut off.




I have been with them since February; signed up for the 150 Mbps G.Fast service for an effective price of £23 per month for 18 months. My own experience has been very good on the two occasions I needed to contact customer service. Used chat both times.

Black November deal for small business customers - £27.95pm x 24 Months = Total £670.80 from TalkTalk Business
-155° Expired
Posted 6th Nov 2020Posted 6th Nov 2020
Black November deal for small business customers - £27.95pm x 24 Months = Total £670.80 from TalkTalk Business£670.80 Free P&P Free
As a contractor myself, I found this TalkTalk business broadband deal which is good price plus I can claim VAT on this or pay the bill from expenses. Their reliability score is v… Read more

I should’ve mentioned before .. ex vat price is £22.95 that’s why I’m paying because I’m self employed!


I was with talktalk, for years though they said it was a BT line, then they simply palmed me off to another company saying they were no longer having customers at exchanges not on their equipment, 95% is laughable


I spoke to to your agent they told me coverage is almost 95% using their own infrastructure and rest using shared. Have you tried checking your postcode on TalkTalk business website not consumer ?


This is TalkTalk business which is different than consumer.


Consumer :)

TalkTalk Superfast Fibre Broadband, Avg download speed 67Mbps, 18 months, £21.95pm = Total £395.10 @ TalkTalk
60° Expired
Posted 15th Oct 2020Posted 15th Oct 2020
TalkTalk Superfast Fibre Broadband, Avg download speed 67Mbps, 18 months, £21.95pm = Total £395.10 @ TalkTalk£395.10
Guys if you go over to the chat they would offer you this deal directly. If the link does not work try this one:;284333903;u No … Read more

Can’t be worse than Post Office


Currently being offered 19.95 to stay which is somewhat annoying as when I phoned up they would not improve the deal so I am now signed up with nowtv. I seem to be in the minority as the service from talktalk has been OK including 2 faults fixed with engineer visits with little fuss. Edit: Have now stayed with TT as offered a further £39 credit so effectively £16.70 pm which seems like a good deal to me. Edit:well it seems that all TT did was to stop my transfer to Nowtv. Contract that is, as a couple of days ago the line dropped which turned out to be my line moving to NowTv which of course would not allow me to connect. 3 days later after a BT engineer visit that part is resolved but I am still waiting for the CEOs office to honour this retention offer.


Just got an upgrade for faster fibre 150mps with Talk Talk for £25. Been with them for over 10 years with very few issues tbh.


does anyone have any experience of waiting for a fibre port to be made available with any ISP? Was told last week that a new place I am moving to can only offer a 9mb pipe as they have ran out of fibre enabled ports in the local cabinet....


Atm I think I can only rely on virgin but my contracts over and they asking for way too much. I think its coz I use 1500gb per month

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