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Microsoft surface pro 3 i5 processor 20% discount £675 @ Tap 4 Offers
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Posted 13th Nov 2014Posted 13th Nov 2014
Microsoft surface pro 3 i5 processor 20% discount £675 @ Tap 4 Offers£675
Just found this great deal 20% discount on Microsoft surface pro 3 i5 processor 128gb storage comes with the surface pen. Mods please add piks posting this from a mobile.

Hi all, I think the website is genuine, I saw it advertised on South West trains ... but i have not bought anything from it yet....if anyone has bought it I'd be happy to hear from you. :-)


Just confirmed to me on Twitter that this is a US model. No buy for me, I expect the Microsoft Store to have a decent Black Friday deal at least.


This is what's swaying me towards forking out the extra for the 8gb of ram... seems like it'll be a noticeable benefit and also improve the longevity of the device. £899 (from here) seems a bit too much for me though, considering you then need the keyboard taking it to £1000. The big thing stopping me from going with these guys is that it sounds like it's a US/EU model, which could affect warranty when trying to get the thing serviced? MS' support has been awesome for me with my Surface 2 - sending me a new one before I even have to send the old one back, and I wouldn't want to lose that option. Also with Black Friday looming I can see Microsoft being pretty aggressive with the pricing.


256GB version has 8GB ram, this has only 4GB


Great deal considering the fact that the 256gb version is over £1100. It's a shame I can't find comparable price for the 256GB version as 128Gb is nowhere near enough for a so called tablet-laprop hybrid. My 10 year old laptop has more space than this so for me even 256gb would be a massive comprise but at least I can use 128gb so memory card to increase it.

L'Oreal & Gillette 3 Piece Skincare Set- TAP4OFFERS £10 Free Delivery
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Posted 9th Nov 2014Posted 9th Nov 2014
L'Oreal & Gillette 3 Piece Skincare Set- TAP4OFFERS £10 Free Delivery£10
Three piece men's skincare set, a great gift idea. 1x L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic After Shave Gel 100ml 1x L'Oreal Men Expert Shaving Foam 200ml 1x Gillette 3 in 1 Moistur… Read more
D&G Light Blue Eau De Toilete 100ml 29% off £42 free delivery @ Tap 4 Offers
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Posted 28th Sep 2014Posted 28th Sep 2014
D&G Light Blue Eau De Toilete 100ml 29% off £42 free delivery @ Tap 4 Offers£42
A light floral fragrance with an unforgettable blend of flowers and fruity notes. From iconic fashion power house Dolce & Gabbana. Perfectly handbag-sized and portable for a qu… Read more

Just bought this, almost purchased the same volume for £66 from Debenhams!


Smells decent in my opinion


How's the fragrance


Thats a gd deal too :D I have never seen 100 ml cheap before


Is £42 at Allbeauty.com too without voucher. Lovely smell

iPhone 5s 16gb - £442 Unlocked @ Tap4Offers
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Posted 14th Jul 2014Posted 14th Jul 2014
iPhone 5s 16gb - £442 Unlocked @ Tap4Offers£442
Voucher must be redeemed by 10th October 2014. FREE DELIVERY. Please allow up to 14 working days for delivery. UK mainland delivery only. Valid on option purchased only. TAP4offers… Read more

In the listing it says iPhone 5s in the where section. Where do you redeem this voucher?


Thanks for letting me know. One member benefited, efforts paid off. I thought of expiring this as a simple search on hukd for iphone 5s leads to almost all negatives despite the price. I couldn't find new sim-free 5s cheaper than this anywhere.


We'll if that's the case just use a 3 sim and use the free unlock service


Thanks OP! just bought one... checked with them and it's definitely unlocked :D


If it's the same as stock supplied to UK phone dealers (Online/Carphone/P4U etc etc) then it will lock to the first network used in the phone. The only supplier of sim-free truly factory unlocked iPhones in the UK is Apple themselves.

Apple Macbook Pro £749 @ Tap4Offers
Posted 23rd May 2014Posted 23rd May 2014
Apple Macbook Pro £749 @ Tap4Offers£749
Good looking deal for a Apple MacBook Pro 13" This is through the Tap4offers wesite - a bit like Groupon but new. 2.5GHz i5 Dualcore Processor and 4GB RAM Comes with 60W MagSafe… Read more

I have the same model, and I use it for development work on iOS. 4GB RAM is not enough for XCode, but absolutely fine for everything else. HDD is not super-fast and I've replaced mine with an SSD, which is obviously much better. For surfing, preparing docs etc., it's very snappy.


Until you actually use and get to understand OS X you'll always think that apple products are overpriced tat. This is a very good deal for someone who needs a MacBook Pro. Mid 2012 so the option to upgrade the ram and swap out the HDD for an SSD is there. Hot from me!!


Unbelievably expensive for quite low specs.


I believe this is the mid 2012 model isn't it? Would be great if someone could advise whether the non-Flash HDD and lack of 'retina' screen make a huge difference? Specifications: Intel Core i5 Dual-Core 2.5 GHz CPU Internal 4GB DDR3 RAM Features 500GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive Intel HD 4000 Graphics LED-Backlit 13.3" (33.8 cm) Display Native 1280 x 800 Resolution Wireless 802.11n WiFi & Bluetooth 4.0 Dual USB 3.0 Ports & Thunderbolt


No mention of model number/SSD size?

Apple IPad mini 16gb 1st gen (new) £199 incl delivery @ tap4offers
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Posted 14th May 2014Posted 14th May 2014
Apple IPad mini 16gb 1st gen (new) £199 incl delivery @ tap4offers£199
New, not refurbished iPad mini 16gb 1st gen for £199 with free delivery. Same price as Game, but they sold out...
Get deal*Get deal*

OP Might have more to do with who is selling it to be honest. I've never heard of these guys.


Tesco ebay have mini ipad with retina display brand new damaged box for 229 pounds free delivery or your best offer


Sorry but that's the most pointless question. There is no reason other than the fact that people can't help being a-holes. Deal with it and move on.


Why so cold? Same price as game when I tried to buy a couple of days ago???

Two Cineworld Tickets for a 2D film for £12 @ Tap 4 Offers
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Posted 7th May 2014Posted 7th May 2014
Two Cineworld Tickets for a 2D film for £12 @ Tap 4 Offers£12
2 Cineworld cinema tickets for just £12. Includes London/West End cinemas and any other UK Cineworld cinema. Valid for a 2D film of your choice. 56% off, leaving you plenty of … Read more

Glad i helped you


Downloaded the code and booked tickets online for a film tonight at my local Cineworld. What would have Cost £18 only cost £12.... what a great saving.


If I buy this offer can I use it same day or do the tickets have to be posted out. Thanks.


Thanks for all the HEAT people. <3


cheers everyone, I am such a novice

2 Cinema Tickets for £11 at Empire Cinemas with Tap4offers
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Posted 11th Mar 2014Posted 11th Mar 2014
2 Cinema Tickets for £11 at Empire Cinemas with Tap4offers£11
Empire - Ends on: 08/04/2014 00:59 - 2 Tickets to a 2D Film of your Choice at Empire plus 200 Independent Cinemas Across the UK. Two 2D Cinema Tickets - Less than half price! Vali… Read more

£3.25 any film @ Empire Cinenas on Tuesdays! (Today!) :-)


Does the ticket include Empire Leicester Square and on any night?


Good find OP. Hukd seems to have a lot more stupid members these days. It's about sharing deals. Not every deal suits everyone but we're here to help one another. Those who vote cold because it doesn't benefit them directly are morons. Real morons. Please use your brains. Example. Do you vote a great holiday deal cold because it departs Manchester but you live in London? No. You either don't vote or do vote hot to just be helpful and get it noticed more. If you read this and can't understand the common sense required then you really have no hope in life and shouldn't be on this site.


No need to be so nasty.I was just pointing out that some cinemas may be offering cheaper than this deal and its a not manky local cinema.


its £3.25 pp at empire every tuesday

Two Cineworld tickets (all UK inc London): £11 @ TAP4offers
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Posted 14th Jan 2014Posted 14th Jan 2014
Two Cineworld tickets (all UK inc London): £11 @ TAP4offers£11
2 Cineworld cinema tickets for just £11. Includes London/West End cinemas and any other UK Cineworld cinema. Valid for a 2D film of your choice. Voucher code must be redeemed fo… Read more

Be careful as mine were refused today at Cineworld who said they are not a participating cinema, I asked to speak to the manager who confirmed this.


does anyone know how to post this ?


Thanks. I missed out last time :-)


I have just noticed that they are up again ! http://www.tap4offers.co.uk/two-cineworld-tickets-700.html/?t4src=HOTukdeals&utm_source=HotUKdeals&utm_medium=ref&utm_campaign=HOTUKDEALS


sold out :(