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-15% Discount
-15% Discount
15% off everything using coupon code @ TeckNet

It still works (as of 4/4/13).


I just used it now and it worked for me :D. wingZero


Discount code: tecknetvip They do decent iPad and kindle cases from my experience. They are cheap with free delivery and te code make any purchases an even better deal.

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£4.99,TeckNet Wii Controller For Nintendo Wii (Wii) @ Amazon and sold by TECKNET
-45° Expired
Posted 21st Nov 2013Posted 21st Nov 2013
£4.99,TeckNet Wii Controller For Nintendo Wii (Wii) @ Amazon and sold by TECKNET£4.99
Bought one few weeks ago, this product is fine as far as i can tell
Get deal*Get deal*

Read posts on Tecknet wireless keyboard & mouse rated better than microsoft, so for this price I would give it a go, hot


because it is not Nintendo one


Any idea why this is going cold? I'm on the lookout for two controllers (and wii motion) if anyone knows of a good source!

TeckNet iEP389 9000mAh External Universal Power Bank - £22.09 delivered
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Posted 5th Jun 2012Posted 5th Jun 2012
TeckNet iEP389 9000mAh External Universal Power Bank - £22.09 delivered£22.09
Use code tecknetvip to get the price down to £22.09 from £25.99 Currently £29.98 on Amazon and seems a really good price for a 9000mah version as for this price you usually seem … Read more

Charged the phone really quick from 5%. Like... surprisingly quick. And from that one charge the battery indicator went from 5 lights to 4. So I'm guessing I can charge my phone 4 more times. It will fit in your pocket, but it's thick and a bit heavy for it's size, so I wouldn't want to carry it in my pocket. In terms of width.. well the length is about 2cm less than my RAZR, but the width is the same.


Anyone who has received this wanna give their review? Is it close to 9000mAH and how long did it take to charge your phones? Is the product quite big to fit in your pockets?


price went up. readjust


£24.64 for me with code working and free delivery.


not working.maybe iam dumb, it say The gift certificate you entered couldn't be applied to any items in your order. need help pls...

TeckNet iPad 2 Silicone Case (White)  £2.99 delivered @ tecknet
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Posted 6th Nov 2011Posted 6th Nov 2011
TeckNet iPad 2 Silicone Case (White) £2.99 delivered @ tecknet£2.99
Guess this is a simple and light solution for iPad 2 sold 4.99 @ Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/TeckNet-iPad-Tough-Apple-Generation/dp/B00152BQL4/ref=sr_1_37?ie=UTF8&qid=132057… Read more
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Be careful, this case is fine without a screen protector.

Apple iPad 2 Leather Case With Magnetic Sleep Wake Feature £10.99 incl del was £24.99 @ Tecknet
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Posted 3rd Nov 2011Posted 3rd Nov 2011
Apple iPad 2 Leather Case With Magnetic Sleep Wake Feature £10.99 incl del was £24.99 @ Tecknet£10.99
Lots of decent reviews for this case.... Product Description * Material: High-quality Synthetic Leather * With stand, holds iPad 2 at an ideal angle for watching videos a… Read more

thanks , just ordered one


Of course you have Realblender that's why you always winding people up on here and often referred to as a troll in many threads :-) How ironic it is that you pick holes in others deals when a large portion of your deals aren't just COLD they're verging on spam. Anyway please post a response so you feel you have the last word as I'm not feeding the troll any more :-)


Give or take a few pounds if you buy the red. Forget your give or take, it's not the cheapest and not the quickest delivery, is it 8 days? I'd rather get it from Amazon, which I did, cheaper. Thought this was hotukdeals not who can pay more for something and it still be a deal. COLD


By not having a life ;-)


Hi realblender, How did you get this graph?

TeckNet iPad 2 Smart Case with Protective Back Cover - £8.49 Delivered @ TeckNet Online Ltd
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Posted 14th Sep 2011Posted 14th Sep 2011
TeckNet iPad 2 Smart Case with Protective Back Cover - £8.49 Delivered @ TeckNet Online Ltd£8.49
•This Smart Case for iPad 2 is featured with Magnetic Sleep Wake function. Close the cover, the iPad 2 automatically goes to sleep mode. Open the cover, the iPad 2 instantly wakes … Read more

This is an excellent case. No-brainer. **** to Apple official.


Really good, got couple of them a few weeks ago, the black one was better quality than the blue one tho, quick delivery.

TeckNet iPad 2 Smart Case £8.50 Delivered @ Tecknet
49° Expired
Posted 25th Jul 2011Posted 25th Jul 2011
TeckNet iPad 2 Smart Case £8.50 Delivered @ Tecknet£8.50
A good quality copy of the Apple smart covers, with a hard back to protect the rear of your ipad too. Auto sleep and wake-up works as well (for the iPad 2 at least), and it's avail… Read more

Not the best product, the magnate activates auto sleep when folded back and using it like a book. Also after a week of folding back the cover glue is parting from the plastic backing.


Received mine today. Very happy with it, but it doesn't put my iPad to sleep? Anyone have the same trouble?


It's not as good as the Apple one but I'm totally satisfied with it now. The only downside is ease of removability - something it doesn't have.


I think because its new, its not as flexible, but the more you use it, the more flexi it becomes.


How did you all find the foldability of the cover? It's nowhere near as flexible as the official one. A bit disappointed so far...

iPad 2 Synthetic Leather Case - £7.99 @ TeckNet Online
132° Expired
Posted 20th Apr 2011Posted 20th Apr 2011
iPad 2 Synthetic Leather Case - £7.99 @ TeckNet Online£7.99
TeckNet iPad 2 Leather Case for Apple iPad, with Stand Feature. Product Description •Material: High-quality Synthetic Leather •With stand, holds iPad 2 at an ideal angle for wa… Read more

Mine was delivered 7 working days after order. They did quote 10 working days free delivery. I'm happy with the case. Decent enough.


order brown one for £9.49....


I believe that the price is gone up to £9.49 now!


Take a wild guess. Here's a hint, the Advent Vega is a different size.


Price is £9.49 when i checked - plus postage on top i assume? or am I missing sometihing?

5000mAh TeckNet iEP380 USB Battery Pack For mobiles,  iPad, iPhone, iPod £20.99 Delivered from TeckNet
-27° Expired
Posted 5th Dec 2010Posted 5th Dec 2010
5000mAh TeckNet iEP380 USB Battery Pack For mobiles, iPad, iPhone, iPod £20.99 Delivered from TeckNet£20.99
Product Description * 5000mAh Advanced Li Battery Technology, Increase the battery life of your mobile devices * Use it to charge your iPad/iPhone/iPods,most Smart phones … Read more

Note with these that the manufacturers tend to rate them on the battery capacity: so 5000mAh is for the 3.7V battery. Once this is converted up to 5V for the USB output, allowing for conversion efficiency losses, you're probably looking at just over 3000mAh going into your phone, or whatever. If you are charging you device there will then be further losses and you'll be lucky if you're putting much more than 2500mAh of charging into your device's battery. At best. Just a warning for the unwary


Already posted and from Amazon - suspect most people would rater spend another quid with a known retailer.


Thanks, delivery info suggested free though you are correct, updated. I know it's futile though can cold voters let me know where to buy one cheaper? Please.


£19.99 price excludes delivery. Within 7 working day delivery = £1.00 Within 5 working day delivery = £2.95 Within 2 working day delivery = £6.95 Or free collection from wherever they're based. Still seems like a nice little unit.

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