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Telegraph Digital 85% off - 3 months for £1 (£3 per week thereafter - Cancel anytime)
-98° Expired
Posted 6th SepPosted 6th Sep
Until 13th September then you can sign up for the digital Telegraph subscription in the summer sale. 1 month free 2 months at 50p. Back to the normal £3 per week after that but… Read more

The Times + Telegraph aren't as good as they used to be. The noise to signal ratio is slowly getting worse. I'd rather not pay to get constant updates about what Harry and Meghan are saying.


HI @matt320uk thanks for sharing your first deal for those members who may be interested in taking out a subscription :)


Cheers, brother. Really appreciate the reading recommendation, I'll get a look.


Thanks OP ordered (y)


I've worked in local Newspapers for 33 years ... Enough said ! Carl Sagan is superb but only read one of his books years ago... The one that was similar to Patrick Tilley's Fade Out. If you have not read that give it a go !

The Spectator free for 3 months, plus get a £20 Amazon gift card for Telegraph subscribers
152° Expired
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
You can get a month free trial with telegraph and Telegraph subscribers can claim a complimentary three-month digital su… Read more

Aye, cancel and move on. Keep a close eye on unauthorised payments.


They said they're waiting on information from the gift card people and will contact me when they get it. They said this a week ago.


I had all that with them - several times over. They just don't want to pay up. Awful people to deal with. Nasty habit of claiming money after you've cancelled too.


They claim they have sent it, but there's no sign of it in any of my email folders


Anyone got theirs late ? Losing hope for mine :(

Telegraph Shop Subscriptions - Claim a Fitbit Inspire 2 with Standard Access (£76) / Claim a Fitbit Versa 3 with All Digital Access (£197)
-58° Expired
Posted 13th JanPosted 13th Jan
Telegraph Shop Subscriptions - Claim a Fitbit Inspire 2 with Standard Access (£76) / Claim a Fitbit Versa 3 with All Digital Access (£197)£76
Fitbit Inspire 2 with Standard Access (£76) Fitbit Versa 3 with Digital Access (£197)

I've took the deal purely for free money. If you are with Lloyds bank there may be a 50% off telegraph subscription cashback reward to activate, at least it was on mine (maximum cashback £20), making the subscription £56 plus free Fitbit Inspire 2 of course. They're retailing for £89. Selling "new" on eBay £50-80. Easy £15-20 profit I reckon. Free telegraph sub.


They should just knock the cost of the 'free gift' off the subscription. In my case the free gift has put me off the offer, as I already have smart watch and a Garmin


Think there is a free for one month , then 2 months for a quid deal. Online paper only, not app. I've just left that deal after free first month...


Rather have a cheaper subscription than a 'free gift'!

£3 for your first 4 months(Standard Access) / £9 for your first 4 months(All Digital Access)
-95° Expired
Posted 20th Dec 2020Posted 20th Dec 2020
£3 for your first 4 months(Standard Access) / £9 for your first 4 months(All Digital Access)£3
Full access to - News Website of the Year Exclusive subscriber rewards and events Subscriber-only newsletters Post comments and join discussions with our journal… Read more

I read all the newspapers I can get. I subscribe to 6 broadsheets -National & international and many magazines. This paper along with the Heil and Express I am reluctant to even read for free




"Boris is great". "Boris walks on water". "Boris can do no wrong". "Boris is God". "We <3 Boris". There you go, saved you all £3.

3 issues of various Hearst magazines for £3
64° Expired
Posted 1st Nov 2020Posted 1st Nov 2020
3 issues of various Hearst magazines for £3£3 Free P&P Free
Via Telegraph Rewards. Selection includes Elle, Red, Country Living. Usually about £4.50 per issue.

This could be a great idea for a loved one during lockdown

Telegraph newspaper website - free to read for registered users for 24 hours
-94° Expired
Posted 23rd Sep 2020Posted 23rd Sep 2020LocalLocal
Telegraph newspaper website - free to read for registered users for 24 hoursFREE£0.01
I know, still too expensive!

Keep talking. Very amusing to watch you keep going on and on and on .


I'm fine, particularly amused by your use of language, and the breaking of your own woke ruleset... I suppose if I were a woman, you'd call me a Karen? You've also presumed that I'm white as well?


Hahaha .You OK Hun ??


I think you've confused opinions with facts? Also, I believe the use of gammon is racially charged, as it only applies to a certain race? Possibly sexist also?


If you sign upto RBDIGITAL direct to through library for electronic magazines you can the access press reader. You can also access loads of magazines and comics FOR FREE and download them to keep. Good luck

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No pay wall this weekend Free this weekend @ Telegraph Newspaper
265° Expired
Posted 5th Sep 2020Posted 5th Sep 2020
No pay wall this weekend Free this weekend @ Telegraph NewspaperFREE£1
Telegraph journalism published this weekend is free to read on the website until Monday morning and removed the paywall until then. .

It's very common to quote witness descriptions of suspects. I think you're just looking for an argument, so I'm out.


Then they shouldn't be quoting "news" (gossip) from unreliable sources


It was a quote from a chatroom being used by local security guards to alert them to the suspect: “The suspect is described as 5ft 5 in, a male of Somalia descent, dark skinned & wearing dark clothing - a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms,” it said.


Quality journalism indeed (skeptical)


Are we on approval now? Ah, I mentioned 1 name and it's on approval... (y)

Free The Telegraph Access for NHS for 6 months
387° Expired
Refreshed 7th Apr 2020Refreshed 7th Apr 2020
Free The Telegraph Access for NHS for 6 monthsFREE£0.01 Just received the following email: Now, more than ever, Britain owes the fearless, tireless staff of our brilliant NHS a debt of gratitude. Every da… Read more

Did anyone ever get a response to their email regarding this? UPDATE... got it! Btw I’m a frontline nhs worker and taking up this offer. I can quite happily read their paper for free and still support NHS. People need to chill out a bit regarding what they will and won’t read. Just because you read such and such paper doesn’t mean you believe every word they say.


Haven’t they suffered enough?


Perhaps but not for the same cost. As a nurse with 20+ years experience, my experience is that beuracracy increases exponentially with every top down political reorganisation. More and more managers are employed to micro manage whilst at the same time bean counters employed to massage targets. Despite all this we still spend less than say Germany per person on health care.


Oh not at all! Not evidence at all. And I've had vastly worse experiences in the NHS. I just presumed, wrongly, it would be all singing fantasticness in paid healthcare. But it seems there's mega issues there too, even if you're insured to the hilt and paying co-pays.


So the redeem link they sent says already redeemed, any ideas?

Free Fitbit Inspire HR with £100 annual Standard Access Sub / Fitbit Versa 2 with All Digital Access Sub @ The Telegraph membership
-87° Expired
Posted 28th Dec 2019Posted 28th Dec 2019
Free Fitbit Inspire HR with £100 annual Standard Access Sub / Fitbit Versa 2 with All Digital Access Sub @ The Telegraph membership£100
You can get 3 different annual memberships: Standard Access - £100: Fitbit Inspire HR model worth £89.99 All Digital Access - £200: Fitbit Versa 2 worth £199.99 Print - £104: Fi… Read more

After letting my subscription lapse, I've just had a call from the Telegraph on 01634888000 offering me a year's subscription for £1 a week. I still turned it down; seems expensive after paying £50 for a year with a gift of a £50 Amazon voucher last year.


Unfortunately I didn't do that and I forgot to cancel. Contacted them the day after renewal payment was taken and they said I couldn't cancel.


As it's an annual membership (1 payment for the year) you can cancel your subscription as soon as you've paid. This is what I do every year since they offered the Google Home freebie and a year subscription for £50 in 2017 £75 Amazon voucher in 2018 for £100 subscription. £50 Amazon voucher in 2019 for £100 subscription. Once payment is made I cancel, which means my subscription remains valid until the end of the year and I'm liable for the following years Christmas offer. As for folks dismissing the telegraph... Who cares!? This is a deals website. Keep your echo chamber-esq rantings to Twitter where some folk may give a hoot. The mere fact you have used your time to tell complete strangers that you don't like a newspaper really does highlight how sad you truly are. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


What my drunk postman always says


Fitbit versa 2 can be bought for less than 200 too. Good if you'll read the telegraph!

Discounted Dragonpass Airport Lounge Pass £20 with codes @ Telegraph Shop
312° Expired
Posted 21st Oct 2019Posted 21st Oct 2019
Discounted Dragonpass Airport Lounge Pass £20 with codes @ Telegraph Shop£20£2726% off
This is an old deal, but it appears to be working again Takes price for Heathrow T5 lounge down from just under £27 to £20 Vouchers are valid for a year. This is not just for airpo… Read more

Thank you, this deal is still working! Plaza Premium Lounge at Heathrow T4 is £35 to buy in-advance on their website and £40 on the day to walk up, so saved £15-20! :) Only slight downside is, you are not actually buying access to a particular lounge on a particular day, where if you go to other (more expensive websites) they guarantee access for the the time and date you requested in the booking! This gives you a voucher to provide you with access, but if the lounge is busy on the day, they can turn you away, but the voucher is valid for a year to use at any of the websites 100+ airport locations!


Thanks for this, it's still working - just saved me £8 per pass :-)


I have used Dragon pass vouchers several times at Newcastle Aspire Lounge. First time was great, as it was an early flight & lounge was quiet, 2nd time it was a Friday afternoon, lounge was busy so we had to wait half an hour & paid for drinks in 1 of the bars while we waited. You are not guaranteed entry if lounge is busy, but you can request a refund if you won't use it within 12 months...... Unless T&C's have changed


Cheers OP. Considering this for Stansted on Weds as that is one airport that you could do with any sort of refuge from.


Gatwick south can be bad. Heathrow generally have much better options with these deals