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All inclusive agadir jan 2019 7 nights flights included £169pp (£338) @ Teletext Holidays
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Posted 22nd Sep 2018Posted 22nd Sep 2018
All inclusive agadir jan 2019 7 nights flights included £169pp (£338) @ Teletext Holidays£338
Just found this deal to morocco for a week in jan..all inclusive.. for that price who cares if its not top notch.. its sunshine in jan!!

I always fly budget due to the prices. I ain't bothered about service or comfort as long as I'm saving a few pennies which I can use towards spending on holiday


Can you recommend a airlines apart from easy jet Ryan air .nervous flyer have u tried Arabia airways???


Going for "massage" ?


£180 for 12 nights, cracking deal bro!


I went on excursions in a vest and a pair of shorts. Became blikker than I already am!

Mix Colombo Hotel 5 Nights, All Inclusive,  Sun 20 May 2018, Gatwick £172pp @ Teletext holidays
-31° Expired
Posted 25th Feb 2018Posted 25th Feb 2018
Mix Colombo Hotel 5 Nights, All Inclusive, Sun 20 May 2018, Gatwick £172pp @ Teletext holidays£172
Decent 3 star All inc. flight hotel food drink .....sorted

And my brother could never get a refund. They don't answer your emails. They won't speak to you on the phone. Nightmare


Don't book with Teletext, my brother did they gave him a different hotel from the pictures. But with the same name.


Heat added


Got to agree, I haven't rang them for years. But I remember when ever I rang the holiday I called about was no longer available but they could always offer me virtually the same holiday at an inflated price.


Teletext advertised prices are alway different to the actual price. When you call you get that true inflated price !! Stay clear of teletext holidays

Morroco Agadir Flights 7 nights Bed & Breakfast £114 @ Teletext Holidays
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Posted 6th Jan 2017Posted 6th Jan 2017
Morroco Agadir Flights 7 nights Bed & Breakfast £114 @ Teletext Holidays£114
came across this holiday deal in teletext holiday bloody cheap!!! 4* hotel flights and BnB included seems a good deal

​And what a queue it will be! What with all those immigration checks. Of course, once there you'll find Sterling worth about 80 cents to the Pound. Bargain!


We went through Agadir on way from Essouira to Taroudant (coach then taxi from Agadir). Didn't get a nice impression of it, taxi drivers were fighting over us like sharks over a bit of best rare steak - still Essouira (and Taroudant) are lovely and only a short ride from Agadir, so you could use this to get to either. I think often the more touristy the place, the less pleasant the people there, seems true in Turkey too, seem often to be better a little off the beaten path.


I think the USA and UK should go to Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria for a holiday. Oh wait, they ruined those countries to create western owned central banks.


I can remember browsing holidays on teletext tv thinking it was the future :D



marmaris turkey 1 week all inclusive april £114 teletext holidays
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Posted 9th Feb 2016Posted 9th Feb 2016LocalLocal
marmaris turkey 1 week all inclusive april £114 teletext holidays£114
a week in marmaris Turkey all inc for £114 is great,a choice of hotels all similar priced
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oh la la - Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?


​oh my. any proof. never heard such a thing. you must be French


​and get them blown off...nice!


​teletext holidays isn't hard to find!!!


"This is a deal site not a pub" Glad you noticed. :)

Egypt - Cheap flights - 7 nights - Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt £135.00 teletextholidays
-283° Expired
Posted 12th Nov 2015Posted 12th Nov 2015
Egypt - Cheap flights - 7 nights - Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt £135.00 teletextholidays£135
*Holidays have been snapped up and offer is now expired* Originally quickly voted very hot to very cold in a couple of minutes I can only believe there is temperature fixing by the… Read more

​reread it moron!


Just tell MI6 that you want to fight for ISIS against the legitimate, internationally recognised govt of Syria and MI6 will give you a free flight to turkey, safe passage into Syria, a assault rifle, training and a mercenary pay rate of around £100/day.


Hahah quoting the dailymail as source. Dear me.


Offer expired. Thank you for your attention.


What part of all flights to Sharm currently suspended didn't you understand?

7 Nights All inclusive holiday in Majorca £130pp Teletextholidays
239° Expired
Posted 31st Mar 2015Posted 31st Mar 2015
7 Nights All inclusive holiday in Majorca £130pp Teletextholidays£130
Great holiday deal I just booked for the missus and me, don't think it'll be around for much longer though

He used a credit card and now trying to claim the money back.


Exactly this, jsut stick to your guns guys and it pays off


I booked with them last year and they did exactly the same with me. They tried to tell me luggage was £100 pp on top when I pushed for the airline they kept saying only on booking. I said I would go elsewhere, they caved. Airline was Ryanair, I argued that I would leave the luggage with them and book it via Ryanair, oddly enough it came down haha! But overall good price 10 days all inclusive 2a1c £800 transfers and luggage. Can't fault them to be honest but stand your ground. They will drop the price!


Load of sour grapes here. Enjoy the break


or use a credit card and do a charge back if the company falls to provide the goods/deal it promised you, as the credit card company protects any purchase over £100 as legally required by consumer law

Majorca, all inclusive £177 per person 7 nights October 2014 @ Teletext Holidays
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Posted 5th Jul 2014Posted 5th Jul 2014
Majorca, all inclusive £177 per person 7 nights October 2014 @ Teletext Holidays£177
7 nights all inclusive staying at Club Cala Romani Hotel in Mallorca, Majorca. This seems a very good deal for all inclusive with generally very good reviews on trip advisor. Rea… Read more

That's brill cheers m8


I was at this hotel myself last week. and only paid £250 each including transfer. hotel is beautiful, food and entertainment are ok. totally great vaule in my mind.


Ah that's brill. Who did you book with and what was the price if you don't mind me asking.


I'm going to this hotel in 3 weeks. reviews do look good. That price is good although we also got great price in school summer holidays.


Hello I booked this this evening. It totalled 225 including transfers to and from hotel each. So that's 450 for two people all inclusive in a hotel rated pretty well if you look at individual reviews. Cost of holiday went up to £201, which is by far the cheapest i can find anywhere on the planet, for all inclusive.

7 Nights All Inc Sharm Holiday December 2013 - £166 @ Teletext Holidays
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Posted 15th Oct 2013Posted 15th Oct 2013
7 Nights All Inc Sharm Holiday December 2013 - £166 @ Teletext Holidays£166
Just did a quick search on Teletext Holidays for a cheap week break to Sharm El Sheik and this one looks very affordable! 7 nights in the Amarante Garden Palms Resort which is 4 s… Read more

takethatfan1978 - Stop feeding the troll. Trigger_andy is clearly bored with nothing much to do. Instead of wasting your time trying to start arguments Andy, why not plow that energy into finding stonking deals for the rest of HUKD?


Yeah ok, glad my example amused you. :) You are assuming that just because someone books this holiday that that is all their budget is,nothing to do with finding a bargain! That is what this site is about after all. You have already said 'each to their own' so end of. Have a nice day looking for posts to be annoying in,you obviously have nothing better to do.


Nice edit with the car story.......Made a huge difference. :P


I have never travelled on that budget,it doesn't say anywhere in any of my posts that I did. The 3 times I went I paid nearly £800 a person which of course isn't much to you but is fine an amount for me for a week. Not everyone that goes there are chavs,I'm certainly not one. You have obviously ignored why I said I go there,guaranteed heat,very quiet beach(the hotel I was at)and shortish flying time as I can't travel long distance on a plane. This is a good deal for someone who wants a cheap holiday,just because they pay that amount for a holiday doesn't mean that that's all their budget is. I bought a car a couple of months ago,I had a set budget but didn't need to spend it all,does that make me a chav? Of course it doesn't. I don't understand why it bothers you where a person goes on holiday. You have no interest at all in the holiday but you keep continuing to come back and post quite horrible comments. You come across as a very spolit child.


takethatfan1978 own words ''Sharm is a **** hole I agree,there is nothing at all outside the hotels. The only really good thing is the guaranteed heat and shortish flight time.'' This is my experience as well, its a destination for chavs, clearly going by the fact this is a £166 deal and still cold....... Again, no Beach Snob would ever consider this a real Beach destination. Unless of course you are on a budget but what 'Snob' travels on this kind of budget?

21° Expired
Posted 18th Apr 2013Posted 18th Apr 2013
Gotta be cheaper than staying at home....... For the Southerners, Leeds/Bradford is North of Watford, where we breed whippets and race pigeons, we also have Jet airplanes and you… Read more

lol, stop nit picking. We all knew what I was trying to say. I an not sure how you think I have it ass about face. Then it is 0229 as I write this.


No................ genuine deal at the best, 'miss advertisement' (sic) at the worst, you got it ar$e about face ..................


I have found when I have rung teletext hoildays in the past, that the quote price was never available. Generally was based on a football team, and if you couldnt not meet the specfics for the deal, then they would enturn find tou next cheapest holiday, that was double the price. Miss advertisment at the best.


You haven't upset me, I'm checking protocol, maybe I should ring an 0844 number at my expense for the silent chillers to immediately drive it to minus 50 ;)


checking the deal was available before posting may perhaps be a good idea? sorry if i upst you

7 nights all inclusive @ Mitsis Roda Beach, from Stansted, £167 @ teletextholidays
238° Expired
Posted 3rd Apr 2013Posted 3rd Apr 2013
7 nights all inclusive @ Mitsis Roda Beach, from Stansted, £167 @ teletextholidays£167
Put down your pitchforks before you go apes**t. 7 Nights all inclusive in the 5* Mitsis Roda Beach (4/5 average on trip advisor...very good!) Fly out 18th April (Stans… Read more

Voted cold as it no longer available


this is rubbish spent ages on the phone and it costs over 400 quid! bloody waste of time SCAM


challenge accepted :D unfortunately this deal is no longer available but there is a similar deal for £438.00 per person with one shared case!


Hot as can be. This would be cheaper than staying at home, regardless of what the accommodation is like this deal is outstanding


Taxi is 49 Euros each way if you pre book on But as already stated these teletext prices never exist. If you search the same dates on travelrepublic the cost comes up as £423.96 for 2 people ( £212 each) for the same hotel and flights. They offer a shuttle transfer at £16.88 each return.