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Free Tena Lady sample packs
406° Expired
Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Free Tena Lady sample packsFREE£0.01
Please note: Due to the popularity of these sample packs, we can only offer one sample pack per person every 12 months. The sample packs are only delivered to UK and N. Ireland. … Read more

Same happened to my parcel.


Hi just wondering if anyone got their samples and what condition it was received in. My parcel was battered and put into a clear bag with an apology from royal mail for the state of the package. This is the second time I've ordered a sample from them and both times the packaging looked like it had been through hell.


To be that person.... NI is part of the UK . Do you mean the island of GB? "only delivered to UK and N. Ireland"


Tena man's are on offer to. Anyone know if They are any good!... Asking for a friend 😁



[FREE] TENA Silhouette Black Underwear for Women via Facebook
190° Expired
Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
[FREE] TENA Silhouette Black Underwear for Women via FacebookFREE£0.01 Free P&P Free
You can input your details on the Facebook page, I think you might also be able to find it on their website if you look around a bit. Feel free to get some for your family.

thanks, a few pairs ordered.. I'm getting on a bit now and can't be too careful!


free thats good thats all shes getting lol


@kevlfc valentine's present sorted for your mrs


Please note that everything after the “sample?” is tracking information which likely includes personal details from you or someone who shared the link with you. If you delete everything AFTER the question mark, the link will still work and privacy be restored: (y) tena.co.uk/women/products/free-sample?


Go to their fb page instead of using the link. The link 404 for me. Or try this one: tena.co.uk/women/products/free-sample

FREE TENA Discreet sample via Facebook
269° Expired
Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd Feb
FREE TENA Discreet sample via FacebookFREE£0.01 Free P&P Free
Do whatever you want. Be whoever you are. New TENA Discreet with instaDRY™ zone. Order your FREE sample today. Facebook Required. Use the link to go to their website. Scroll to th… Read more

Bad jokes to be Frank Ladies shouldn't have to put with it Oprah Winfrey tells better jokes Or even 9 year don't waste your time


How did this leak out?


These literally take the P


niceone ive been waiting for theese haha :)


@kevlfc found what you was looking for (y)

Free Sample from TENA - Various to pick from
271° Expired
Posted 4th Jun 2020Posted 4th Jun 2020
Free Sample from TENA - Various to pick fromFREE£0.01
Order your free product sample Keep enjoying what’s good in life! Order your free sample pack today by selecting your sample of choice in the form below. The sample will be delive… Read more

I remember ordering some of these when I was at school for no other reason than that they were free.




Thanks OP! ordered (y)


Great! Just ordered

Free Samples from Tena (Various Items)
324° Expired
Posted 3rd May 2020Posted 3rd May 2020
Free Samples from Tena (Various Items)FREE£0.01
Order your free product sample Keep enjoying what’s good in life! Order your free sample pack today by selecting your sample of choice in their form. The sample will be delivered … Read more

Nice . Thanks


Bloody great deal. Maybe even deal of the month.


What a time period we live in


No I think the Ops being serious... Period!

Free TENA Lights samples
262° Expired
Posted 10th Sep 2019Posted 10th Sep 2019
Free TENA Lights samplesFREE£0.01
more free samples from TENA, this time TENA lights that are amazing, completely free too :)

Too late for me I ordered now 😳


Thanks for posting youthful


Damn, I thought these were 'lights' until I visited Tena.co.uk




Could get quite a stash of these TENA products posted.

Free TENA Lady Silhouettes
86° Expired
Posted 9th Sep 2019Posted 9th Sep 2019
Free TENA Lady SilhouettesFREE£0.01
Just because you love tena so much, thought I would add these :)

Think it safer to visit the proper tena website to request samples than these 3rd party websites with no contact info, you don't want to give your info to anyone do you? https://www.tena.co.uk/tenalady/products/free-sample

Free TENA Men Active Fit Pants
240° Expired
Posted 9th Sep 2019Posted 9th Sep 2019
Free TENA Men Active Fit PantsFREE£0.01
Also just came across these! Very handy :)

"Also just came across these! " Now that is extremely niche!


This is not a genuine offer as far as I can see as the link takes you to the women's section.


Just ordered for a mates birthday present. (y) 💪


I don't like ice lollies either (cheeky)


Haha! Laughed so much at that, I wet myself!

Free TENA Men Pads
372° Expired
Posted 8th Sep 2019Posted 8th Sep 2019
Free TENA Men PadsFREE£0.01
Just spotted this over on the freebie site i use and they have free TENA Men Pads, a new product from TENA, another good one to claim and give to charity etc. Just fill in the for… Read more

What you've just described there is briefs.


Thanks publicly sharing your idea to the public, Dragon's Den here I come (highfive)


Preach (y)


That's OK, I might try a home made remedy using clingfilm, duck tape, and some car washer jet hose.


Absolutely it can. I would try it for you but I'm yet to find one that's small enough.

Free TENA Lady Pads
410° Expired
Posted 6th Sep 2019Posted 6th Sep 2019
Free TENA Lady PadsFREE£1
Click the link and choose the sample you want, fill in your details and you will get it in the post xx

Lovely stuff,I'm in.


On freebie section of hotukdeals someone posted a men’s version for free


Can I tell I something the people saying they are for periods- they are for incontence - we use them for our elder patents. Also there is also a offer for men’s in same freebie section on this site when people asked where the men’s freebie 👌 Also my spelling is terrible because I’m dyslexic


Lend us a Tena


there is another thread for mens!

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