TESCO £13 OFF £90 - £9 OFF £90 - £9 OFF £90-£9

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Thanks ... I've banked these

Worked For Me Too!!!

Thanks ]lufcboy! Worked!!

thanks, worked for me

cool, banked them as well cheers. heat added

Hi, how do you bank them?

Great Thanks

Banked - no problems - cheers OP!

worked for me.. great..every little helps...!!

Bank? how?

Ok found out how to bank.

For others. Go through check out and before you pay STOP. They get banked.

My question now is what's the benefit of banking, and can only 1 code be used at a time.?



Bank? how?

I am with Hearts and Smithers !

How do you bank them, is it just noting them down or saving the URL?



Bank? how?

Can some1 pls explain what is meant by 'BANK'??

voted hot, worked for me!!

I will try to explain how to "bank " codes:
1. book a delivery slot
2. fill up your shopping basket to the value of the code ie £90,
3. check out
4.click "use coupons or vouchers"
5. you can now enter all the codes you have (providing you have met the coupon criteria)
6. Dont complete your shop, and the coupons remain on your account.
7. Each time you shop the computer will take the best coupon. This is based on value and not expiry so it will use the largest first regardless of expiry. If you want to use them in expiry order then you will have to put them in each time you shop
Hope this helps!

Top codes lufcboy - come on you Whites!

Bank means add £90 of wine (or anything expensive) to your grocery order click checkout, click 'codes' box, add codes, one after another, then come out and do not add your credit card details. When ready to order they will still be there and just delete expensive wine and order as normal. Get your £9/£13 off

Cheers for these. Voted hot.

Thank you £6.00 Free Delivery £7.00 Off Order (Voted HOT HOT HOT)

Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!! Ta. X X

BArnehurst & misfire 22

Thanks for explaing what bank is

£13 off worked on the 18th May thanks

Worked for me to, thank you : )

Worked for me too! :thumbsup:

Fab! more codes :thumbsup: HOT from me thanks.

Worked for me as well. Why waste fuel driving to the shop?!:thumbsup:

Used the 13 off £90. Cheers

got £13 off my shopping. Thanks v. much!!!

Just used the code, thanks

worked here!


Unexpired- Still Valid
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