Tesco Clubcard Points Bonanza on selected Health and Beauty

Tesco Clubcard Points Bonanza on selected Health and Beauty



Thanks Voted hot, changed it from Tesco Direct as the deal is actually with tesco.com

i can only find a list of 11 items

it will depend on what is available in your local store, i can see 19 items but some people will get all 25 if their shop stocks them

where is the list?!


Hot in my opinion......ordered £12.50 worth of products for £12 of vouchers back....no brainer really

It's not bad but the products they're offering were mostly BOGOF before christmas and the points aren't actually worth quadruple the value as most of the offers from affiliates can be found online for around half price, so effectively, each point is worth double the value and because they were BOGOF because, it's around the same value.

Either way, it's still a very good deal because we stocked up when the offer was BOGOF. :thumbsup:

Is anyone else having problems with Tesco grocery money off vouchers now?

where have they all gone?????????

Tell me about it- the vouchers have disappeared completely. I don't mean to be rude to the administrators, but I really hate this new website. I have been trying to place a Tesco food order all weekend, and am still trying to find a voucher!

Some more codes on babybusinesscenter.com/tes…tml

But no joy for me.

I suspect something big, though unannounced, has happened at Tesco's Marketing department - codes no longer working. Might be time for some concerted consumer revolt, like the planned boycott of BP and Esso petrol stations now being planned.

Think most codes are targetted now. Been sooo totally rubbish that this looks like a good deal for point collectors!

When we getting the next 1000 points for £50 wine! MY WINE LAKE IS DRYING UP!!!!!

The deal is good if you want to spend double on toiletries and get few extra points. Personally going to boycott this one mainly cos there is nothing I really fancy ... but I pretend it is a points burning protest
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