Tesco Discount Voucher Code - £9 of £70 spend - valid till 13/1/08-£9

Get code & visit siteTB7



Works great thanks +heat & rep

Thanks have banked it, I won't shop with Tesco if I don't have a decent code any more as their delivery charges are outrageous!

Thanks lerryn! Heat and rep on the way!!

thanks,worked for me


how do u bank it?


how do u bank it?

Just put a few things in your basket (up to the value you need for the voucher to work £70 in this case) then go to checkout, add the voucher but DON'T checkout properly , ie add credit card details ect, then next time you do you shopping the voucher will be automatically stored.

FFFFAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBB It worked a treat thank you!!:thumbsup:

Banked, thanks

Worked for me, thank you

great worked for me - thank you so much

Worked for me thanks!

fab thanks

Thanks Just Used Code Only One That Has Worked For Me Been Looking For An Hour:)

Ok, how does this work? You need to spend £70 to receive the £9 discount?


Dont believe this. I spent all last night trying to find a code and ended up using Asda. :?

Excellent...worked for me. Many thanks.:)

Worked fine, nice saving too for the money spent. Been a real shortage of Tesco codes lately so I hope more appear soon.

Original Poster


Ok, how does this work? You need to spend £70 to receive the £9 discount?

As title says... £9 off a £70 spend :oops:

if you bank it do you still need to use by 13th ... .also is it orders by 13th or deliveries by 13th ?

EDIT: answered my own question ... must be for DELIVERIES by 13th

Great been lookin 4 a code for ages too!. They maybe stopping these generic codes now and changing them to codes that can only be used once thats why its been hard to find any working codes.
added to rep

Thanks for the code, banked it last night. I agree that the codes are more difficult to find. In particular I haven't seen any 500 or 1000 points codes applicable to groceries for ages.

Your a Star!! :-D

Thanks worked me :thumbsup:

thanks banked this one.
not so many codes around at moment.
any extra points codes any one?:thumbsup:

Thanks very much, worked for me!

Thank you, wouldn't be able to bear paying for delivery!

Tesco have now replaced many of their Grocery codes with a different format. For example 2 new codes are 68N7CYPXT7XC and R2636NY2CX4J. However, these codes can be only used once. Once they have been banked by a person it will register as campaign over. It is unclear whether their will be any further generic codes

Thanks very much, worked for me!

worked a treat so bought large box of soap powder - cheers


Thanks ]lerryn, just used this code

thanks work fine for me too.

superb find, thanks

Try XX-9G67 for £10 off £75

Thought this had worked for me too as it banked and appeared in my online bill HOWEVER when my shopping came last night the paperwork showed they had refused to honour it giving various reasons one of which that it had been used before - it hadn't, I had also spent around £85, so it wasn't due to the cost.

Not sure if I should make a fuss as I have several accounts (none have used this voucher either) and I don't want them merging the accounts.

So, be a little cautious when using the codes, hopefully it will work out ok for others?:thumbsup:

Code worked like a treat, THANKS. :thumbsup:

Worked just fine. Thanks a lot. Pays for nearly 2 lots of delivery !

[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=2]Thanks Lerryn :thumbsup:[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=2]Heat'd and rep'd [/SIZE][/FONT]

Should be XX-VBT7 add the hyphen and it works. Thanks!
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