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-5% Discount
Save 5p per litre on all Supreme Fuel purchases* at your local Texaco Key Filling Station
Save 5p per litre on all Supreme Fuel purchases* at your local Texaco Key Filling Station until 24th February 2019. Texaco Supreme Fuel contains advanced performance additives to h… Read more

BUYER BEWARE!!! Does not appear to be 5p a litre off in cash it appears to be 5x star points worth 5p per litre on a star rewards card that normally you would have to spend nearly £500 on just to get a £5 voucher

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Texaco Fuel - £0.959 & Diesel - £1.039 @ Texaco Whitchurch, Shropshire
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Posted 23rd Apr 2020Posted 23rd Apr 2020LocalLocal
Texaco Fuel - £0.959 & Diesel - £1.039 @ Texaco Whitchurch, Shropshire£0.95
Prices dropped further again to 95.9 pence per litre for petrol and 103.9 pence per litre for diesel. D A Roberts Texaco at Whitchurch, Shropshire. SY13 4QJ

Prices as of today


97.9p and 102.9 as of 2 days ago...


Cash cow for the oil companies and especially the UK government.


Couldn't miss the chance of some cheap fuel. Cheers OP!!


Lol, you still can't sell something that has no value

Updated Petrol £1.00 and Diesel £1.10 Per Litre @ Texaco Shropshire / Cheshire
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Posted 10th Mar 2020Posted 10th Mar 2020LocalLocal
Updated Petrol £1.00 and Diesel £1.10 Per Litre @ Texaco Shropshire / Cheshire£1.13
Bit of a niche one, depending on where you live but the Texaco petrol station (DA Roberts) on the A41 Cheshire/Shropshire border - address Grindley Brook, Whitchurch SY13 4QJ has c… Read more

Official figures are pants. Fill up, 50mpg, 16 gallons in the tank, go 50-70mph mostly because traffic... do the maths


The official figure is 606 miles so more than doubtful what you are saying, you would never get perfect conditions to do these claims.


I could do 800 in my Mondeo diesel if i drive efficiently! Done 750+ before


Lol there is no arguing with the ignorant, let him live in his world and we can laugh when reality slaps him in the face. 800 miles is unheard of for any car on the road today, much less a 12 year old S3 with a 60L tank. The lad was caught in a lie and is now doubling down on it instead of admitting he was wrong.


As per the original post, Cheshire/Shropshire border SY134QH.

TEXACO Service Station offering FREE COSTA COFFEE - BLACK FRIDAY DEAL with any fuel pucrhase
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Posted 26th Nov 2019Posted 26th Nov 2019LocalLocal
TEXACO Service Station offering FREE COSTA COFFEE - BLACK FRIDAY DEAL with any fuel pucrhaseFREE£2.30
TEXACO Service Station in Harpenden Road, ST ALBANS offering FREE COSTA COFFEE on Black Friday. Customers can have FREE COSTA COFFEE with any fuel purchase. NO MINIMUM PURCHAS… Read more

I was thinking of 10p fuel (lol) just a nudge with the pump


I never used supermarket pumps. Texaco prices are cheaper than local Shell. Not too bad.


My local Texaco is about 5p/litre more expensive than the cheapest nearby so if we're being pedantic, the coffee is indeed not 'free', but costing you about 10p (y)


Looks hot for me


Hot for me for my next fill up

Cheap Texaco Fuel - £1.16.9 (Shropshire)
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Posted 30th Nov 2018Posted 30th Nov 2018LocalLocal
Cheap Texaco Fuel - £1.16.9 (Shropshire)£1.17
D A Roberts Grindley Brook Whitchurch Shropshire

Just follow the saying ‘if you haven’t got anything good to say don’t say anything ‘ people posting on here, including you, are doing it to help and don’t need sarcasm or negativity


Should stay at school and learn more uk geography rather than posting sarcastic comments on here


Been on here for 12yrs now it's what the site does to you after awhile, but im open to suggestions?


Heat - as luck would have it I’m driving past there later


Way don’t you move to another site as all you seem to do is post sarcastic posts

Unleaded Fuel £1.04 @ Texaco Birmingham
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Posted 24th Jan 2018Posted 24th Jan 2018LocalLocal
Unleaded Fuel £1.04 @ Texaco Birmingham£1.04£1.1913% off
Diesel is available @ £1.09 LPG @ £0.5 CONSTITUTION HILL
Get deal*Get deal*

Nice, will fill up on my way to work then.


Have you tried using Google maps? You can search along your route and detour from the motorway to the service station of your choice


That doesn't benefit the Highways Agency who gets a cut.


call me old-fashioned but heat n petrol doesn't doesn't always lead to a great outcome


Paid £1.38.9 a litre at Motorway Service Station at W/end. I filled up before I set off, and had plenty of fuel for the journey, but hold ups, detours and long delays..... and the stuff just seems to evapourate. First time I have been forced to buy from M/way service station, and hopefully the last. Wish there were signs at junctions to tell you how for to nearest petrol station if you get off the motorway there. (annoyed)

Texaco Irlam - 7p off a litre with instore purchase
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Posted 24th Jun 2017Posted 24th Jun 2017LocalLocal
Texaco Irlam - 7p off a litre with instore purchase£0.07
Save 7p a litre at Texaco in Irlam. To obtain a voucher go in to the station buy anything such as a drink and they will hand it to you. Maximum of 100 litres
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ours is 5p / 6p a litreabove supermarkets


I live there it's a great deal


​when I last checked 2days ago diesel was 114p and petrol was 112p


Yeah but what do they charge in the first place?

Texaco Fuel Price Cut (Blackburn) Diesel 97.9p / unleaded 99.9p
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Posted 26th Jan 2016Posted 26th Jan 2016
Texaco Fuel Price Cut (Blackburn) Diesel 97.9p / unleaded 99.9p
Texaco Fuel Price Cut seen in Blackburn. Not sure if it is across the country thanks
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Good deal, hot, 106.9 locally, and I am only 20 miles from a refinery!




102.9 on mine local shell ;)


hahahahahaha :D


That photo looks like the one by Asda

Texaco Unleaded 99.9p Diesel 101.9p - Haydock, St.Helens
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Posted 27th Nov 2015Posted 27th Nov 2015LocalLocal
Texaco Unleaded 99.9p Diesel 101.9p - Haydock, St.Helens£1
Don't know how long for but best price i've seen in the area for Diesel @ 101.9p Petrol station is unmanned so cards only.
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Very funny....


All ASDA fuel stations are selling unleaded for 99.7p as posted here yesterday, but your diesel price is better by 1.8p a ltr. ASDA price guaranteed until Sunday. Not voted as it is both a bad and a good deal.

diesel 1.09.9  @ Texaco Whalebone road Romford
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Posted 9th Aug 2015Posted 9th Aug 2015LocalLocal
diesel 1.09.9 @ Texaco Whalebone road Romford
Good price for diesel at Texaco Whalebone road Romford 1.09.9 Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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that is the cheapest in the area


Most supermarkets are now cheaper than this, aren't they? I filled up for 108.9p a litre on Friday


I just keep getting fuel at my local works garage. Normally 2-3p a litre more. But seriously, what's that on a £25 fill up... Those filling up their cars on a 2-3p saving, will counter that on the now full fuel tank. Lol.


Good price around Romford. 113p at Esso, 111 Tesco


1.08 asda

Texaco fuel price drop! -  Unleaded 105.5 & Diesel 112.5 (Birmingham)
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Posted 10th Jan 2015Posted 10th Jan 2015LocalLocal
Texaco fuel price drop! - Unleaded 105.5 & Diesel 112.5 (Birmingham)
Texaco garage (Maypole, Birmingham) £105.5 - Petrol & £112.5 - Diesel The previous price for this garage was, Petrol 107.5 & Diesel 114.5 Thank you very much. Shared V… Read more
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