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Various vouchers on London Loop Weekend website

Great thanks for this

New 2 for 1 restaurant, musical, museum and show deals with Oyster

Thanks for the pointer and useful information guys :)


Blockbuster 2 for 1 rentals valid at all UK stores (excluding Northern Ireland) provided you show them your Oyster card. Unlike the other offers you do not have to use the Oyster card on a validated journey to get to the venue. See ] for full Terms and Conditions.


Deals include: Days out, Nights in Blockbuster rentals Chelsea FC Stadium Tours and Museum Natural History Museum Ice Rink Musicals & Concerts Blood Brothers Chicago Daddy Cool Les Misérables We Will Rock You Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Restaurants The Bar and Grill Bhangra Beat The Boardwalk Boulevard Brasserie Georgetown Imli Modern Indian Tapas The Living Room W1 Shows Avenue Q Blue Man Group STOMP Woman In Black

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25% off a Santander Cycles annual membership - £67.50
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Posted 27th Nov 2020Posted 27th Nov 2020
25% off a Santander Cycles annual membership - £67.50£67.50
Get 25% off a Santander Cycles annual membership using the code SCBF2020

Not a bad deal for 18p a day, Anyone who paid for a yearly package this year, was this extended due to the current covid issue?

Santander free cycle hire - 22nd September with code (World Car Free day) // 25% off Santander cycle annual membership @ TFL
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Refreshed 22nd Sep 2020Refreshed 22nd Sep 2020LocalLocal
Santander free cycle hire - 22nd September with code (World Car Free day) // 25% off Santander cycle annual membership @ TFLFREE£2
Update 1
Now live
Santander cycles hire bikes will be free to use all day on World Car free day 22nd September. For free access on Tuesday 22nd September use the code CFD2020 via the Santander … Read more

Still available today for a yearly membership


FFS, Missed it.


haha another strange thing is got the amex offer of 1000 points even though i only used a cycle twice. I guess i got lucky.


I can't explain why that's happening to you - strange times! What I've said is what happens to me and is on the official site.


Its not this, because that would be the last two times i used this (yesterday and saturday) i would have been charged £4 (£8 in total). £2 for hiring for 24 hours and 2 for exceeding 30 mins.

Free Transport for London (TfL) Backgrounds for Zoom, MS Teams etc
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Posted 18th May 2020Posted 18th May 2020
Imagine you're on a bus, or DLR or Emirates cable car... All backgrounds available to download as single files or as one collection download.

Nice work nzmtbz - just find some JPEG images on Google and post them as Zoom background deals.




Unfortunately he’s now the PM but he managed to leave behind a string of costly disasters at TfL like the cable car and largely unusable double decker buses.


Perfect, under 18s can now pretend they’ve got their free transport


You might get fined for non-essential travel...

London Buses to be free (for all essential journeys) from Monday @ Transport for London
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Posted 17th Apr 2020Posted 17th Apr 2020LocalLocal
London Buses to be free (for all essential journeys) from Monday @ Transport for LondonFREE£0.01
London Buses are free for to use from Monday for all essential journeys. The temporary decision to tell passengers they no longer need to pay coincides with a trial involving pass… Read more

It's doesn't make sense. It encourages more than the vulnerable and the elderly to see if they can have a go on the buses. I've heard this today: "the buses are free, innit?" from a person who wasn't visibly vulnerable or elderly only to be turned away from the driver. Plus there are more than three types of bus in London, with only one type with middle doors focused on for this treatment.


Approximately 200 different viruses can cause the common cold so no a cold is not a virus, it is a symptom of one of many viruses. That is the reason you can't get a cold vaccine.


False the goverment dont fund london buses


You live in London not the Highlands, walk or shop local. Public transport is only for key workers not shopping trips. Save lives.


"...the common cold is not a virus..." I'm limited to information in this universe

Covid19 Temp :Free 24 hour access to Santander Cycles for NHS Workers +All road user charges suspended + Season Ticket Refund @ TFL (London)
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Posted 23rd Mar 2020Posted 23rd Mar 2020LocalLocal
Covid19 Temp :Free 24 hour access to Santander Cycles for NHS Workers +All road user charges suspended + Season Ticket Refund @ TFL (London)FREE£0.01
In a bid to ensure London's critical workers, particularly those in the NHS, are able to travel round London as easily as possible during this national emergency TFL will suspend a… Read more

I had to apply online once they introduced that option, because I didn't receive anything for weeks after applying on the phone and saw other people commenting that they received a refund within days of phoning. They did charge a £5 fee.


Did anyone receive any TFL refund since this announce ?


Now you can apply online for the refund without having to wait for a person in the phone, but as customers are saying they are not waving the admin fee + they are not calculating from the date of last use. BEFORE you do this online make snapshots and download as many information from the oyster you need because after you won't be able to access to any information from that oyster.


also a note to everyone on refund - it is calculated based on 52 weeks - 6 weeks because of the free extra travel, so essentially 322 days basis rather than 365 days.... which means expect less to be paid into your bank account


FYI all. I was on the phone for 1 hour before talking to someone, and compared TFL estimated calculations vs my calculations before he processed my monthly travelcard and PAYG balances, TFL was out by £5!!!! Which is the £5 admin/deposit fee that is SUPPOSEDLY waived during COVID19!!! I pointed this out to the guy but poor sod can only rely on TFL system, his explaination was that's how the system generated the refund amount based on "ordinarily charged". It may not be much, but this is really sneaky on TFL part, announcing one thing and doing the exact opposite! Refund estimated 10-14 working days.

Free burrito at new Tortilla at Euston station London
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Posted 6th Dec 2019Posted 6th Dec 2019
Free burrito at new Tortilla at Euston station LondonFREE£0.01
Just show the image any time until end of Sunday 8th. Received in email as a subscriber.

Something to do while I wait for my train which was cancelled again.


Cold means going to the hell hole London


The idea of rice in a wrap is slapworthy


What did you say that got deleted?


This site is a joke nowadays say something they dont like its gets deleted, post a deal that doesnt even work for 99% of people on here its gets voted hot and is allowed to stay.

London Only - Free Travel on all TfL networks between 23:45 on New Year's Eve and 04:30 on New Year's Day @ TfL
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Posted 2nd Dec 2019Posted 2nd Dec 2019
London Only - Free Travel on all TfL networks between 23:45 on New Year's Eve and 04:30 on New Year's Day @ TfLFREE£0.01
Just seen that as per the last few years, TFL will be offering free travel from 23:45 on New Year's Eve until 04:30 on New Year's day to ease the process of trying to get back home… Read more

Yeah, I had no trains and a dismal replacement bus service when I came home from them back then, so I can sympathise somewhat, took me about two hours. Glad you enjoyed the fireworks though! I agree, well worth a tenner.


I was there last night and it was great. Well worth a tenner. The journey home on the other hand was appalling.


Did Trafalgar square decades ago. They cancelled the event, couldnt drink alcohol, couldnt leave when there. Worst Nye ever, never again.


It's well worth going, I went two years ago and it was ace.


Free 24 hour Santander Cycle Hire with code
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Posted 2nd Dec 2019Posted 2nd Dec 2019
Free 24 hour Santander Cycle Hire with codeFREE£2
From 1 December, TFL is giving everyone free access to Santander Cycles for 24 hours – including all 30-minute journeys. 🚴🚴🚴 Just enter the code SCXMAS19 … Read more

You get the one you returned?


Must have been a glitch. After attempting a few too many times, I deleted the app and started all over again. All ok now!


Installed the app just now and trying to register, I get an error message saying, "Sorry there's a problem with your registration: Invalid promotion" Also, it wants to charge me £2 to sign up. Am I doing something wrong?


Download the app and plan your journey ahead. Usually you will find bikes in zone 1, 2 and 3. Except for north London.


so basically 30 mins is free then you have to dock in?? what if there are no b ikes at the place you go to??

Transport For London Contactless Transaction - Get 10% back every time with Amex ( first 20,000 Cardmembers)
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Posted 2nd Dec 2019Posted 2nd Dec 2019
Transport For London Contactless Transaction - Get 10% back every time with Amex ( first 20,000 Cardmembers)
Good offer for Amex cardholders. Save to Card to get a 10% statement credit on an eligible contactless transaction with Transport for London by 31/12/2019 . Valid every time … Read more

Has anyone managed to get a triggering email? Have signed up and used my card to make a few contactless journeys and it’s not triggered an email and the 10% back hasn’t credited yet.


Wow, if own an AMEX, surely you will never notice 10% saving! Need Megabucks and credit rating to match to get one. TFL needs to make it a deal for everyone, like normal man's with a debit card..


Im a Amex gold card holder and i dont get any of these good ones, e.g. the supermarket offer going on. why is that??


Off topic: I see that a lot of people have Amex, but when i read T&C i cant see enough advantages to get one. May i'm missing sonething?


I hate how this deal isn't given to the people that would actually use it.. I use tfl contactless daily and no sign of it anywhere. My friend uses a monthly travel card and he has the offer.

(World Car Free Day) Free 24hr Unlimited Santander Cycle Hire (Including access to 20km Closed Roads in Central London) @ TFL
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Refreshed 20th Sep 2019Refreshed 20th Sep 2019
(World Car Free Day) Free 24hr Unlimited Santander Cycle Hire (Including access to 20km Closed Roads in Central London) @ TFLFREE£2
On the 22nd September, to celebrate World Car Free Day, you can get 24hrs of unlimited Santander Cycle hire for free. You will need to enter the code CarFreeDay2019 when accessin… Read more

So we should only obey laws that prevent fatalities? I'm pretty sure there is a raft of laws that don't fall in this category. B&C we will probably never know D - What laws are you prioritising when you condone cyclists running red lights exactly? And what exactly is unjust about asking cyclists to obey traffic laws? I will get upset if cyclists use pavements if there is no cycle path. I'm pretty sure they can tell the difference, and cyclists don't use pavements because they are confused, they use them as a short cut, because they want to avoid traffic queues or are afraid to be on the road. Bicycles are defined as vehicles and have to obey traffic laws as vehicles. If cyclists are afraid to be on the road, choose a different type of transport, simple as that


I walk round a path to my local waitrose and roughly once a week I see someone cycling / scootering (some electric) at what I estimate to be circa 15mph passing only 2 feet away from pedestrians inc. small children dogs etc yes most don't cycle at that speed but unfortunately some selfish dangerous ones do...


I don't think many cyclists would be doing those speeds on the pavement, no disrespect in pointing out the obvious but pavements aren't like roads, people moving in different directions, sometimes in crowds, it's not an easy place to pick up speed but I do concede that given the movement, bicycles can become hazardous regardless of speed.


Of course a car carries much more force but the speed of some cyclists would mean they would contact with pedetrians somewhere between 10-15+ mph.


I'm not saying it's not possible, it can frighten people, people do very occasionally get hit but rarely ever killed. And whilst this is bad I think it needs to be put in perspective. A cyclist hitting you 5 mph is nothing like being hit by a car at 30-50mph even if the cyclist may be travelling at 10-25mph

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