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flavorstone cookware £79.99 @ Thane Direct
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Posted 11th May 2017Posted 11th May 2017
flavorstone cookware £79.99 @ Thane Direct£79.99
A great deal for flavorstone cookware.
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flavorstoner 28mm gourmet 6pc set £29.99 @ Thane
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Posted 14th Jan 2016Posted 14th Jan 2016
flavorstoner 28mm gourmet 6pc set £29.99 @ Thane£29.99
These pans were posted a couple of weeks ago but they were out of stock. Back in now

I just got an email saying mine will be delivered tomorrow.


Anyone actually received ?


out of stock :(


oos : (


Had these before. The non stick surface was the best i have seen, unfortunately it transfers heat through the handle which melted it from the inside. Im surprised these are allowed to be sold in uk. Fair warning

H2o x5 Steam Cleaner £49.99 @ thanedirect boxing day sale
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Posted 26th Dec 2015Posted 26th Dec 2015
H2o x5 Steam Cleaner £49.99 @ thanedirect boxing day sale£49.99
H2ox5 in either limited edition purple or blue. A one day saving of £30 if bought direct from manufacturer. Free p+p. £49.99 was the best price i could find for today. Some people… Read more



£38 in home bargains.


Hot thanks


Bought mine at £90 from qvc about 3 years ago. Use it alot on the kitchen floor and as a result have no mop anymore which is a good thing as this is more hygienic. Don't use it so much as a hand held steamer which is a shame. Bought spare cloths from Amazon.


im well impressed with mine, im a frugal moneysaver who doesnt like chemicals, often using sodium bicarb n vinegar! my family much prefer the aroma from this instead ha ha im tempted to buy one just as its a good deal, cheers op

Flavorstone 28cm Gourmet 6pc Set only £29.99 + free delivery at Thane
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Posted 25th Dec 2015Posted 25th Dec 2015
Flavorstone 28cm Gourmet 6pc Set only £29.99 + free delivery at Thane£29.99
Great price for 5 pans and a lid! Not sure if £179.97 RRP is to be believed, but can't go wrong at this price. Also selling some of these pans individually for a reduced £9.99. S… Read more

Did you recieve , I have been told due to their error I can no longer recieve and will be refunded ! Now stuck with thermo set for pots that I don't have


Ahhhhh, sorry all - I spotted this around 10am but only just got home to post here (although was still in stock at time of posting). Well done to all that got it!


great price shame they are out of stock



ThaneDirect £1 deals £1 postage
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Posted 18th Mar 2015Posted 18th Mar 2015
ThaneDirect £1 deals £1 postage£1
First post be kind. Had email inviting me to £1 deals - £1 postage . Got £4.00's worth !! Retail Value £130.00
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Now showing everything OOS. Expired


The issues with the payment method only seem to affect certain products. I purcahsed the "airman" for some early bday and xmas presents and one of the heat packs. Both of these gave zero cost for delivery. When ordering the Tapout set this gave a postage of £9.99 and there was no way around this. Hot for the deal but cold for the website. Thanks OP x


Wonder how many people have accidentally paid the £9.99 postage, The offer page doesn't say anything about £1 postage


Not working ... still 9.99 p&p and worse keeps crashing ... giving up now ... cold


Mines showing £9.99 postage when I go through to Paypal....

H2O Mop X5 only £79.99 @ Thane
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Posted 7th Mar 2014Posted 7th Mar 2014
H2O Mop X5 only £79.99 @ Thane£79.99
This recently was £99.99. I used and it and I enjoyed using it. They said on their TV ad that it weighs less than 5lbs. Have a go using it. No chemicals required, only needs water

Before you buy, read the reviews Amazon X5 reviews


2.8 out of 5 from 324 reviews on QVC dont exactly say its up to much


Take it apart as ours had a dodgy hose and was quick 10 mins fix


Brilliant machine but ours stopped working after a few months, just didn't generate any steam, only used filter water in it, appears to be a recurrent problem with these, just replaced with a Pifco one.