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£10 Discount
£10 Discount
10% off family tickets £18 adults £9 kids England v Slovakia
Jut recieved an email outlining a discount to the England Vs Slovakia game on Monday 4the September at Wembley. They are offering £10 off tickets or 10% off tickets in family sta… Read more

That bumfluff spaniel Rooney has gone so now the England team is worth supporting again


Great price to get into Wembley!


My freebies still not been cancelled...pretty sure they just want bums in seats for this so they probably won't cancel lol


wah wah wah!


Which was the deal that went cold? This one .. that got over 1000% heat?? The problem with England is that nobody wants to play as a TEAM. They're too busy looking at their own personal achievements and their own goal-scoring record. Also.. this is cold from me. Tickets are available for £10 on the link above. Sorry.

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Free to watch FA Cup matches this weekend via FA Player App
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Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
Free to watch FA Cup matches this weekend via FA Player AppFREE£0.01
Obviously there are numerous ways to watch the FA Cup matches this weekend but Ive just found out that the FA Player app has a lot of the other matches on aswell. You have to down… Read more

No probs mate cheers (y)


Thanks that's a great site


Play up Pompey 💙


Tangmere, Tranmere, who cares. Whichever, I'm sure they will lose. (angel)

Good post OP

Women's Scotland vs Jamaica Adults: £5 Concessions: £2
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Posted 11th Apr 2019Posted 11th Apr 2019
Women's Scotland vs Jamaica Adults: £5 Concessions: £2£2£560% off
SCOTLAND V JAMAICA Women's Friendly Match Date: Tues 28th May 2019 Kick-off: 19:35 Stadium: Hampden Park, Glasgow Adults: £5 Concessions: £2

They beat Brazil on Monday! Great result. (y)


You should nea be hard on the Scottish men their still practising for when the time is right.


If £5 for women's team it should be £2.50 for the Scottish men's team


Hot added thanks, Saor Alba.


With all these puns Jamaican me crazy.

The SSE Women’s FA Cup Final 2019 * May 4th * Wembley * Half Price * Kids Go Free - £7.50 (With Code) @ The FA
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Posted 8th Mar 2019Posted 8th Mar 2019
The SSE Women’s FA Cup Final 2019 * May 4th * Wembley * Half Price * Kids Go Free - £7.50 (With Code) @ The FA£7.50£1550% off
Happy International Women's Day! To celebrate International Women's Day we're giving you 50% off all adult tickets for The SSE Women's FA Cup Final 2019. Simply enter the code … Read more

I don't care what age you are. Sometimes when life is over for some it happens 20...100. Like me...I will sign off and i hope tomorrow wont't be my last day. So I will say bye, lets hope for tomorrow?


Is age a number? I am aged.


Take a look a yourself. How old are you?


Do not believe what the press try and show. Abuse rates are no higher now than 50 years ago. It is only UK that is weird. Other EU countries do not wish to label men is such a negative way. Even NSPCC picture men as abusers in adverts. I complained and said, why now show women as abusers, or equal it? This is why I will never donate to NSPCC.


You know what...I just tried to be nice and say we agree to disagree it's not a problem. Why not just leave it there? I LIVE in that world but I'd prefer if we didn't. Jeez when I was younger this wouldn't have been talked about but NOW it is. We have to go with the times. As you love your articles so much should we bring up all the abuse from academy students that has come up recently? We don't want it to happen again!! I mean I don't even know what to say to you anymore. I'm 31 and hate this world already. I can't see me being here for the longest of times but I will support things that mean something to me. If you live in such a closed world with that mind I hope someone fills it for you with positivity because I know mines not strong enough.

Under 16's - Watch two football finals - back to back - at Wembley for just £1 [FA Vase and FA Trophy Finals - 19th May]
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Refreshed 17th May 2019Refreshed 17th May 2019
Under 16's - Watch two football finals - back to back - at Wembley for just £1 [FA Vase and FA Trophy Finals - 19th May]£1£2095% off
Thought this was daft cheap for under 16's to go to Wembley Stadium and watch not one, but two footy finals - The FA Vase and FA Trophy Finals . Non-League Finals Day returns to … Read more

My favourite ever comment! This is exactly what I do whenever I see somebody made a mistake in my eyes.


True but they have to have a gap because of the possibility of extra time and penalties.


Could be double Wembley glory for AFC Fylde!


It’s 2034. Tens of thousands of dead-eyed 29 year olds queue for miles around Wembley for the next event. They don’t know what the game is - they don’t know when it is and they don’t care. What they do know is that their addiction must be met. Silence fills the streets. Their former friends are at home, adding to their Instagram stories as they openly mock these London-dwelling orphans that time forgot - those 16 year olds of 2019 whose parents got them cruelly addicted to the worst drug of all. A Wembley event. For £1. Ex-users of a now defunct website ‘HotUkDeals’ wrestle daily with their conscience that somehow, through their negligence, they instigated this societal meltdown by upvoting. At the FA Headquaters another stack of gold bullion is deposited. They don’t even count it anymore. They’ve won.


Targeting those who cannot attend without a guardian in order to make that money up from charging more for the guardian thus also further getting these kids addicted to such events so that their likelihood of returning is dramatically increased though by then there will be no discount. (No hostility to OP. Great deal in fact. Just ranting to the company)

Women’s FA Cup tickets May 4th- half price! £7.50
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Posted 10th Jan 2019Posted 10th Jan 2019
Women’s FA Cup tickets May 4th- half price! £7.50£7.50£1550% off
SSE Women’s FA Cup New Year Offer Grab your ticket to The SSE Women’s FA Cup Final on May 4 at Wembley Stadium for just £7.50. Enter SSEWFAC2019 at check out to redeem this offer … Read more

Just ordered - thanks for the head up OP :)


Yeah good point. I won’t




Men do, but that vid just shows what you can expect from women's football normally. I have really tried to watch women's football, but I just get sooooooooooooo angry and frustrated because it is sooooooooooooo poor.


You obviously haven't watched women's football then... Nothing to do with being sexist, the quality of football is just not the same. You see better quality over the park on Sunday.

4 free children's tickets with each paying adult (£15) @ The FA for Women's FA Cup final
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Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
4 free children's tickets with each paying adult (£15) @ The FA for Women's FA Cup final£15
Obviously no idea who is going to be playing yet, but up to 4 free children with each paying adult. My tickets were right behind the goal at £15 per adult. Even if you don't take c… Read more

Thanks. Means a lot (y)


(lol) no. Just a poor standard of football trying to get a piggyback off the men’s game.


Well done champ


Misogyny is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls


You’d have to pay me to watch women’s football. The standard is so low. And now we have to put up with female pundits on tv. PC world going crazy.

England vs Wales FIFA Womens World Cup 2019 qualifier tickets £10 (but just £1-U21s/65+) @ St Mary's Southampton Fri 6 Apr 7pm
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Posted 14th Mar 2018Posted 14th Mar 2018
England vs Wales FIFA Womens World Cup 2019 qualifier tickets £10 (but just £1-U21s/65+) @ St Mary's Southampton Fri 6 Apr 7pm£10
Spare some heat for the English Lionesses and Welsh Dragonesses(?) who will face each other in their bids to qualify for the 2019 FIFA Womens World Cup (hosted by France). St Mar… Read more

That's for another forum. Let's keep to price-saving hot deals here.


Agreed, physiological differences, yes, assuming every male and every female are presumed to grow to their full physical potential and then compared only on that, but struggle to agree that this somehow relates to how good a standard of player in real world terms this produces. Comparing all the greatest ever male (and female) players shows a massive difference if only taking into account their "biological and physical" attributes. Surely, even if only comparing males with other males, there's more to any footballer than just physical potential. I'd take Pele, Owen or Vardy over Sol Campbell anyday in my starting 11.


You don't seem to think there's biological athletic and physical differences between men and women when it's a fact that there is. Womens football would not be at the same standard or higher regardless of what you suggested.


Which part doesn't make sense to you? We'll try and explain it for you.


The women's game has come on huge leaps and bounds. To the point where I will always watch the Lionesses play in Major competitions now. The great thing is, at the rate things are improving. The best is yet to come in the women's game. However, I must say that the goalkeepers for some reason are absolutely shocking across the board. And I can't figure out why that would be? Anyway, I'd pay to watch professionals who represent our great country. Regardless of gender 8)

Watch England Women Play A World Cup Game For £1 (U18s) / (£7.50 For Adults)!
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Posted 5th Jan 2018Posted 5th Jan 2018
Watch England Women Play A World Cup Game For £1 (U18s) / (£7.50 For Adults)!£1
On April 6 2018, England Womens will take on Wales Womens in a world cup qualifier match. I think this is a great price for tickets and a good time! Adults: £7.50 Under 18s: £1 The… Read more

I’d only go to see it one was wearing a lose bra <3


Not so sure that's realistic - they've just come off the back of a manager-losing streak but they're streets ahead of the 2 minutes out of every 90 you'll see West Ham play well these days. That's why they sell tickets for a quid, too.


People still pay more than that to watch West Brom and the level of football at the Hawthorns is less entertaining than watching England's women's team. (other dull football teams are available)


They wouldnt fill that stadium if the tickets were free.


Rugby and cricket

England V Italy - Wembley. Kids £10 / Adults £20 @ The
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Posted 16th Dec 2017Posted 16th Dec 2017
England V Italy - Wembley. Kids £10 / Adults £20 @ The
Can't see that this has been posted already. Got an email a few weeks back by forgot to post. The FA are selling England V Italy tickets from £10. The game is Tuesday 27th March, … Read more

The downsides are, its a pointless friendly, its for seats in the clouds and finally and more importantly it's on a school night :(


I don't blame you to be fair, GCSE time is difficult enough as it is. More often than not fixture dates are out of the hands of the FA. For example during the qualifiers for EURO 2016 each team had to play a home match on a different night of the week- not just the traditional Tuesday/Saturday. A theme that was similar but not as strict for Russia 2018. They might have been able to choose Saturday 24th, however England play Holland away on Friday 23rd. This fixture might have been agreed first- or perhaps Holland's next fixture was, given they also play Spain on Tuesday 27th themselves. These family section prices are available for every England home game, so I'm sure you and the kids will ba able to enjoy a match at Wembley soon (y)


So, they could have chosen Saturday 24th. I would have to take them out of school for 2 days in reality, but can't risk it as it's a GCSE year for one of mine.


All International dates are set by FIFA- in this case 19-27 March. The FA (who you can't blame) has scheduled the match as close to the school Easter break as possible (depending on where you live). Wriggle room for an unauthorised (on the basis of providing life experience/education) absence or a 'close family wedding or funeral'? 8)


Standard price for 'family section' at Wembley for all home games. Number of tickets available depends on opponent and whether a qualifier or friendly but well done for posting (y)

England BF sale, mens home/away 2017 shirt £31.50 delivered
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Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
England BF sale, mens home/away 2017 shirt £31.50 delivered£31.50
Seem decent prices if you don't want the very latest for the World Cup next year. Discounts across the site.

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