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Cock flavour seasoning 100g £5.00 at The Asian Cookshop
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Posted 3rd Nov 2014Posted 3rd Nov 2014
Cock flavour seasoning 100g £5.00 at The Asian Cookshop£5
;) £1.65 + £3.35 delivery Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Surprised we've not had this one yet...


Thats what she could say cause mouth full.


Just be careful it doesn't come from Manchester!


makes me drool as soon as the cocky goodness hits my mouth


Ch4 Unreported world Pakistan secet shame

Cock soup only £0.79 @
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Posted 24th Apr 2014Posted 24th Apr 2014
Cock soup only £0.79 @£0.79
Sorry, couldn't help myself. Other such delights are also available, such as cock flavour seasoning @ £1.65, shame there's a delivery charge but it if you're in the market for spic… Read more

made me laugh


This deal is a load of cock n bull if you ask me........oh school boy humour....... At least some members still have a bit of humour!


Might be able to stretch it out to last a couple of days.


6 years and a month for you


Not even that good a deal only 59p in Morrisons

Bottle of brandy essence just 75p delivered - Asian Cookshop
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Posted 3rd Dec 2012Posted 3rd Dec 2012
Bottle of brandy essence just 75p delivered - Asian Cookshop£0.75
Just what you need for brandy butter. Or if you're feeling skint, find an empty bottle of Courvoisier in the pub skip and fill it with water and a bottle of this, then bring it to … Read more
Cock Soup.......It's back! Free delivery if you spend more than £24.99 :D  £0.79 + £2.99p&p @ theasiancookshop
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Posted 1st May 2012Posted 1st May 2012
Cock Soup.......It's back! Free delivery if you spend more than £24.99 :D £0.79 + £2.99p&p @ theasiancookshop£3.78 I can't seem to get hold of this anywhere, so I was delighted to see that I can order it online! What's even better is that if I spend more than £24.99, I get free discr… Read more

plenty in morrisons today[image missing]49p each, some one said asda is 48p if you prefer there


Too much cock soup?


Did a batch of this go wrong? Cockup soup? oO


Ha lol


This soup should be for 18+

Worlds Hottest Chilli Pepper! - Bhut Jolokia - 50p + £3.75 p&p  @theasiancookshop
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Posted 7th Sep 2011Posted 7th Sep 2011
Worlds Hottest Chilli Pepper! - Bhut Jolokia - 50p + £3.75 p&p @theasiancookshop£4.25
This chilli pepper... IS THE HOTTEST IN THE WORLD. Yep. It holds the world record. Where else can you buy a record breaker for 50p? Surely for this alone this is a bargain. Jus… Read more

Wish tescos near me did them :( Anyone want to buy me a couple of bags, and I'll pay for postage and a pint?


Just because they are hot doesn't mean they should be any more expensive than any other chilli. They are just as easy to grow as any other chilli. 50p for a chilli is ridiculous when you add £3.75 P&P it makes it one of the most rubbish deals on here. Voted very cold!


Sorry bit of a rip,, larger tescos sell packs of Bhut Joloika(aka ghost chilli) 15g a pack roughly 2or 3 chillies in a pack for 90p in the fresh veg aisle. I had my sweet revenge on my hubby who asked for his chilli con carne hotter, snuck two of these babys in and watched him struggle like mad haha


Cheaper in Tescos:


Cheaper in Tesco.