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Resident Evil Origins Collection (PS4) £12.03 @ The Gamery
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
This is starting to get up in price as seems to be limited copies around. Resident Evil Zero Features: Return to the series origins - Discover the truth behind what led to the … Read more

Well worth it for the best game in the series: Resident Evil (2002)


Yes 7.85 back in Feb I know the gold got as low as 11.95 back in March.


Has it ever been ~£7 when other Greatest Hits games have gone to that price ? :)


Ahh my bad. It was game collection and its OOS when you click on it. Seems to be 14.95 everywhere else. Though standard RE7 11.62


Oo yes please I'll have that ;)

Trials Rising Gold Edition (Nintendo Switch) £11.95 delivered @ thegamery
164° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Currently in stock with free UK delivery.
Get deal*Get deal*

Whilst not the prettiest game it's a very fun game and perfect for handheld play.


Great game for the switch. The dynamic resolution in handheld can be noticeable sometimes but didn't stop me from ploughing many hours into this.

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate £24.95 PS5/PS4/Series X/XBOX One £24.95 @ The Gamery
202° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate £24.95 PS5/PS4/Series X/XBOX One £24.95 @ The Gamery£24.95£39.9938% off Free P&P Free
A good price for the Ultimate Edition. The definitive MK11 experience! Take control of Earthrealm’s protectors in the game’s TWO critically acclaimed, time-bending Story Campaigns… Read more



I could do that, but I really wanted the ps5 game case.


Use the PS4 version for the free upgrade and included code for PS5 specific DLC. You can eventually sell the game if you don't want it as a PS4 Ultimate copy that can still be played with all DLC on PS5 through backward compatibility.


A stupid decision of theres will stop me ever buying on ps5


Beware that PS5 version is just the base game on disc with DLCs (Ultimate version) as digital download code. so once you used it,it’s over you can’t re-sell it. the Xbox Series X and even PS4 versions have full game on disc.

Man Eater Day One Edition PS4 £4 @ The Gamery
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Man Eater Day One Edition PS4 £4 @ The Gamery£4£19.9580% off Free P&P Free
Hi, first ever post so please push me in the right direction if I've messed anything up. Man Eater Day One Edition PS4 £4! Bargain… Read more

did they even reread their message, so many words joined together


my order was just marked as shipped


You know what, I hadn’t even noticed that, I’d just assumed that it was PS4 users as well.


Cancelled my order, and only gave me one copy of the two copies I ordered! SERIOUSLY, ARE THEY FOR REAL!. I'm going to write them a strongly worded email tonight... thanking them for such a nice gesture and for going above what most other companies would do in this situation, they seem like a decent company.


That's actually very nice of them. I hope the OP managed to snag one before posting the deal and subsequently missing out due to his own generosity which is a mistake I've made recently lol

Dragon Quest Builders 2 (PS4) £12.95 / Dragon Quest Heroes II £13.95 (PS4) Delivered @ The Gamery
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Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Dragon Quest Builders 2 (PS4) £12.95 / Dragon Quest Heroes II £13.95 (PS4) Delivered @ The Gamery£12.95 Free P&P Free
Dragon Quest Heroes II (PS4) DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 is a block-building role-playing game with a charming single player campaign and a robust multiplayer building mode that sup… Read more

Yeah but mad how they’ve been priced for a long time now. Still want one though (lol)


Are you referring to the first Builders game since the sequel never got a Vita release


It’s worse on the Vita ain’t it. Although for good reason! It’s still a lot.


Nice find, I'm always amazed how cheap builders 2 is on the PS4, it's a joke price on the switch


Good price.

Another Sight (PS4) - £8.63 delivered at The Gamery
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Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Another Sight (PS4) - £8.63 delivered at The Gamery£8.63 Free P&P Free
ANOTHER SIGHT: The surreal fantasy adventure allowing you to help Kit and her feline companion Hodge grow closer as they explore the unexpected fantasy world of 1899. Team up for a… Read more

Out of stock in both stores - I spotted this one too late sadly


£8.99 with Base if anyone is interested. Base Never heard of it until now but looks interesting so picked up a copy.


Now gone


Game sounds interesting and for £8.63 I think it’d be worth a punt :)

Close To The Sun (PS4) £9.89 delivered at The Gamery
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Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Close To The Sun (PS4) £9.89 delivered at The Gamery£9.89 Free P&P Free
A few pence cheaper at 365 but only one left Close to the Sun PS4 Game -

Very enjoyable if slightly short game. Well worth it.


Thanks ordered


For the Steam/PC version, this is currently 89p on Fanatical:


I enjoyed this, slow paced, but good 'Bioshock' vibes.


Thanks. I've thinking about playing this for a bit but the price on psn has stayed a bit too high

Grip: Combat Racing: Rollers Vs Airblades Ultimate Ed (Cartridge) (Nintendo Switch) £13.62 @ The Gamery
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Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Grip: Combat Racing: Rollers Vs Airblades Ultimate Ed (Cartridge) (Nintendo Switch) £13.62 @ The Gamery£13.62
Another Great Price. This version includes all the DLC (15 Garage DLC Packs) Physical Cartridge Version Anti-grav and wheeled racing in One game. GRIP is a high octane, hardcore c… Read more

I often see redout for 6_7 quid brand new on the PS4


I wouldn't rush XD , it's still an average futuristic racer, compared to Fast RMX, F-Zero series, Wipeout series, Extreme G series. I have yet to try Redout, that looks good but never goes down to the price I'll bite.


The game is great BUT at higher speeds its luck more then skill, the cars will fly off the track at a moments notice and the AI will rubber band worse then mario kart 64. I tried to 100% the game but gave up.


Same here . Glad to hear the PS4 version is an improvement. I've been tempted, but was wary after the hot mess that is the Switch port.


If you have other systems you can purchase this on eg. PC, PS4, I would do that instead. This is the only Switch game I have returned. I later purchased it for the PS4 and the difference in overall performance/enjoyment is night and day. Plus, other systems have 4 player split screen, whereas the switch is limited to 2 players.

Close To The Sun (Nintendo Switch) Cartridge - £10.65 @ The Gamery
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Posted 18th MarPosted 18th Mar
Close To The Sun (Nintendo Switch) Cartridge - £10.65 @ The Gamery£10.65
It’s 1897. Deep in international waters, the Helios stands still. Dark clouds loom overhead as unforgiving waves crash against the hull. Colossal effigies of gold, decorated with m… Read more

Out of stock