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The Phoenix Comic - 6 issues for £1 at The Phoenix
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Posted 2nd Nov 2020Posted 2nd Nov 2020
The Phoenix Comic - 6 issues for £1 at The Phoenix£1
The Phoenix are currently running an introductory offer of SIX issues for a quid. Looking for a ridiculously entertaining gift? The Phoenix comics are fun AND educational - get t… Read more

will give it a go for my boy, thankyou


How easy is it to cancel the subscription? And how soon after you sub? Thanks.


This is great carried on after the trail back in April. Another amazing amazing subscription magazine imo is Storytime. £5 a month but full of stories, stuff to do and an online learning section to go with the stories. Heat op


Again, this comic is great for kids, better quality than the Beano. If you dont want to subscribe, check out some of the 2nd hand paperbacks on eBay. Can usually pick them up cheap. Just search "phoenix presents" Corpse Talk is a particularly good starting point. Guy digs up corpses of famous historical characters and interviews them.


I think we might do too. Obviously I haven't had it yet - but it looks right up son's street and might even introduce him to other characters he likes. I can't wait for it to arrive!

4 issues of 'The Phoenix' comic for £1 delivered from The Phoenix
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Posted 8th Mar 2020Posted 8th Mar 2020
4 issues of 'The Phoenix' comic for £1 delivered from The Phoenix£1
Seems like a cool comic for kids (and adults) for 25p per issue delivered. If it's not for you as usual, make sure you cancel the sub! What is the Phoenix? The Phoenix is a high-q… Read more

My two (7 & 9) love it. They've even had their ideas published on the reader's page. :) £1 for a 4 week taster, you can't really go wrong.


Your 9yo will love them! Search "the phoenix presents" on eBay for some of the collected paperbacks. You can pick up some of them 2nd hand, great condition.


It really is great. We've stopped now as my kids are too old, but the stories are a good mixture. My kids loved them while we subscribed for 3 years.


I hope so! Not had it before so will soon find out, and if it's pants I won't be too annoyed at the loss of a pound :D


I've been tempted by this for my 9yo. Is it as good as it's supposed to be?

Phoenix Comic for 7-14 year olds (Beano alternative) 4 issues for £1 DD at The Phoenix
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Posted 30th Oct 2019Posted 30th Oct 2019
Phoenix Comic for 7-14 year olds (Beano alternative) 4 issues for £1 DD at The Phoenix£1£9.9990% off
Looks like a fun engaging family alternative to the ever thinning Beano comic. 4 issues for one pound, just cancel the DD after you buy if you don't want to continue at £10 monthly… Read more

Good spot.corrected


Phoenix, not 'Pheonix'.


It's really great. Kids loved it in the 2 years we got it. They preferred it to the Beano.


Thanks for your feedback. Looks tempting.


Yup we’ve been getting it for a few years now, the kids love it. There’s a great mix of comedy and action and no ads.

The Phoenix Comic - 4 issues for £1
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Posted 26th Apr 2019Posted 26th Apr 2019
The Phoenix Comic - 4 issues for £1£1
Disclaimer - I have no idea if this is any good - Im sure someone's kids must have read it in here. Anyway I signed up as you can cancel at any time. Age group for comic is 6-10 … Read more

They are brilliant comics. My daughter has loads. Search the collected paperbacks on eBay. They are brilliant books for kids

The Phoenix - Weekly Children's Comic - 4 issues for £1 (trial)
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Posted 30th Nov 2017Posted 30th Nov 2017
The Phoenix - Weekly Children's Comic - 4 issues for £1 (trial)£1
Had this mentioned to me by a friend, and it came highly recommended. I have done the trial, and will see if the children enjoy it. Seems like a good thing, especially over the hol… Read more

Our first issue arrived yesterday, daughter seems impressed. Will be interesting to see what her thoughts are after four issues


Thanks. Heat added. Just ordered. Great stocking gift for my daughter.


Thank you so much for this. Can I cancel as soon as I have ordered? x


Thank you, ordered this for my 10-year-old son, Phoenix!


Glad to hear all the feedback is good. Hopefully, this will be enjoyed by my children. I've added the link to cancelling in the op, but I think £29 for 12 weeks/issues is around 2.60 per issue - not bad imo But, will reserve judgement once it arrives