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Football manager 2020 from Aldershot Town. £20
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Posted 2nd Dec 2019Posted 2nd Dec 2019
Football manager 2020 from Aldershot Town. £20£20
After seeing many posts on here regarding lower league teams stocking this product and being unsuccessful, I managed to track it down on Aldershot FC’s website. 14 left In stock £2… Read more

Honestly. I don’t know. Potentially yeh. Because u can use the steam key and install it that way so you don’t need the disk. The problem lies if you sold the disk and they need the steam key to activate it. Steam might recognise that there’s 2 of the same key being used and shut it down but it’s unlikely


If I sold the CD or gave it away, would the person buying be able to play the game?


Yes mate!! Cutting down on plastic everywhere it seems!


Was yours in a cardboard box instead of the plastic ones like they used to be in?


Thanks, picked the game up today!!

Football manager 2017 £17.00 Aldershot FC
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Posted 19th Jan 2017Posted 19th Jan 2017
Football manager 2017 £17.00 Aldershot FC£17
This is a great deal £10 for football manager 2017 plus £7 p&p which is still a massive deal.
Get deal*Get deal*

Anyone received their copy yet? 5 days ago I ordered £7 postage not here. Bit of a joke


does anyone know when it be back in stock or anywhere else i can buy it from another club shop?


Already out of stock


OOS currently. I think I might have passed regardless. Not seen this many negative reviews on an FM game before.


Come on The Shots!!!

Football manager 2017 for £20 C+C from Aldershot FC (+ £7 Del)
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Posted 10th Nov 2016Posted 10th Nov 2016
Football manager 2017 for £20 C+C from Aldershot FC (+ £7 Del)£20
Cheaper than my last deal for this game from fc united of manchester. £20 for the physical boxed copy.

For anyone that cares, you can buy this from the club shop at Weston Super-mare FC for £23. Collection only. They don't deliver.


Yep, spot on. You just click "Add Game" and put the code in. Here's a link that shows how it's done.


I would imagine it's a key that is activated online via Steam. The game would then download from the Steam platform to your computer.


How did you manage to enter the code? I thought you had to have the cd in your computer in order to get the option to enter the code?


Hey guys, So I called Aldershot and asked them if I could buy the game over the phone and they could read out the code to me. The lady said that was fine and she took a £20 payment through my card then opened a copy of the game and read it out to me. Installs fine. Playing it after work today hopefully. Please bare in mind that I asked in an extremely polite manner and the lady I spoke to (Tania Janik) was super helpful too. So in all, football manager for £20, all in. Cheapest so far.