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Lemon Cream Pie Quest Nutrition Bars x12 - Discount Code £8.78 Delivered thesupplementstore
27° Expired
Posted 28th Apr 2016Posted 28th Apr 2016
Lemon Cream Pie Quest Nutrition Bars x12 - Discount Code £8.78 Delivered thesupplementstore£8.78
Seems like a great deal but I've never tried the Lemon Cream Pie flavour, they may be rancid but these are a nice snack to keep hunger at bay. Price is £7.99 use the code EXTRA15 … Read more

It wasn't stated. If you payed via paypal open a case. They're also selling the brownie ones at this price. And nowhere does it state it's short dated. Also short dated means they're still in date not 3 months out of date.


Got reply from them as follows : Following up on our telephone conversation, I can confirm the Quest bars that you purchased where short dated and this was displayed in the description.   If you do not wish to keep the bars, you can return it back to us for either an exchange or a refund Not sure if to keep or return


Keep them and just open a claim.


Same. Not impressed. Returning.


Same did you pay through PayPal I may open a claim tomorrow!

Optimum Nutrition Gold standard 4.5kg - Free AMIN.O. ENERGY 270G £75.44 @ The Suppliment Store
-11° Expired
Posted 28th Oct 2015Posted 28th Oct 2015
Optimum Nutrition Gold standard 4.5kg - Free AMIN.O. ENERGY 270G £75.44 @ The Suppliment Store£75.44
I know hotukdeals is full of Optimum Nutrition haters but for those of you like me with delicate insides it is a great choice for extra protein, it tastes great and it mixes really… Read more

You still have to work out and eat well with steroids!


Not roids. Cold for me. I wanna get ripped now. Not summer 2026.

Optimum Nutrition Gold standard 2.2kg  = £37.39 @ Supplement Store
235° Expired
Posted 27th Oct 2015Posted 27th Oct 2015
Optimum Nutrition Gold standard 2.2kg = £37.39 @ Supplement Store£37.39
great quality cheap protein use code OCT15 for 15% discount..

Protein is protein, and calories from it are the same. Indeed the bioavailbility from protein powder is actually higher than food, it simply lacks the micro and phyto nutrients that real foods have. Have a balanced diet of protein, carbs and fats from varying sources and you will do just fine. No huge difference - unless you'd like to explain the science behind it?


just eat more meat. **** drinks.


Code no longer works. Expired


I don't need to, m8. I will rephrase my comment. Everything on this planet is "natural".


Add me on Facebook. Speak to the clients yourself. I have nothing to defend from morons online who know nothing about diet and insinuate I'm lying when the actual people themselves will tell you :)

PhD Nutrition Recovery £16.94 Delivered - 1.2kg - The supplement store
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Posted 23rd Apr 2015Posted 23rd Apr 2015
PhD Nutrition Recovery £16.94 Delivered - 1.2kg - The supplement store£14.95
Morning all, Was looking for a post training all in one, came across the Orange Barley on offer here @ £14.95 Has decent reviews and is £25 in all other places. Hope it helps so… Read more

If you are looking for a supplement for post workout I can recommend this. It's high in cals and some may say junk but I used to take this following a nightly training run. Before trying out the 2.1 I was always knackered and aching. Was recommended this and it worked a treat. Tastes good too but others as always will disagree.


Trolling.. . Don't enter the debate then! And no need to be rude. Grow up!!!


It also explains the science, anyway i've had enough of your trolling - i posted a deal not a debate.


They do have good reason for publishing articles like this ;-) As they sell hundreds of thousands of PWO products per year :-)


I'm no scientists... Just going on recent published research... Not sponsored by the dairy industry... Nutrition is a minefield. Especially sports nutrition. Everyone has a different opinion. Depending who they are paid/sponsored by & or selling...

CNP Pro Peptide 2.27 kg Vanilla or Choc Mint flavour for £34.99 + Free delivery on orders over £30 @ The Supplement Store
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Posted 11th May 2014Posted 11th May 2014
CNP Pro Peptide 2.27 kg Vanilla or Choc Mint flavour for £34.99 + Free delivery on orders over £30 @ The Supplement Store£34.99
Cheapest I've found on the web (£43 on Amazon). Container Size: 2.27kg Serving Size: 2 scoops (65g) Servings Per Container: 35 Amount Per Serving: Total Calories: 230 Pro… Read more

Care to elaborate and provide evidence that pro-peptide formulas contain crap protein sources?


^^bad ass dude haha


Sounds like broscience, lift it up, put it down. Repeat 8-12 reps x 3-5 sets. Sod super peptide formulas with crap protein sources

Protein great deal £17.09 @ the supplement store
260° Expired
Posted 6th Oct 2013Posted 6th Oct 2013
Protein great deal £17.09 @ the supplement store£17.09
The supplement store great offer normally 71.99 with the code comes to 17.09 tssfb5
Get deal*Get deal*

You're best off using a blender. Also i used skimmed milk, seems to give it a better texture.


Strawberry one tastes awful, and lumps at the bottom!!!


even using a proper shaker i get lumps in mine...tastes foul too ;/ why did i buy 2!


Choc Orange isn't great either..much better if you use 250-300ml water instead of the 350ml suggested.


I'll pay postage if you'd be willing to send it :-D

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CNP Professional Pro Creatine 500g @ Supplement Store
41° Expired
Posted 18th Dec 2012Posted 18th Dec 2012
CNP Professional Pro Creatine 500g @ Supplement Store£9.99
CNP Professional Pro Creatine 500g Now: £9.99 RRP: £33.99 Save: 71% Pro-Creatine is 100% creatine monohydrate in it's purest form. Supplementing with Creatine has been shown to ha… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Creatine Monohydrate is not very good, use to take it and just hold water under the skin, Ethyl Ester is the stuff you want, tastes bad but much better, you get better absorption if you take it with some carbs.


Cold, as above cheaper at myprotein.


It's £6.69 for 500g Creatine Monohydrate at I know some will say myprotein is cheap blah blah blah but I have been using them for years now and I find their products just as good as their more expensive counterparts.:)


Waste of money... Your body won't use the creatine... You'll just **** it out

SHORT DATED NOV 2012 - 12 x Labrada Cookie Rolls £11.69@thesupplementstore
-34° Expired
Posted 20th Sep 2012Posted 20th Sep 2012
SHORT DATED NOV 2012 - 12 x Labrada Cookie Rolls £11.69@thesupplementstore£11.69
Another protein bar deal. Chocolate mint on sale. AFD25 code plus 5% quidco. These seem to be around the £20 mark elsewhere. SHORT DATED NOV 2012.

Anybody care to explain why cold?

SHORT DATED OCT 2012 - 12 x Maximuscle Promax diet protein bars £11.69 @ thesupplementstore
Posted 20th Sep 2012Posted 20th Sep 2012
SHORT DATED OCT 2012 - 12 x Maximuscle Promax diet protein bars £11.69 @ thesupplementstore£11.69
Chocolate flavour on sale at the moment. Use code AFD25 plus 5% quidco too. SHORT DATED OCT 2012

I'm sure they will be fine, it was very sly of them as the woman on the phone pretty much said well just eat them by the end of Oct ! Im just glad I didnt order 10 boxes or would practically be living of these lol


Just checked my box and same here. Rather sly of them not to say they are short dated. I'm sure they will be fine till the end of the year at least, but I won't be using them again. Changed the title and description incase somebody stumbles across the deal.


Wouldn't stock up too many , just got mine expiry date is October 2012 spoke to customer service you can return them at your own cost ! Sh*t company rather have ordered them from Amazon.. Also not suitable for Vegetarians


good find..


Thanks. Been wanting some bars for a while.

Sci-mx 24 x Flapjack Protein Bars Yogurt and Orange flavour £19.49 @ TheSupplementStore
76° Expired
Posted 18th Sep 2012Posted 18th Sep 2012
Sci-mx 24 x Flapjack Protein Bars Yogurt and Orange flavour £19.49 @ TheSupplementStore£19.49
Seems like a good price at under £1/bar. Limited to one flavour on sale. Delivered free. 5% quidco available too. AFD25 code reduces it to £19.49.

Got mine this morning. They are a lot easier to eat than the apple and caramel flavour. Hardly a taste sensation but I wasn't expecting cordon bleu. Happy with the purchase given the bargain price.


I got one of these free with an order a couple of weeks back and it tastes awful! Protein flapjacks are not great at the best of times but this is simply rotten. Oh and it is worth pointing out that this sort of thing is not intended as meal replacement... they are simply good to throw in your bag as a quick snack to keep you going when you cannot get a proper meal.


YOU might as well eat food. Ill tell you that already


AFD25 - brings the price down to £19.49


Thanks for posting, Ive added a pic to your deal.

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