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Thomann is one of the world’s leaders in the production and sale of musical instruments. Established in 1954 in Germany, Thomann today boasts of over 8 million customers around the world. Shoppers can choose from a range of quality products, ranging from electric and bass guitars to studio equipment and DJ software. All the available Thomann discounts are listed on the HotUKDeals pages.
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Shure MV 7 Black £189 (UK mainland) @ Thomann
Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
Update 1
Customs Duty may be charged on top of the headline price. For more information, see…uty
Pretty great podcast mic with a pretty great price!

Yeah, I got caught out in January before they changed the site to state VAT not included. VAT, Brokerage Charge, Duty..then VAT on that. I didn't pay and got a refund. Not really Thomann's fault, it just p*ssed me off (excited) The sooner they get a UK based distribution centre the better.


Under the price it says "ex VAT". Price will be +20% VAT a couple % duty and £10.50 processing fee to the parcel company for the hassle of customs = £241ish.


Looks very similar to SM7B


i was watching something on youtube earlier about sledgehammer by peter gabriel and they mentioned it used Neumann u87s to record it and I thought they sound good how much are they.... anyway these are cheap compared to those and then they mentioned neumann u47s... wow! now I understand that bit in the blues brothers


The price includes german VAT. If you're exporting it from Germany you should get that refunded, no?

Squier Paranormal Toronado Electric Guitar in black £229.55 delivered at Thomann
174° Expired
Posted 8th MarPosted 8th MarShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Pretty great deal! Thomann are based in Germany so there may be VAT payable (honestly I am so confused by what we do/don't have to pay now with Brexit), but even with 20% added on … Read more

I'm pretty sure it was Parcel force but I don't remember being able to select courier. It seems great value and I honestly have no gripes considering what was paid for it.


Hi, was it Parcelforce that delivered yours? Was there any way to select the courier when you placed your order? You happy with the guitar?


Yes loads. Look for a second hand classic vibe or vintage modified squier models.


I've got a 98 Toronado (& cyclone II), great guitar. The squier ones look brilliant!


I'm using a gear4music branded guitar will this be any better? Any ideas?

ESP LTD EC-256FM See-Thru Purple - £324 plus free delivery @ Thomann
Posted 17th JanPosted 17th Jan
ESP LTD EC-256FM See-Thru Purple - £324 plus free delivery @ Thomann£324£38917% off Free P&P Free
So I'm looking for a budget 'Les Paul' that's not a 'Les Paul' - you know what I mean. I found this after looking through many different reviews and it is £100 cheaper than the us… Read more

My bad - excludes VAT - not bad but not great

Ultrasone Pro-580i Headphones B-Stock - £49.20 (+£8 Postage) @ Thomann
70° Expired
Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
Ultrasone Pro-580i Headphones B-Stock - £49.20 (+£8 Postage) @ Thomann£58.20
Can be folded Closed construction Circumaural Dynamic Impedance: 32 ohm Sensitivity: 101 dB Frequency response: 10 - 22,000 Hz ULE-technology 2.5 m cable with a gold-plated… Read more
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Harley Benton TE-20MN BM Standard Series Guitar (There may or may not be cross border fees to add) - £66 + £8 Delivery @ Thomann
11° Expired
Posted 1st JanPosted 1st JanShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Harley Benton TE-20MN BM Standard Series Guitar (There may or may not be cross border fees to add) - £66 + £8 Delivery @ Thomann£74£796% off
Brexit pricing admin error? This is currently €89 for EU customers incl. 19% German VAT. Please be warned that if VAT is collected at the UK border, this is not a deal but techni… Read more

If its over £135 it will be the same as we only charge duty & vat on the stat value the same as it was before Brexit. You don't apply charges to VAT, Bank charges or applying for forms like EFTA, GSP, ATR REX. It is also their VAT 19% (German) because we don't charge Duty & VAT on under £135 anymore. If your a business that does VAT returns you will already have the software & receipts or have an accountant. Entering another value for every sale is no different than having a service charge or Paypal bank charges. Like I said before no big deal.


I think you're wrong, as I understand it when we were in the single market, Thomann charged 19% German VAT to UK customers. Now they charge 20% VAT to their UK customers. For over £135 it becomes more expensive as we get charged import duties on top of the net price + shipping + customs handling charge + VAT on the goods and shipping costs. As for Amazon, they no longer list low value items located in European warehouses on their UK website. eBay and Ali Express are legally required to collect low value VAT on sales to the UK. The foreign vendors are required to list their prices Net of VAT for UK customers. The online marketplaces collect the extra VAT and submit it to HRMC. As for the Admin, I ran a tiny company for a bit and my VAT was a nightmare. Thomann can afford to employ people that know how to file VAT returns. Small companies in Europe may not, American companies may not have VAT software at all.


Business to customer would be GBPR and doesn't need a EORI number. What it means is that shipments will be freedom under £135 and you will be paying their VAT on checkout. No one knocking on your door asking for extra money. The German VAT rate is 19% instead of 20% + you wouldn't have to pay the freight agents deferment account charge of £6-£11 because you're not using it. So buying a cheap guitar from at this moment is cheaper. And the paper work they need to do is the same as they would need to do if they sent the shipment freedom before Brexit. If they are using a some sort of VAT software it would be included already. Adding another number on a excel spreadsheet is hardly a big deal and definitely something a company wouldn't pay an extra 10-14% more for another company to do like Amazon or Ebay.


I'm gonna take a stab in the dark guess at what's happened here. We as consumers buy stuff on line. We don't care that Many of our Fulfilled by Amazon UK purchases like cables, toothbrushes, headphones, etc, have come from Amazon warehouses in the EU. Many thousands of these small purchases enter the UK every day. The UK can't afford the thousands of customs staff needed to collect the tiny amounts of tax due or the warehouses to store them. Nor customers being upset at any Brexit border delays. Nor can it have UK suppliers of headphones being furious at being undercut by tax free imports from Europe. Nor does it want to lose the cumulative tax involved. So instead someone at the revenue has come up with the wizard wheeze of having foreign companies pay for the privilege of selling to the UK and do all the admin too. Most consumers will never be aware of the changes, as they won't notice that Amazon no longer ships low value items from Europe. Or that costs have gone up on eBay and Ali Express for all items outside the UK, as they charge extra VAT handling fees. Only problem for UK firms is they've got 27 times the problems and costs of a European firm if they want to continue to sell to customers in Europe. (Or go to the expense of setting up a European Company. So we lose jobs that were previously done in the UK.) We don't currently have tariffs putting up the costs of consumer goods bought in Europe. Instead we have the friction of VAT admin putting up the costs of consumer goods from around the world.


Not according to the 2 hours old BBC article I just posted above. You may be correct for business to business, but not for business to customer sales.

Harley Benton Amarok-6 Emerald Natural Quilted Burst (B-stock - Return) £349 delivered @ Thomann
85° Expired
Posted 19th Dec 2020Posted 19th Dec 2020
Harley Benton Amarok-6 Emerald Natural Quilted Burst (B-stock - Return) £349 delivered @ Thomann£349 Free P&P Free
Easily the best value for money guitar out there right now, save £100 by buying B-stock which is checked meticulously by the folks at Thomann. B-stock is customer returns, and is, … Read more

They sell it directly themselves, and they make a small profit only from each guitar sold, but they increase their brand recognition and foothold, plus people that buy a guitar are also more likely to buy other things too which have a bigger profit margin.


wtf. How are they doing this so cheap

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Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Headphones £155 + £8 del @ Thomann
223° Expired
Posted 18th Dec 2020Posted 18th Dec 2020Shipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Headphones £155 + £8 del @ Thomann£163£23932% off Free P&P Free
This is the lowest price these noise cancelling headphones have been. I own a pair myself and they sound excellent. Two colour variants are available at £185 , explorer and travel… Read more
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yes, they work fine via usb c and are really good headphones. Unfortunately they're going back due to small earpads(and I have fairly small ears) and more importantly from noisy hinges. Like plastic creak which is really annoying at low volumes and especially during silence. It happens when I move head or jaw... just crazy.


I meant as we're out of the eu now there could be a 20% customs charge? Thomann have just lowered them to 148 so I might as well order it's a great price.


They're listed as £155 on the website with free shipping. I believe the VAT is £8 , making the total £163. Not 100% sure though so you might have to research


Think things might be different as of the 31st but don't know for sure. If charged 20% extra it makes them pretty much the same price as amazon uk.


I bought these from Thomann a few weeks ago at £185 and there was no custom fee

Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit ST-Style £55 + £8 delivery @ Thomann
286° Expired
Posted 29th Nov 2020Posted 29th Nov 2020
Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit ST-Style £55 + £8 delivery @ Thomann£63
20% off Guitar project easy build no soldering required. free shipping on over £99.
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I've built Harley Benton guitars before and for someone who has done it, this is a great bit of fun and with a bit of work using the right tools you can get a great guitar worth so much more, not to mention you can always upgrade the tuners, the bridge ect if need be but as you'll find on YouTube they're not bad at all, the Les Paul kit is/was £99 so to compare it's great value however I do prefer the Les Pauls so it's worth the extra to me but a great project none the less, they're not a toy or a gimmick. And yeah they do need a lot of sanding e.g grit 300 building up to 1500? Everyone will have their own advice but they're far different and better than standard crap kits on eBay that are around the same price.


Here's a Review of the guitar build, if there's a faulty part they send you a replacement (y) Does require a better set of strings when its finished.


If you want to learn you'd be better of picking up a used Squire. Learning about intonation, action, etc. Then starting modding a little swapping out the pots, maybe putting in an orange drop resistor or even simpler upgrading to a used loaded pickguard.


Mate, I have no idea what you're talking about. I'd like to buy this kit too learn the mumbo jumbo of which you speak (lol) Just want to know if the finished product is a legit guitar or if it's just a gimmick.


What do you think the truss rod is for? The bridge?

DaVinci Resolve Studio Bundle - Includes FREE Speed Editor Worth £280 - £265 @ Thomann
384° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
Possibly a bit niche, but if you're into, or getting into video editing this is a bit good too. I've made the jump from Filmora to the free version of Davinci Resolve recently, an… Read more
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Glad it wasn't just me ;) I even sent Thomann a snotty email asking for a refund, but he very politely pointed out that since we left the EU, their prices will show ex-VAT. OOOPS!! (embarrassed)


This is now £219 from Thomann. A big two fingers up at any of the early adopters. Ignore me, it's showing the ex-VAT price.


Honestly things are a little more chaotic for me, there's no logical timeline so to speak, footage like that is filmed and can be ordered any way I need it, so normally the music dictates the visual side. Speed editor lets me scrub for something I like the look of, quickly scroll to a start and end point and just append or insert on top as I see fit.


Woah, awesome drone shots! I noticed you're managing to snap to the beat whilst using the Speed editor, that's something I have not been able to do whilst using the speed editor since I'll be using the source tape and then cutting via that, but my normal workflow is editing directly on the timeline which allows me to snap to the beat. Are you not editing via the source tape?


The whole thing was shot using a DJI Mavic Air 2. Not the best at night shots but being much closer to the lights helped.

Ultrasone Pro-580i Foldable Over Ear Headphones - £60 Delivered / Ultrasone Pro-480i £43 Delivered + 5 Year Warranty @ Thomann
162° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
Ultrasone Pro-580i Foldable Over Ear Headphones - £60 Delivered / Ultrasone Pro-480i £43 Delivered + 5 Year Warranty @ Thomann£60£10543% off
Really surprised to see the 580i model at £60 delivered! On Amazon they've never been under £83, so it felt like I had no choice but to give them a shout in here. Even the Pro 480i… Read more

Heat from me - I know the guys at Ultrasone and have had the pleasure of listening to their high end models. Admittedly I haven’t heard this low end range, but at that price they are a great deal...surely.


None to easy. I really don't want to put any blame on the company it may not be. So if my memory serves me right a certain hi-fi mag (can't be sure which one but certainly not What Hi-Fi) reviewed a high end pair of some considerable cost from this company & to put it simply they thought they were having a joke. I have heard these, also many years ago and they certainly didn't give the kind of sound I expected from such phones in comparison to competing high end phones.




From what I remember Ultrasone is one of those companies that, how can I say? have a questionable kind of sound. Not sure they are my cup of tea. Heat any way for the deal.

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