THanks raymondo777 Quite useful ...
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Thanks edi, may be of use to someone.
Members should check the £100 off code in vouchers section :
100 Pounds off Thomson holiday ( code : XDS100J ) if total spend is £1000 or more.
thanks noticed that these vouchers only ever apply to holidays and not flights.
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also the :
anchor-sun1410 code for £50 extra off £500 spend still works .... just tried it.
I hope these codes still work when we book our holiday!!
Thanks raymondo, very useful code :thumbsup:
thanks. Can you use more than one voucher ?

also dont forget XDS150J for £150 off £1200 which is rumoured to end 31st Jan.
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No Scooby, you can only use one discount code. If you enter another code in the box, the discount will change but is not cummulative.
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