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Three Unlimited Everything 12 months for £216 @ Three
247° Expired
Posted 14th May 2020Posted 14th May 2020
Three Unlimited Everything 12 months for £216 @ Three£216
Three SIM only, 12 months £18 p/m This is a Three Advanced plan so it comes with Go Roam, Go Binge and exceptional support from the My3 App.
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Thanks, I did see that option when I first got the VPN, but I was totally new with VPN then, and when I tried it, it seemed to work OK, then I tried the browser, which was logged in to Google and that had a panic attack, giving me the same problem with resetting passwords etc, so I skirted around it. :) I will have to look in to the VPN settings again at sometime.


That wouldn't happen if your VPN has the so called "split tunneling" feature, which allows to specify which apps can be excluded from the VPN tunnel, meaning that you could exclude your gmail app


Try to change the APN from " " to " 3internet " and let us know if anything has improved since.


Your not on your own 90 days to go for me.


Serves you right. Voxi mate

Unlimited data, calls and messages £10 p/m 24 months contract £240 at Three Clearance
2755° Expired
Posted 26th Aug 2019Posted 26th Aug 2019
Unlimited data, calls and messages £10 p/m 24 months contract £240 at Three Clearance£240
Just found this in clearance - link and proof added. I think it's the best deal at present moment with unlimited data. PROCEDURE FOR GETTING CONTRACT HONOURED. 1. Call 0800033803… Read more

Thank you, this seems to go through to the normal 333 menu options rather than the Scotland complaints team:


0333 338 1001


Does anyone have the new telephone number for three complaints please ? the 08000338030, the complaints team in Scotland doesnt work.


Don't fall for it... He writes this sort of stuff all the time, but never backs it up because it's more than likely not true.


Did you have loss of service?

Three Sim Only Deals - e.g AYCE Data AYCE Texts 200 Minutes £24/mo 12m Contract vs Three £34/mo - £288 - Three Clearance
-144° Expired
Posted 6th May 2018Posted 6th May 2018
Three Sim Only Deals - e.g AYCE Data AYCE Texts 200 Minutes £24/mo 12m Contract vs Three £34/mo - £288 - Three Clearance£288
First post so forgive me for any errors. This website redirects you to Three anyways so no worries there. This deal is only 200 minutes vs Threes Unlimited but for the sake of … Read more

Looks like I am going to have to switch. I spent more than two hours going from online chat to front line retentions team on 333 to the higher level retentions team, back to the online chat and then to the customer relations department in the online chat. Maybe I got the wrong customer relations person, but for the first 45 minutes I spoke to him he refused to do anything other than £3 off the offer 333 was offering me (30GB but tethering is blocked for £18, that is worse than my existing contract). He said repeatedly that he couldn't do anything better than £3 off that offer. He said customer relations couldn't offer plans, that what other people were offered was impossible. He kept insisting he would get 333 to call me back, which I said was pointless unless they could improve their offer. At some point I just started to ask why they couldn't just match the offers they are giving others. After 45 minutes with customer relations (1 hour 45 minutes total), he then offered me £5 off my current contract (so much for £3 off a worse deal being his best offer...). So I would be paying £15 for 200 minutes and ayce data with tethering. I turned that down out of principle. He refused to do anything more after that. It would be fine if they just straight out said they wouldn't offer me what you guys are getting. It's that the five people I spoke with were contradicting each other and more or less saying their colleagues were lying to me. For example, while customer relations eventually offered me my current plan for £15, on the phone I was told that there was no way I could get my current plan (which I'm paying £20) for less than £34. The guy on the phone said I was luckily to be paying £20.


Wrong I win :D


They tried to originally get me to call 333 too, but when I went a bit grumpy and asked why I had to call 333 when a lot of other people had managed to sort deals out over online chat they soon asked if I wanted to speak to the customer relations department. These are the guys who will try and sort you a deal. They first tried to offer me £15 for the plan that I am on (600 mins, unlimited texts, unlimited data which I was paying £22 for) but i turned it down saying that’s still a lot more than other people are paying that I’ve seen online. They came back with £8 a month and I took that instead!


Not sure what other people are using to be successful, but I downloaded the 3 app onto my phone and used the chat in the app.


You can get onto online chat via the my3 app if you have that downloaded? Click on the more tab at the bottom, and then the live chat option is in the support section :)

3 - Unlimited 4G Data (AYCE), 200 Mins- £11.50pm first 6 months then £20pm, EFFECTIVE COST £15.75 pm
15° Expired
Posted 3rd Jun 2016Posted 3rd Jun 2016
3 - Unlimited 4G Data (AYCE), 200 Mins- £11.50pm first 6 months then £20pm, EFFECTIVE COST £15.75 pm
Cheapest Unlimited data sim I have found. This is on 3. This is different to three's half price sim only deal as it works out to be cheaper! On the three clearance web site select… Read more
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This is still available through official site. Even has discounts on other plans with more minutes. Please unexpire, cracking deal. Go to main site, select pay monthly SIMO deals and it will show up with discounts pre-applied. Edit: Price gone up slightly from £15.75 to £17.25.


Doesnt work anymore.


this works. why is it expired


THIS DEAL WORKS AS THE OP STATED!! click the BUY button and for some reason you get a special 6month discount in the basket


what happened to this deal

Nokia Lumia 925 White (refurb) - £14 per month - Three Clearance
356° Expired
Posted 11th Jul 2014Posted 11th Jul 2014
Nokia Lumia 925 White (refurb) - £14 per month - Three Clearance£336
A decent deal for a rather good phone with an excellent camera

£!4 for non refurbisjed instore tesco's that have stock. (Woolwell Plymouth I saw)


4G at no extra cost is gone heh


Nah, looking at their new pricing structure, a £3 add-on doubles the data from 500MB to 1GB. Then a further £3 add on takes it to 2GB, then another £3 takes it to ayce.


That requires a little more jiggery-pockety than this but is too an excellent deal


you can get this brand new from O2 refresh with quidco cashback possible for £144

Nokia Lumia 925 Black 32GB (Refurb) £14PM 300 mins / unlimited texts  / 1GB data (Free 0800 / Free roaming / Use your contract mins etc in 11 countries) Total £336 @ Three Clearance
368° Expired
Posted 10th Jun 2014Posted 10th Jun 2014
Nokia Lumia 925 Black 32GB (Refurb) £14PM 300 mins / unlimited texts / 1GB data (Free 0800 / Free roaming / Use your contract mins etc in 11 countries) Total £336 @ Three Clearance
Pretty good for £14 a month on the rufurb Nokia 925 32GB. You can also tether on three. You also get free calls to 0800 + free roaming abroad / calls / texts etc within your cont… Read more

have expired this as three now changed it to 16GB from 32GB :/


Yup - it's a 16GB version.


My mistake, It is "Bejeweled Live +". Still better than Candy Crush though :)


Anyone bought one of these? The Three site lists it as a 16GB phone and not 32GB as originally mentioned.


i have an 820 and it`s quality all round,battery life is a bit naff but it`s fast and does all i need.It`s faster than my s3 and download uc browser and it zips along nicely,also simple phone to desktop transfers,so all good to me!,shall i update to the 925....hmm,i was dubious about the non-removal battery but like others have said,looks easy enough on the vids! heat added

Galaxy S4 (Refurbished) 300 mins, Unlimited Texts and All you can eat + Tethering £31/month @ three clearance
-337° Expired
Posted 9th May 2014Posted 9th May 2014
Galaxy S4 (Refurbished) 300 mins, Unlimited Texts and All you can eat + Tethering £31/month @ three clearance£744
Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist (Refurbished) £31 a month. 300 minutes Unlimited texts All-You-Can-Eat data

*5000 texts sorry


You can get the phone itself for £220 at smartfonestore (Grade B).. Then get a £12.90 three sim which 200 mins, 500 text plus all-you-can-eat data. (12.9 x 24 = 309.6) therefore totals £529.60 for the 24 months.. With the money you save, you can buy yourself another samsung S4!


Tethering is 2gb limit though.


All you can eat data allows you to use as much as the Internet or consumer as much data as you wish without worrying about the cost or having to search for hidden and unfair “fair use policies” Does all you can eat data come with any limits? The limit is how much your device can consume – if you were to actively use data or the Internet on your phone every second, of every day, in every month (and we would be worried if you were !!!!) you would, subject to the current traffic management requirements (which vary from time to time), use up to 1000GB per month. So in essence there is a limit of how much data you can actually consume which is up to 1000GB. All this means that you can have absolute peace of mind and enjoy all the internet you need on your smartphone, without worrying.


Price aside, traffic management?

Galaxy s4 clearance deal £25 a month @ three-clearance
-367° Expired
Posted 2nd May 2014Posted 2nd May 2014
Galaxy s4 clearance deal £25 a month @ three-clearance£600
Cheap line rental with three (high end phone)

...keep cutting ! You can buy the phone sub £300, then get a SIM only deal with all you can eat data for less than this deal.


whichever way you cut it, this isn't a great deal.


I'll sell you an S4 mate, call it £400 - I am feeling generous :)


1GB of data is pretty good for £25 p/m. A free s4 must be worth £450+. I get the impression those voting cold don't understand the offer. £600 is not a one off cost for the phone, but the total cost for the 24 month contract.


It's not unlimited data.