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Free condoms - Terrence Higgins Trust
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Posted 1st Jul 2019Posted 1st Jul 2019
Free condoms - Terrence Higgins TrustFREE£0.01
The Terrence Higgins Trust offers free condoms and in some areas will also post out for free for certain groups. This charity carries out a lot of good work so please do not abuse … Read more

No. No it isn't.


No, it's priority-led as dictated by (limited) funding.


"Some areas of Scotland for gay and bisexual men" - isn't this discrimination ?


Maybe you should think about using bin liners? (shock)


It’s all in good fun, life is too serious at times and a “gentle ribbing” is fine (y)

Free Terrence Higgins Trust tote Bag
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Posted 7th Jul 2017Posted 7th Jul 2017
Free Terrence Higgins Trust tote Bag
This is a free bag however please take a moment to consider donating also; the link is for a donation but if you would like a bag you can simply email them. "Get your FREE limited… Read more


FREE HIV home test. Terrance Higgins Trust/Fastest. Scotland, Barney, Harrow
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Posted 6th Oct 2015Posted 6th Oct 2015
FREE HIV home test. Terrance Higgins Trust/Fastest. Scotland, Barney, Harrow
FREE anonymous at home / postal HIV test. Scotland / Barney / Harrow only (For others check local charities) Usually not many options for free home testing for people in Scotland … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Posted my test on Friday late afternoon and got text first thing this morning with results so a very efficient service! My doctor can't even do it that fast! :D


​ps Hope it all goes well for you!!


​You could always pop down your local clinic for a full check too if it's been that long! I just hate needles and end up skipping the blood test! But with this you still have jab your finger with a pin and fill a wee container to post back. I ended up having to cut my finger with a Stanley blade to fill it though! as the **** couldn't make me bleed! ;)


Why not go and get a full check at the clap clinic? If you've been together 8 years it's probably a bit late now, but there are plenty of STD's out there, so may as well get the full tests.


Top parent.

free condoms from the terence higgins trust
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Posted 28th Oct 2014Posted 28th Oct 2014
free condoms from the terence higgins trust
safety first" --- the terms and conditions say it's only for africans and bisesxual or gay men but when i clicked on the heterosexual tab it intimated that i too might be eligible … Read more

Poundworld is offering shoppers a box of 18 Exure extra sensation condoms for just £1 – equivalent to 5.5p per contraceptive. And Brits looking for a more upmarket safer sex experience can instead buy a box of six Durex Real Feel condoms for £1 – or 17p each. An eight-pack of the same product is £11.49 in Boots and Superdrug – or £16.99 for 14. The Chinese-made Exure condoms, inset, are unique to Poundworld. But they carry the CE mark, meaning they conform to EU safety standards. Last night Cary James, from sexual health charity the Terrence Higgins Trust, hailed the bargain contraceptives... http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/408169/Poundworld-sells-cheapest-condoms


Because you'd prefer it if your condoms were not the extra stong ones and you may have no use for lube (depending where you're planning on sticking your d**k once the condom is on it)?


Straight, white men do discriminate against black and gay people all the time. There's remarkably little uproar about it.


This is terrible! How black, gay people can get away with discrimination about straight people or white people. Imagine if we did this to them, as straight white people? There would be absolute uproar! This angers me so bloody much!


Yeah, what about the Scots, Welsh and Irish? 8)

FREE perfect fit Condoms sent to your door! Pick the make and size! @ THT
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Posted 17th Jul 2014Posted 17th Jul 2014
FREE perfect fit Condoms sent to your door! Pick the make and size! @ THT
Pick the condoms that you want and the size, from XS to XXL! It's down to you ;) We are at the start of a new era in stopping the spread of HIV. We know that the combination of re… Read more

What it says is immaterial. I'm super endowed girth wise and not African. Just place your request whatever your skin colour. How do they know your ethnicity?


maybe not ,,,,,, but would these not be suitable for the manhood you may have located in your lower region instead ?


how will they know if you are gay bi or hero is there such a thing you can even fill in Ms instead of Mr how will they know so don't worry they will send it to you and if thy happen to ask for some proof just send in any picks with your mates in it and no one is the wiser...


Oh.. I constantly read Bisexual as heterosexual for some reason? Oh well , i voted hot on the assumption it was for everybody so maybe ill got some condoms as a reward.


Says the packs are only available to Gay African Bisexuals :|

Free postal HIV test from Terrence Higgins Trust
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Posted 25th Apr 2013Posted 25th Apr 2013
Free postal HIV test from Terrence Higgins Trust
Terrence Higgins Trust offer free testing kits which can be carried out quickly and easily at home and posted back. Know your status, get tested. Note: This service is intended f… Read more

wow serious freebie!.


At what point did I even say HIV isn't a virus responsible for AIDS? I said it rarely causes AIDS anymore because of advancements in treatment. You are the person saying the two terms are one and the same where they clearly are not as AIDS is an outcome of HIV, but not HIV itself. It was in response to your initial comment which incorrectly stated that they "just call it HIV these days". It worries me that someone who claims to be in the medical profession says something as naive as that. Get your terminology right and perhaps people wouldn't need to "bug" you.


It is still used today. You might want to tell the organisers of World AIDS Day if you know otherwise lol Anyway, I think we're veering off track now - this post was meant to raise awareness of these tests, not a place to bicker about terminology. The main point is still get tested and know your status :)


Yes you can be immunosuppressed by many factors and its not rare. e.g medicines, organ failure, neutropenias. Its not AIDs. The virus is called Human Immunodeficiency Virus.ie HIV. pathogenic diseases are named after the pathogen ie influenza, ebola, herpes, TB, gonnoreah, syphilis, chlamydia................... AIDs is aquired immunodefiency syndrome although its a retro acronym not used these days (I work as a hospital pharmacist). Ie The immune system is totally ****, its complete immunoobliteration.The HIV has totally destroyed the Tcells. Its end stage HIV and you are succeptible to even usually harmless microorganisms. Either tell me what virus is responsible for aids or stop bugging me.


It's not the "end stage", it's a result of HIV if it is left untreated. You said it was 80s and 90s terminology for HIV but it isn't, they called HIV HIV and they called AIDS AIDS, just like they do now. As Jamie60509 said, AIDS can manifest without ever being infected with HIV, albeit very rarely.