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-15% Discount
-15% Discount
15% Extra Discount Off Branded Watches with up to 70% off with Code @ Tic Watches
You must register to get the discount or sign into you account Armani Watches AR2458 Gents Silver Stainless Steel Watch Strap: Steel WAS £299.00 SAVE: £187.05 (63%) plus 15% … Read more

Tempting but gonna research 1st love me watches

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Tic Watches Black Friday up to 70% off sale Free delivery @ Tic Watches
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Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
Tic Watches Black Friday up to 70% off sale Free delivery @ Tic Watches
Tic Watches Black Friday up to 70% off sale has started Free delivery Examples ARMANI Emporio Gents Black Stainless Steel Watch Code: AR2453 RRP £399.99 now £108.95 https:… Read more

Tic does get good reviews; although they are not official stockists, they purchase from large retail distributers so such goods (e.g. Armani) are described as "Grey Imports". Tic do say that a sample of these are sent back to original manufacturers (Armani?) for authentication. Tic seem to have a reasonable warranty offered for such products as they are NOT covered by the designer. I'm thinking about a watch for Xmas... Heat added.


They will have to purchase, confirm genuine or not. If not, open ebay case for counterfeit items. Refunded 100%.


Are they genuine ones on eBay though?


If you copy and paste the Watch details onto ebay, you will find them cheaper even after the tic discounts.


Yes, definitely. I’d never heard of them but they had good reviews and accepted PayPal - which always relaxes me a little - and I’m really glad I went for it. Not one complaint and an extended returns policy for over Christmas to top it off! They’ve some fabulous bargains!!!

SRPB99K1 Prospex Automatic Diver PADI Special Men's Watch £289.57 @ Tic Watches
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Posted 19th Aug 2020Posted 19th Aug 2020
SRPB99K1 Prospex Automatic Diver PADI Special Men's Watch £289.57 @ Tic Watches£289.57
SRPB99K1 Prospex Automatic Diver PADI Special Men's Watch The seiko Pepsi for me but padi for others samurai. The best seiko ever produced must be getting sold off for the arrival… Read more

Clearly it is. In some ones opinion it is the best (not mine) and in someone elses opinion it is not the best. No opinion is less valid than any other, unless you disagree with my opinion. Then you are just wrong.


Wow, that's fantastic.


I think the reasoning was to add differentiation to the products and clear up what we're all doing here. Also Grand Seiko has a different purpose/ethos and is specifically designed to be the pinnacle of watch making, all watch making, not just Seiko. As a result they are totally separate and use separate R&D, materials etc etc. Based on this thread, they still have a way to go to differentiate themselves fully! (lol)


Actually I stand corrected. Grand Seiko always used to be just a brand name used within their product lineup, I didn't realise that Seiko watch corp split off Grand Seiko and turned it into a subsidiary at then end of 2018. So you're right, Grand Seiko's made within the past couple of years are a Lexus to Toyota comparison.


"Pay Another Dollar In." Thats what real divers see.

Seiko SRP853J1 36mm Presage Red & Silver "Kir Royal" Automatic Ladies Watch 50M WR Hardlex 4R35 £236.97 With Code @ Tic Watches
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Posted 31st Dec 2019Posted 31st Dec 2019
Seiko SRP853J1 36mm Presage Red & Silver "Kir Royal" Automatic Ladies Watch 50M WR Hardlex 4R35 £236.97 With Code @ Tic Watches£236.97£244.303% off
Discount codes 3tic or 3OFF both work and take the price down to £236.97 . This Red-dialled Ladies' Cocktail Time is called the "Kir Royal" by Seiko. Dedicated Seiko page abo… Read more

I'm glad someone bought this, as I was so tempted (embarrassed) For some reason a mod stepped in and changed the Deal post picture not long before or after it Expired, go figure. I always try to use close-up pictures on Deal posts, especially for a Dial that's as distinctive as this one. And there's plenty of photos in the Deal post!


I had the white cocktail time. Really lovely watch, but it seemed far too big for whats essentially a dress watch. Same reason I don't get a orient Bambino. You can find some really nice vintage Seiko's from the 50s and 60s for around £100


Not really just a pair of eyes would suffice! 🤪


Out of stock


Beautiful watch, great post

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro - £465.59 (With Code) @ Tic Watches
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Posted 30th Dec 2019Posted 30th Dec 2019
Garmin Fenix 6 Pro - £465.59 (With Code) @ Tic Watches£465.59£4997% off
Features Performance-based GPS multi-sport watch from Garmin Lens material – Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Bezel Material made from stainless steel QuickFit watch band compatible Dimens… Read more

Yes arrived on the 31st, almost a week quicker than expected. Very happy with it so far! Hope yours arrives soon!


has yours arrived yet ben? They've been an absolute calamity with mine. still waiting for delivery


Thank you. I am after Fenix. Was looking at 5 Sapphire but thinking of getting F6. I do triathlons but probably will not use half of the functionality :)


More likely because it is difficult for most people to imagine spending that much on a fitness watch. I have to admit that I have one of these and even I can't believe how expensive they are. I had a fenix 5 and liked it enough that wanted to upgrade and get the new features. So far I have barely scratched the surface.


Why is this classed as bad deal? Just because of Blacks 10% price match?

Garmin 010-02158-02 Fenix 6 Black Silicone Pro and Sapphire Smartwatch £465.59 @ Tic Watches
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Posted 2nd Dec 2019Posted 2nd Dec 2019
Garmin 010-02158-02 Fenix 6 Black Silicone Pro and Sapphire Smartwatch £465.59 @ Tic Watches£465.59
Voucher code: 3OFF Sub Total: £465.59

Such a shame, just 4 days I didnt check deals for this watch and they posted the best deal ever


It would be good to know if anyone ordered and what turns up.


Prices has gone up :(


Really want to get the 6s (https://www.ticwatches.co.uk/010-02159-25-fenix-6s-titanium-grey-and-black-silicone-strap-p34390) Sapphire and Pro. Anyone else confirm this is the correct model to this on the Garmin Page? https://buy.garmin.com/en-GB/GB/p/641479/pn/010-02158-02


Out of stock..

Nice Seiko automatic dress watch £142 @ Tic watches
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Posted 18th Nov 2018Posted 18th Nov 2018
Nice Seiko automatic dress watch £142 @ Tic watches£142£149.405% off
Ok price for a Seiko automatic dress watch. Use LOYAL for 5% off and if you have a NUSEXTRA student card, you get 10% off

Jokes aside, seems a legit site




It gets dressed by itself? It only looks with with a dress? I'd click on the link but with a name like "tic watches" I'm a bit scared it's going to start swearing at me.

Armani Watches Summer Sale e.g Armani Watches AR5857 PVD Gold Plated Stainless Steel Men's Watch £102.95 @ Tic watches
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Posted 27th Aug 2018Posted 27th Aug 2018
Armani Watches Summer Sale e.g Armani Watches AR5857 PVD Gold Plated Stainless Steel Men's Watch £102.95 @ Tic watches£102.95£296.0565% off
Tic Watches® offers a wide selection of the latest fashion watches to the public at the best possible price. At the moment they currently stock fashion watch brands such as A… Read more

I wouldn't wear Brietling underwear. Too complicated...


No armani no punani


cheaper on flea bay


Never understood the "designer label" watches thing. Would you buy a Rolex suit? An Omega shirt? Some Breitling underwear?


Cold, not a good watch, https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-EMPORIO-ARMANI-AR5857-GOLD-CLASSIC-43MM-MENS-WATCH-/292565456011?ul_ref=http%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F1%2F710-53481-19255-0%2F1%3Futm_source%3Dtwenga%26utm_param%3DeyJlcyI6MCwicyI6OTcyMDIzNywiY2kiOiIwMzg3NjdiMzMxZDU5NjZmOTQ2NDZlMDM0YjkyYjJjMSIsImkiOiI2ODQ4MzE3ODkwNjMzODUxNzY3IiwidHMiOjE1MzUzNjg1NzIsInYiOjMsInNvIjoxNTAwLCJjIjozMTM4N30%3D%26utm_campaign%3Dtwenga%26utm_medium%3Dcpc%26ff3%3D4%26pub%3D5574631662%26toolid%3D10001%26campid%3D5338243305%26customid%3D038767b331d5966f94646e034b92b2c1%26mpre%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.ebay.co.uk%252Fitm%252FNEW-EMPORIO-ARMANI-AR5857-GOLD-CLASSIC-43MM-MENS-WATCH-%252F292565456011%26srcrot%3D710-53481-19255-0%26rvr_id%3D1646505019474%26rvr_ts%3D7b1d991a1650ac1fc5f119c2ffdff5d4&_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1&ul_noapp=true

Armani Watches Classic Stainless Steel Mens Watch AR2434 £113.95 @ Tic Watches
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Posted 15th Jul 2018Posted 15th Jul 2018
Armani Watches Classic Stainless Steel Mens Watch AR2434 £113.95 @ Tic Watches£113.95
Decent Price for this Emporio Armani Watch from Tic Watches.

£13.95 for the watch and £100 for the branding.


Theres nothing cool about these at all - they’re all made under license by Fossil. It’s a Fossil watch with an Armani badge on it.

Emporio Armani AR2448 Silver Watch Blue Dial £102.95 @ Tic Watches
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Posted 30th May 2018Posted 30th May 2018
Emporio Armani AR2448 Silver Watch Blue Dial £102.95 @ Tic Watches£102.95£29966% off
Seems like a good price for this watch. Currently £200 at WatchShop.

Which would go to show they were fakes!


This has been removed, yesterday many bought this watch???


For those interested got this down to £87.51 using code PHTHG7ZR after signing up for an account. Also 6. 4% cashback on quidco!


Care to share how?


You can also get a code for some more off it

ARMANI AR1925 Silver Stainless Steel Ladies Watch £108.25 @ Tic Watches
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Posted 3rd Dec 2017Posted 3rd Dec 2017
ARMANI AR1925 Silver Stainless Steel Ladies Watch £108.25 @ Tic Watches£113.95
Cheapest i've found while looking today for xmas presents, so thought i'd share. Showing at £113.95 Still £319.00 in Beaverbrooks and Goldsmiths, £245.00 on amazon. Use the code … Read more

It's a different issue when dealing with potential fakes though. People jump through hoops to save money on the same product. Here I'm just paying more to guarantee that I'm getting the product I want. If anything armani watches are one of the more copy-prone watches out there.


@112 GBP people doubt fakes? Take £100 off that and know there are peope on ebay faking £20 watches.


Armani watches just look cheap bling these days. I remember when they used to make affordable classy looking watches (still have one actually).


Totally agree it is suprising they bother to copy them, but I guess they see it as easier to sell as less people would doubt the authenticity at this price. I guess people will see the price and think they are saving a few hundred and not question anything. I worked in a high Street jewellers for 3 years and also 2 years in the jewellery insurance trade as a claims handler and it was suprising what we came across.


Thank you heat added <3

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